Fortunately for Zelda fans everywhere, our recent post about the deletion of Zelda Wii was in fact an April Fools prank. Hopefully it gave you a nice shock, and we hope to surprise you again next year!

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  • Pearly-Powder

    Holy crap, I thought you guys were serious! Jeez, I'm glad that didn't actually happen!

  • Tiroth

    Wait, we actually did the miserable users thing? O.o Fun. Who got hit?

  • Exarius

    Thats what I want to know.

    And Cody, you rock. Your accent isn't too hard to understand either.

  • Magic^2

    Is it bad I thought this video was funnier than the actual joke?

  • I like your accent : )

  • jticeman

    ha ha ha cody i do have more than 1 acont

    -bad spelling

  • Keaton

    I love the frog… Thing xD

  • hero of twilight

    yes im glad it was an april fools joke but i wasnt sure if it was or not

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  • Dr. M. Dillon PH.D

    Cody, I'm not going to lie, I don't like it when you post videos… you bother me.
    The April Fools prank was decent though… I knew it was fake because of the date, but it was well written. Good job.

    • Cody

      Reactions to my videos are varied! One person responded in the Youtube comments "I kinda wish this guy secretly liked gore."

  • Cody


  • brian_warioman

    OMFG I thought the site was broken! I luv you people but you scared the crap outta me cause the forums wouldn't load.

  • Gerudude

    Well Cody, I've changed my mind about you.
    But then, what do you care…

  • Doomjaw

    i think that addon was used on me, but the exact opposite happend, rather than being miserable, when i heard this i was laughing.

  • apexman13

    so that explains why everything was acting wierd on this site last night!!!!

    yess i was a bit of a troll on april fools day its true, sorry!

  • Phantom7

    Well, gee, that wasn't obvious at all!

  • Tyler

    i would expect a failed attempt to try and fake delete Zelda Wii. If it were truly gone, then the post would have been on a day other than April 1st. That was a little too obvious.

  • ChainofTermina

    wait, what happened? I didn't mean to be whiney, I just thought it was a tad bit weak. but now i think about it, your absolutely right. it is just an innocent april fools prank and should be taken so seriously. I was wrong to be so annoyed. I'm sorry. at least you didn't focus your prank around around Twilight like deviant art did. that was horrible.

    I now look forward to next year's! and yes, I agree that you shouldn't make it a five day thing. just a little quip in the first of april is nice. X)

  • Jonathan

    It was a little too obvious for one big important reason, besides the fact it was on April fools day: I didn't see a link for it on the page at all. Maybe next year you guys should just put up a fake link so that we could at least get the impression that it was real. Just a thought 🙂

  • Zothead

    umm, i’m a visitor, but that add-on thing made to make users miserable isn’t just affecting the users… jsut sayin’….

  • how about you not make any more videos, you are weird and so is your voice

    • Cody

      Too bad 😛

    • dementora

      yeah he shouldnt make anything anymore hes a total lop and no one who has any sense shoulda believed that crap of a joke

    • ben

      shut up he made the best zelda website on earth and run him down so shut it weirdo

      • ben

        and you run him down sorry gramer misspell

  • Cody

    "Help help he doesn't have an American accent my world is being shattered"

  • ChainofTermina

    Cody's right, Is this seriously a big deal? stop complaining just cause he's Australian. i'm american, and it doesn't bother me at all. Cody, I'm glad we can hear your voice cause
    A: I think Cody's voice is funny, in a GOOD way,
    and B: I never new Cody WAS Australian until I first heard his voice. Now I'm informed. It's a more direct way of communication, much better than soundless text.

    your voice is just fine with me Cody, I don't care in the slightest. plus, like I said, it's funny in a good way.


  • i have no problem with his accent, it's the way he talks, racism LMAO that is funny, but you play the race card nonstop.

    • ChainofTermina

      no not really. I said it was practically almost racism, which means it's not quite racism.

      I'm sorry I misunderstood you, I thought you meant it's because he's Australian, but I was wrong. you have my apologies. but you don't have to go insulting him. if you don't like it when he makes videos, then don't watch them.

  • Lolz @ Cody. Cody, you're such the nerd, that it cracks me up. Like in a good way. You remind me of my Australian friends lol.

  • dduuu

    fuck u really make us geeks look bad…