Do you ever get the feeling that most Zelda games contain many useless items? While most items are important throughout the adventure, some are only used for a short term and are otherwise useless.

Take the Slingshot for example. In Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, it’s only used at the beginning of the game, while items like the hookshot are always used throughout the main quest, especially in dungeons.

A recent article at RoboAwesome lists the top useless items from all Zelda games. Some people will no doubt agree with the list while others may have different opinions on what is considered useless. If each item is designed to be used constantly in future Zelda games, the series would slightly improve.

Do you think that Zelda has too many pointless items? And do you think that Nintendo should focus more on making each item in future games useful for every part of the quest?

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