In keeping with Chuggaaconroy’s great visual walkthrough for The Wind Waker, we’ve updated our official Wind Waker Visual Walkthrough page with his latest episodes.

If you’ve never played The Wind Waker before, Chuggaaconroy’s video walkthroughs are some of the best out there to help you get through the game when you’re stuck. If you have played The Wind Waker in some past life of yours, then the walkthroughs are great for nostalgia and some good entertainment!

In the near future, the layout of visual walkthrough pages will be changing to become less disorganized – and we’re moving all of our ZU-exclusive videos and video walkthroughs to our new YouTube account (that we just made so nothing is there). So look forward to that if you’ve been a little befuddled with the organization of our visual walkthrough pages!