Do you ever get the feeling that most Zelda games contain many useless items? While most items are important throughout the adventure, some are only used for a short term and are otherwise useless.

Take the Slingshot for example. In Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, it’s only used at the beginning of the game, while items like the hookshot are always used throughout the main quest, especially in dungeons.

A recent article at RoboAwesome lists the top useless items from all Zelda games. Some people will no doubt agree with the list while others may have different opinions on what is considered useless. If each item is designed to be used constantly in future Zelda games, the series would slightly improve.

Do you think that Zelda has too many pointless items? And do you think that Nintendo should focus more on making each item in future games useful for every part of the quest?

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  • alithinos

    Well there are a few useless items,but the game is so full of content that makes you even forget completely some of them,so you don't even bother and notice.
    Belive me you don't know anything about useless items if you haven't played Wolfenstein 2009,where you will only have to use 2 weapons throughout the game,and the rest of them exist only so someone can say they exist…
    Every time I was getting a new weapon like The thunder launcher,or flame thrower,I would keep it waiting for an appropriate situation,but I actually finished the game without ever using them.

  • Shaelyn

    the boomerang made the list? I find that to be one of the most useful items. it's ability to stun some enemies and pick up crap from afar (sometimes at a curve) makes it a very handy item to have…and then to top it off, it's used to throw switches quite a bit (sometimes at a curve.) very useful.

  • I found the list sort of disappointing, but maybe because it lists a lot of items I don't agree with.

    I would agree with the Grapple Hook for combat, except you can use it to steal rupees and the Joy Pendants and such from enemies. Along with using it to swing off of poles (which is used a few times in later dungeons) it also allows you to fish up chests of rupees, heart pieces, Triforce pieces. Its very useful throughout the game.

    The Stepladder, while slightly strange, is very useful in the game, traversing holes. Its been shown in later Zelda games that Link needed a magic items (the Roc's Feather) to leap holes in the ground. Its merely a perception issue, and I'm sure the holes are longer then Link can manage. My theory about carrying his items is a Bag of Holding (as Link did in the show) or he carried it like a pack mule (like… )

    I agree with the Slingshot and Hawkeye, since I barely used the Slingshot (heck, I only used it when it was the only option in OoT) but I liked the idea of the Hawkeye, and would have liked to see it used more.

    Yah, the Biggoron sword is pretty useless in in OoA/S but in OoT it's fun to use and can be used during the Boss Fight against Beast Ganon.

    The Boomerang, which made the list as an Honorable Mention, was total bull crap. Along with it being one of the most multipurpose and useful items in the game, in a lot of the top-down games (LttP, Zelda1, OoA/S, etc) the Boomerang is my default item while traveling and fighting enemies.

    As far as I know, all items gained in the Adventures of Link were quest items and only used once, but that was because that is what quest items are for. That's like saying, The Triforce pieces are useless because I only use them once to save Zelda, or the Pendants are useless because I only retrieve the Master Sword once.

    Out of everything though, the Spinner should have made the list as number one. Not only was it used for mostly for the Arbiter Grounds and the resulting Boss Fight there, it was only used a few times for Heart Pieces. Heck, it wasn't even that good against enemies while traveling. Had it kept good speed in Hyrule Fields, I would have used it to get around due to pure badassness. It was just a glorified Raft that wasn't even that useful.

    What gets my honorable mentions is the Ball and Chain. While cool, and reminds me of the Ball and Chain guards from LttP, I found it extremely useless past the Ice Mansion. Along with the Ball and Chain, the Bomblings from Twilight Princess was a very bad attempt at giving us Bombchus. Seriously, I don't think I ever used the Bomblings, the Bombchus were at the very least, useful and hilarious to use, not to mention the fun little Bombchu Bowling Alley in OoT.

    The picture of the man on the Stepladder was hilarious.

    /sigh, I didn't plan on talking that much.

  • that guy

    I totally agree because in twilight princess when you had to fight zant, in the beginning when you needed the boomerang, I had totally forgot that I still had that item, so it took me like 3 months to beat that boss. Therfore, I would rather them make all the items more useful in the games.

  • ChainofTermina

    okay, first of all, Spider-man is not worse than Batman. Bats may be the incarnation of Badass, I'll give him that, but at least Spider-man has a sense of humor and entertainingly quirky attitude (most of the time) and ACTUAL superpowers.

    on to the relevant things: are kidding me? the Grapple hook-useless!? that's ridiculous, you use it lots of times after the first dungeon. I remember using it in the forest dungeon, the tower of gods, the pirate ship, the forsaken fortress, Gannon's castle, not to mention all the little extra sidequest-islands.

    what the! there's that statement again! "It's a secret to everybody" WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!!!!

    I thought the Hawkeye was fun, but I do suppose it if it had been erased from the game, it wouldn't make much of a difference.

    the dominion rod was just a humongous rip off. we finally, FINALLY got something that was the least bit Magical in Twilight Princess (Midna and all her powers don't count) and what does it do? It throws a ball of energy at stuff! AW, cool! what does the ball of energy do!? It brings statues to life so they can hope around as you move. AW, FUCK!!! THIS IS BULL!!
    stupid dominion rod.

    • that guy

      i totally agree with you on the dominion rod but you shouldn't be that mad. I guess they just thought that you would have enough fun with it in the temple and in the sidequest before the city in the sky.

      • ChainofTermina

        I'm not that mad. I just think it LOOKS a lot cooler than it actually is. it's misleading

    • EDracon

      the statement "It's a secret to everybody" is from the first Legend of Zelda. If you bombed a certain wall you would find a cave, in that cave would be a Moblin, he would give you some rupees and say "It's a secret to everybody"

      The reason for this is because when the first game came out, Nintendo hoped that friends would tell each other where everything was, but this one told you to NOT tell your friends about it.

      • ChainofTermina

        holy crap, really? thats so cool.

  • EDracon

    I disagreed with the entire list… is this bad?

    • No its not, just stick to your opinion on what you consider isn't useful. Everyone has different opinions while there are specific items most can agree on.

  • party

    zelda items are useless to some people while some not.i used farores wind alot in oot

  • Thareous33

    For me the most useless item was definitely the Slingshot. The things I am shocked to have made the list: the Ball and Chain, Grappling Hook (for the most of the part), Spinner (it actually was a cool item), and Hawkeye. I didn't really read the list myself but did compile these from the previous comments. The four listed just express my discontent at their putting them on it.

  • averagerandy

    the slingshot gets outdated by any item that was a projectile pretty much, the boomerang was forgotten by the time you fought with zant unless you used it constantly,and the ball and chain was slow. But my useless item vote is definitely the spinner.

    By the way, it amazes me how he can hold all the items in those tights, tunic, and hat

  • Jade

    I've only played two Zelda games but in those games,all the items were useful for everything.The hook thingy really helped me get to treasure boxes and higher points.I really don't understand why it is not useful.

  • Everyone has different opinions on what items are considered useless throughout most of the game. In my opinion i think that the Magic Armor in Twilight Princess wasn't that much worth it. If its considered as an item of course 😉

  • TheMaverickk

    I loved that someone decided to write an article about this but I was extremely disappointed in the choices, and I don't feel they were carefully thought out. For one the grappling hook is indeed one of the coolest items, and it's useful-ness far outweighs many other candidates on the list.

    First of all you use it in EVERY dungeon after you get it. Even if you think it's replaced by the hookshot, that still doesn't happen till the second last/last dungeon (depending on choice). Besides that though the grappling hook is more versatile then the hookshot, stealing items directly from foes, and it's also combined with the boat to search for all the treasures of the ocean (and is necessary to get all the triforce pieces… more important then the hookshot if you ask me).

    Anyhow the others are kind of legit and useless… but I was surprised that they beat out other useless items. This would personally be my top 5 list of useless items;

    1. Book of Mudora
    2. Dominion Rod
    3. Bomblings
    4. Powder Keg
    5. Hyoi Pear

    My reasoning simply being that a book…. is by far the most useless item ever in a Zelda game… it's not like the book records monsters, or helps you keep track of anything… or even unleash spells. It's just used to translate Hylian in LttP. Sure it is needed to progress, but I mean it is used on very few ocasions and becomes useless after you've triggered all the events where it is useful.

    This is very much the same as the Dominion Rod… one would've thought such a cool, glow orb casting rod such as this would be awesome. Which is is at first… but then you leave the Temple of Time and it's useless. Then you have to revive it with an annoying quest… only to have a re-powered rod, which in the end is only useful to move a few statues which allow you to get to the final dungeon. After that good luck finding any use for it outside the Temple of Time. It's just sadder because magical rod/canes in past Zelda games were much cooler.

    Bomblings I personally was disappointed, because it was a knock off Bombchu, which honestly were more iconic and unique. What really makes them worse though is that they aren't necessary at all in TP. There is no puzzle in the game that requires a bomb that can scurry around. It doesn't surpass it's predecessor and it could've been cut from the game entirely and no one would know any different.

    The Powder Keg again is used very little, and more frustrating is that you can only can carry one. So even if you were so compelled to use it in an actual fight as opposed to using them in the few instances to progress through the game, you only ever get one bomb at a time before you gotta head back to town and get another. It's blast isn't even that great for taking out enemies. In the end what seemed like a potentially amazing item becomes a bigger waste of time.

    Simply put the pear was nifty, but again not much use out of it… very few locations allow for you to take advantage of the seagulls and there isn't much to gain out of taking control of them usually. You can get more use out of it though then other items I've mentioned.

    Seriously these Zelda items are far more useless then any mentioned in the article. The boomerang in the original Zelda was incredibly useful, and at least in my opinion, necessary for survival as you sometimes need to stun the enemies as a screen gets chaotically full. It was sad to see it considered useless. Especially compared to items like the Candle… blegh. Anyhow enough said.

  • Gwen

    When I play Windwaker, I used the grapple hook constantly; you have to use it for a good chunk of the game anyway. While we may prefer to use the hookshot and the grapple hook may not be a weapon at all, that does not mean it is useless. And though getting items at the end of the game when you don't have much left to do with them is annoying, it doesn't mean they're useless either. I spend a great deal of time running around after the last dungeon to gather the last few items/heart pieces/upgrades/collectibles. Having an awesome blade helps me get around.

    The Giant's Knife is a strange one. I usually don't bother to get it. I suppose the entire purpose of the item is to give you a chance to use it and encourage you to figure out how to get the better one. You can actually get a blade in Majora's Mask that snaps after a certain number of swings, and you need to make that first before you can make the gilded one.

    Spinner is kinda useless.
    Giant's Mask can only be used in exactly one battle in one place, understandable I suppose but still extremely limited. (even the deity's mask can be used in 5 places)
    Boomerang in Seasons was incredibly weak compared to Link's Awakening.
    Sand Wand is kinda useless–they should have scattered a little more sand around the world.

    And I just realized that in Majora's Mask they get away with the "dungeon item" being the bow and different magic arrows. O_o Though I know a good number of people who like more gadgets per game regardless of how useful they are, new ways to use old items works for me.

  • ZeldaQueen

    I like all of the items. I always try to use them differently on the replay to fight baddies or to reach difficult places. In fact I think I am going to try the ball and chain thing for a while…..

  • Nin10Gamer

    I agree with the stepladder,the slingshot (Twilight Princess), and the Hawk Eye, but everything else is useful. The grapple hook is used to bring treasure from the sea floor and the biggoron's sword is a much more powerful Master Sword with more range.