We’ve all been waiting for what feels like eons for the slightest news about Zelda Wii, our generic name for the next console Zelda title. But if you feel like you’ve been waiting a long time already, just wait until you hear this news – Zelda Wii has potentially been in development for nearly five years – a development time second only to Ocarina of Time‘s development cycle.

According to a Game Informer magazine scan, Zelda Wii had been in development for a possible year prior to Twilight Princess‘s GameCube and Wii release. That means development on the Wii title started in 2005. It’s not farfetched to think that Nintendo had more than just artwork back during 2009’s E3 expo, but chose to remain silent. That says good things about 2010’s E3, which will be happening in the middle of June.

Source: Destructoid
  • Matt

    they have been busy for a while then so lets hope it will look good after all the time they spent on it

  • Meadhbh

    This had better be good…
    And Link should get the Master Sword back!

    • Goronlove7

      you just dont get it do you… the girl is the MS

      • potato

        you cant really know that because you haven't played the game yet. It hasn't come out

    • Gerudude

      It's obvious that it'l have something to do with the master sword.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Wow, that’s a long time. It better come out this year… ._.

  • DSP

    That is indeed a long time, but don't forget they first had to develop a basic story for this title. ( which can swallow up a lot of time, Especially with the timeline theorists bugging Nintendo and they're vision to surpass Ocarina of time ) I'm very excited about this game.

    • ZeldaNoob

      actually the story is created after the game. In spirit tracks the story about zelda's stolen body was created as an explanation for link to have a phantom sidekick. And the lost woods in twilight princess replecad some other parts of the woods. The forest which was supposed be in twilight princess can be seen through early screen shots or hacking.

      • Phantom7

        How through hacking?

        • ZeldaNoob

          using action replay, you can get through the boundries of the sacred grove, there you can find renemants of a much larger forest, it looked heavily similar to the forest in the early game and screenshots.

  • Quill

    Five years! … Then this game could be another masterpìece like Ocarina of Time!

  • Goronlove7

    Well first off all I thought this was common knowledge considering I read about this on this sight over three years ago. Second I just assumed after 2 1/2 years with no news of a Wii Zelda that they were talking about phantom hourglass.

  • MrBaconsock

    Hopefully, this game will be as revolutionary to the series as Ocarina of time was…

    I can't wait πŸ˜€

  • Haley

    They probably just came up with some vague gameplay ideas and put together some models. Remember that they only just finalized the control scheme last year, and the entire game is built around that.

  • Adam

    To bad the Wii is only capable of 480p, and not 1080p, I would love to see the next Zelda title in HD. And as long as its been in devoplpement the envoirments are going to look stunning, but its going to be brought down because of its Defintion….

    • Gerudude

      Who says they won't introduce plans for a new Wii, a Wii-2. Then there will be 2 versions of the game again, like they did with TP.

      • Adam

        Yeah, that is a Wii-2.0 is a possiblity, or a 2nd verstion of the Wii (like the multiple verstions of the PS3 and xbox) capable of at least 720p

  • ChainofTermina

    why do I get the feeling that this is going to raise our expectations to a level that is so high that we will undoubtedly be disappointed?

    • Epona500h

      True, people have a habit of getting over excited… but I'm pretty sure that this game will not be a disappointment. Nintendo knows that we want a good game and they're trying really hard to give us that and more.

    • ZeldaNoob

      thats what might happen, but if this game was in production for soooo long, then it will most likely meet our expectations. But expect reviewers to find the stupidest things to complain about.

    • Lightbringer

      I agree that some people might be miffed, but my excitement is just the fact that it is finally coming out. And that it has been in development for so long, so it will be well polished. As with any speculation, there are some outliers as far as speculation goes. But the main group of gamers will still enjoy it. I know that I wont care if it doesnt live up to every expectation, I just want a freaking zelda game to play!

  • Azumizai

    Nintendo is being EXTREMELY SMART on trying to keep as quiet as possible about the development of this game. Because it WOULD get over-hyped, and they don't want their new precious game to go down the tubes because rampant fans set high and impossible expectations for a game that they don't even know the specifics about yet.
    I know this game'll get hyped. I can predict the future already.
    E3 will release some cool stuff. Some fans will decide to boycott it for some reason or another.
    Then when the game comes out, floods of Zelda fans will buy it.
    THEN it'll go downhill. You'll have haters of the game, and lovers of the game. And then the forums will be filled with endless debates on why the other group sucks because of his/her game preference and then go on to list WHY said game sucks and promote their favorite game of choice.
    And that's what will happen.
    This is why I prefer to stay out of it… but then again, because of Nintendo keeping quiet, it MIGHT help dampen some ranting and raving that comes about due to over (and impossible) hyping of the game-to-come.

    *crosses fingers*

    I pray that it'll be an awesome game to reduce gunefire.

    • Shadow564

      I couldn't have said it any better. This person speaks the truth.

    • Dylan

      too late

  • Pete

    I, for one, am glad they haven't announced it too early. Long waits and hype seems to tarnish brilliant Zelda games.

    Look at Twilight Princess. It's an awesome game, but the lead up generated so much hype it couldn't possibly live up to it.

    Spirit Tracks was announced and released in the same year and I've barely heard any negative feedback for it, certainly no where near what Twilight Princess was (unjustly) subjected to.

    Having said that I'm still jazzed about Zelda Wii!

  • cukeman

    how long did they spend on OoT?

    • Eddy

      They started it in around 1993 or 94.

  • silver-hero

    Old news. Many information says that ZWii was in development a for along time now. I remember playing Phantom Hourglass when it first came out and heard the news of ZWii being in development.

  • NintendoBatteries

    This is going to prove to be an ambitious game

  • Hurry up Nov. 2010! I NEED THIS GAME!

  • TheIceman2009

    maybe they're now working on zelda 2015
    @VideoGamegeek: wasn't it october (for my birthday)?

  • Spoon Link

    This is a very good thing. Miyamoto himself has said that the longer a game takes to be made, the better it is. TP was rushed, so it wasn't as good as it could have been. But not telling the fans about it AT ALL is a very good strategy to use to prevent overhyping it. I think that this game may even surpass OoT.

  • Jacob

    Figure this: Capcom made Minish Cap while Twilight princess was being made. This left extra time to make zelda wii before twilight princess was even released!

  • Do you want to know something interesting? I noticed this while looking at my new Club Nintendo poster; the Zelda timeline one.

    Since Wind Waker, a Zelda title has been released every year consecutively:
    2003- Wind Waker
    2004- Four Swords
    2005- Minish Cap
    2006- Twilight Princess
    2007- Phantom Hourglass

    The reason fans got so upset last year is because there was absolutely no news on Zelda and no new title to play! 2008 had no Zelda release, and Spirit Tracks didn't come until December 2009. It took nearly three years for the next title to come out, and now we're waiting for the next big title: Zelda Wii. This means Nintendo is putting effort into their next game, and we can expect great things. =)

  • saws13

    I bet this is going to be the most EPIC Zelda game ever……i hope ;P

  • Juliannabells

    I'm glad they didn't say anything. before. I waited for Twilight Princess for years and it drove me nuts. I'm anxious to know more about this Wii Zelda nowww.

  • Pokehead

    I just hope that this one's got good gaphics. I don't like to wait years in anticipation just to find out that the graphics suck. Although they dont have to be alongside uncharted 2 for graphics i just want sone good graphics for once. Do y'all know what im talking about?

    • Azumizai

      Good graphics are a plus, but I don't care about graphics nearly as much as I do about good gameplay and good storylines, and a very good use of keeping me INTERESTED.

      Good graphics are usually a fall-back incase the actual GAME part sucks. So as long as it's an awesome GAME. I shall be thusly satisfied.

      [Though I'd love good graphics too. >__> Don't get me wrong.]

  • Striper 16 (360 and wii)

    well for one thing it better good but i highly dought that the game will be bad. i really hope they have pulled out all the stops, because i have been waiting for to long and im sick of playing COD MW2. i just cant wait for the release. know 2010 will bring to of my favorite game sequels. Bioshock2(xbox360) and zelda! cant wait for them!!! ps god forbid any delayes!

  • austin

    maybe they are remaking OOT for ds and wii maybe i hope so and they are just not telling us about it yet so we can all be suprised

  • Bill

    does anybody no whats up with the magic meter on the screenshot on the back of the twilight princess case

    • Kevin

      its the lantern oil bar
      they probably used it to make the screenshot with the epic glow and shadow effect from the lantern + to add a little bit more of pro looking "spoiler?" thing to make the gamer want to get the "mystery bar"

  • connor

    is that gu hpoping for it to come out on xbox360 because it wont its made by nintendo xbox360 is microsoft cant wait though ie played and completed every zelda game aceppt the fake ones 3 of them are but they only came out in some countries these were made by a fake support team grrrrrr anyway im gunna pre order it the ice fairy from windwaker is in it cooooollllllllllllllll

  • marine200


  • Mirria1

    OMG!!! I want this game!

  • Antonia

    I know for a fact the new game will have Wii Motion Plus in it. There are still unanswered questions about the master sword though. I hope it will become an AMAZING game! Poor midna is gone……..she will always be in our hearts!

  • Kevin

    lol i read elsewhere that the link in ZWii is "older" than any other Links they made. Anyway, this game is probably gonna be a great game and maybe if nintendo is smart enough, they probably mashed all the suggestions from Zelda fans and seeing if they made the same mistakes again they made in other Zelda games. Which, if so my theory is true, mostly be why the game has taken over 4 years of making. Anyhow, nintendo will not let us down, after coming up with phantom hourglass and spirit tracks, zelda wii will certainly be another hit. πŸ™‚