Welcome to another Zelda Universe Mailbag with me, Aniday.

For those of you with long term memory loss, James has some personal life issues to deal with, so he can’t really record videos for a while. I think it had something to do with having a baby or something silly like that. In the mean time you will have the pleasure of watching seemingly random ZU staffers host the video mailbags for you.

This week, no one else really had the time to do it, so once again I have taken up the mantle and bring you a short but awesome video. For those of you who would really miss it if you didn’t get your James fix, he’s taken the time to answer all the questions that have been sent in with text.

As always, send in your questions, because without that, we can’t produce a mailbag each week! Have a great week everyone.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Link’s Search for Navi}{}{}{

Sir Adamus writes:

If, as I suspect, Zelda Wii features the Ocarina of Time’s Link, then it can be assumed that he is still on/has finished his search for Navi. I have no proof of course, but I suspect that the girl on the artwork may in fact be Navi (due to the similarities to the Queen of Fairies). Of course, it could also be the so-called ‘Spirit of the Master Sword’, but why introduce this Spirit now when the Master Sword has been around for so many years.
I just wanted offer this opinion and find out if anyone agreed with me.

James responds:

You say that since the Master Sword has been around for a while now, that we shouldn’t introduce its spirit now. Look at the Twilight Realm and Twilit beings. They have always existed, but we don’t deal with them until Twilight Princess because they are in need of help. That is the same with the Spirit.

There must have been something so bad that the spirit of the sword is needed. Maybe the main villian of the game steals the Master Sword, and we have to rescue it and its spirit helps us in doing so. In the process, we find another sword that we must use in order to retrieve it. You never know.

But I do like your idea that it is Navi in human form. I don’t think we have seen if normal fairies can become human form, we just have seen the Fairy Queens in the games and never knew how they became that way. That might make a great game as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

{{bubble}{Question 2: Main Villian Twist}{}{}{

odd300 writes:

Hi this is odd300!(Just trying to restate my question) I love the Zelda mail bag and here is my question: Do you think they might have Ganon,Vatti, or Majora’s Mask in a twist in the 2010 Zelda game or in a Nintendo game? One more question: What is your favorite and worst item in the whole Zelda universe and why?

James responds:

Once again, if the rumors are true and the Hero of Time, then it is possible that Ganon or Majora could come back. Majora is the least likely because I see that boss was a one time boss and Ganon shouldn’t come back and make room for another main villian and bring some freshness to the series. But that is what I think.

My favorite item is the Double Clawshot because of the fact that you can act like Spiderman with them (you know you all wanted to be Spiderman!) and I can’t
think of a least favorite right now.


{{bubble}{Question 3: Gender Confusion}{}{}{

apexman13 writes:

why are there character’s in zelda that look like a girl but end up being a boy vise versa?

James responds:

I really don’t know what you’re talking about. It could be one of two thing:
1) The sprites that are being used are interchangable and hard to distinguish or
2) Them Japanese love those androgynous folks and love to have us guessing.

Aniday adds:

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I believe you’re thinking about Final Fantasy

{{bubble}{Question 4: Merchandise Conundrum}{}{}{

Ian writes:

Yah i already sent one but my next question is simple Is it Nerdy or just straight up awesome to spend over 100 ruppes (ZOMG I CAN’T BELIVE I JUST SEAD RUPPES OMG OMG OMG OMG) sorry $ on zelda merchendis especially if that was all you were aloud to spend?

James responds:

If you are a diehard fan and are a collector and willing to spend that much money on a bunch of stuff, then it wouldn’t be that bad.
If you are just spending it to spend it, then you are a little crazy.


{{bubble}{Question 5: Learning the Ocarina}{}{}{

WakerofTwilight writes:

I’m thinking of getting an ocarina, but I don’t know if it’ll be good to put money into it. Is the Ocarina easy to learn?

James responds:

I would imagine it would be as simple as a recorder or simple flute, since they are all essentially the same instrument. You just have to learn where your fingers have to be to play what note. Any instrument has a level of difficulty if you have never picked an instrument up before. Just a lot of practice.

Aniday adds:

When people think Ocarinas Zelda always comes to mind, and for that I don’t blame you for wanting to play it. Ocarina’s aren’t too difficult to learn. It’s much easier than say… a piano, and I daresay it’s one of the easiest to learn if you have to time to play around with it. I suggest you go to www.stlocarina.com and get an ocarina there. I also suggest you look up some tutorials on playing the ocarina on Youtube

{{bubble}{Question 6: Link’s Age}{}{}{

Sean writes:

How old Is TP link? Is he like 12 or 16 or what?

James responds:

I believe is in his late teens, somewhere around 16-17. Link’s in the games are usually aren’t older than 18 and younger than 10.

{{bubble}{Question 7: Timeline Confusion}{}{}{

Scott Walker writes:

woah woah woah, im getting mixed signals here, how could TMC come before OOT if the king of hyrule didnt unify hyrule until a bit before OOT. by logic anything before OOT would just be territorial war (im no expert obviously, i am sure you will find a hole in my logic)

James responds:

Back in the day, there were people out there who believed that since Link received his trademark hat in TMC, that it put it at the beginning of the timeline. There are some other hints in the game that do that too, I believe, so that is why it is sometimes placed there. There are some that place it at the end of the timeline with ALttP. It is something that timeline theorists are going to debate for a while.

{{bubble}{Question 8: Next Zelda}{}{}{

Makar, the Super Onion writes:

Hello there Zelda Universe!
I was just wondering what you guys think the next Zelda will be like?
Also, what would be the best final Zelda game for you?

James responds:

The new Zelda game will be AWESOME, duh. The things I am hoping for are dungeons similar to TP. I loved the dungeons of TP, they were just big enough to satisfy and not too difficult as well. I am hoping for a smaller overworld, with more towns to explore and NPC’s you would actually be willing to talk to for advice.

I am not thinking about a final Zelda game, because that would mean an end to the series. I don’t believe that is going to happen anytime soon.

{{bubble}{Question 9: Triforce and Temple of Time}{}{}{

hypershanick writes:

Nintendo has not bothered with the triforce and the temple of time since twilight princess do you think they will be back in Zelda wii and why?

James responds:

That was what, three games ago? You guys are really impatient!

Zelda includes the Triforce, so, more than likely we will see the triforce make an appearance in the next game. As for the Temple of Time? We will have to see how they play with the series. If this is the Hero of Time, we will more than likely make a quick trip over there for something.

{{bubble}{Question 10: Expectations}{}{}{

Onilink writes:

hey i gots one quick question….what are your biggest expectations for the next zelda game?

James responds:

The new Zelda game will be AWESOME, duh. The things I am hoping for are dungeons similar to TP. I loved the dungeons of TP, they were just big enough to satisfy and not too difficult as well. I am hoping for a smaller overworld, with more towns to explore and NPC’s you would actually be willing to talk to

for advice.

Aniday adds:

What I expect first and foremost from Zelda Wii is the best Zelda console experience ever. We’ve learned that the game has been in development for years as a Wii specific game. Twilight Princess was only ported over to the Wii so it was originally only a Gamecube game and was limited as such in graphics and using the Wii remote. Furthermore, with the time they’ve had I hope they bring a new level of difficulty in the game. Lastly I expect orchestrated music.

{{bubble}{Question 11: Oracle Games and the Triforce}{}{}{

Dogma writes:

Hey, guys, I was playing Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons recently, and something hit me as I was playing both of them.

In all the other games, such as Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, Link’s Triforce of Courage is earned, except in the case of TP where it is used to give Link his Wolf Form. But in Oracle of Ages/Seasons, the entire Triforce is FOUND instead of earned. And instead of letting Link take his

piece, it whisks him away to Holodrum/Labrynna. But then at the beginning of both games when Link awakens, Din and Nayru say that the Triforce of Courage is emblazoned on his left hand.

So it is literally like the Triforce rejected Link by sending him away from Hyrule, but it also gave him the Triforce of Courage. What do you think is the reason for this?

James responds:

The beginning of the game, the Triforce is calling out to Link to help the other two worlds need help, and Link is the rightful owner of the ToC. So, when he goes to the temple that is holding the Triforce, he touches it, takes his piece, and heads to the two worlds to take care of those situations in those two worlds.

{{bubble}{Question 12: Link’s Parents}{}{}{

jticeman writes:

what happened to links parents in twilight princess and what is he’s history because in the game it doesn’t go into his history but in most over games it does

James responds:

It is never explained, as it is in most of the games. We are just there made to believe that Link is an orphan and that is one of the ways we are able to Link to this person better. He is a loner in the world and he needs an extra friend in the world to help him out.

{{bubble}{Question 13: Kaebora Gaebora}{}{}{

ShadowShieka writes:

First off Im a big fan and recently i have been wondering about my favorite character KAEBORA GAEBORA. First do you think that he is a sage or someone of the gods? Because in ocarina of time a gossip stone states that he is a reincarnation of a sage. secondly when you learn the requiem of spirit there is a bird like figure in the background who flies away when the song is done is that him?

James responds:

I believe back in the day, there were some people who believe that the owl is Rauru, able to transform between his human form and the animal form. He could also be a puppet that Rauru uses, but more people connect him to that sage. It is also possible that he is a reincarnation of an older sage, like the descendant of Rauru or something. As for the Requiem of Spirit, I believe that is him who flies away, I thought I saw an owl fly away when he learned it.

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