Recently we were contacted about a fairly unusual contest. Usually, places come to us asking if we’d like to give something away – however, this time we were asked if our site would like to enter a contest to win a DSi XL, months before it comes out in the states. As unusual as the idea seemed, we were intrigued at the possibility of having a DSi XL to review before anyone else.

Obviously, we said yes, and now the contest is up. Zelda Universe is being pitted against a myriad of other Zelda and Nintendo fansites for glory and an imported DSi XL unit. Show your support for ZU and help us snag that DSi XL instead of those other guys! The contest starts today and ends on February 17th.

To vote for ZU and show your support, all you need to do is post in the contest comments here with your vote. Keep in mind that votes are being moderated for integrity, so don’t be surprised if your vote doesn’t instantly appear. To everyone who votes for ZU, we thank you for showing your support!

  • You'd get my vote!

  • My vote too!

  • Teekay

    I voted, but I guess I'm the only one who commented 😛

  • Gerudude

    Zelda Universe Rules! Here's my vote.

  • silver-hero

    Hey, just to remind everyone. You must vote using the link thats provided in the post. Votes don't count here just to let you know.

  • Aniday

    ZU is clearly the best site listed as participating on their page. If everyone who sees this just goes there and votes we’ll win for sure.

    And the comments are being moderated before everyone can see them, so don’t think you’re vote didn’t count if you don’t see it or don’t see anyone else’s.

  • Keith

    Voted for ya!

  • Advodei

    What's a DSi XL?
    I'm gonna vote

    • Quill

      It just a DSi with bigger screens…

  • Guest

    What is a DSi XL? for anyone who is 100% sure they know what it is

  • Guest

    a DSi with Jumbo screens. yeah, that'll sell (speaking sarcastically)

  • FamiCube64

    Voted. Good luck, ZU!