The mailbag for January 3, 2010 is contained within:

Mr. Dent writes:

Sup, I saw Avatar earlier this week (The year 2009 will be a waste to you if you don’t go and see it in 3D) and realized something. Zelda would be awesome in 3D! What is your opinion?

James writes:

Zelda is in 3D, it has been since about 1998. Where have you been?

Or did you mean in movie form? Because the idea of a Zelda movie has been passed around the internet for a long time now, and we are not certain whether a Zelda movie will ever exist. Just one thing is that Uwe Boll CANNOT make the movie. Unless, he will get a huge butt-kicking from the Zelda community.

Christian Ficut writes:

1. please make a new game of zelda that has a kind of linking similaratiy to the legend of zelda a link to the past and the ocarania of time because those were two top games that i enjoyed and thought was badass.I was also wondering why not trying to make a Link to the Past game in 3-d

2. Please do not make anymore zelda games that have a wierd cartoon charcter of link.For Example the wind waker, phantom hour glass, the new one thats comin out is also bad lookin, please dont change link or anybody to a bad cartoonish style.If any style twighlight princess is good one or the ocarnia of time is good or badass. Besides doing this will get these games as a top selling of the year if you just stop going from the good 90’s style to the bad style of the the 2000 and the 2010. and if any game in this era that was good for the 2000 was twilight princess.So please stop screwin around and make better games and no more cartoon character thats got to go.please bring back the old legendary style of zelda and not the cartton one because no one is gonna buy it except kids from 8 to 11 years of age.So make a good game to where people from range of 5 to 22 years old will buy.Please do this and you will be back in game and you will bring back the old times of Zelda.

James writes:

1. I don’t know how many more times I have to tell people. Zelda Universe does not make the Zelda games. Zelda Universe is not in constant contact with Nintendo or the Zelda Team. Zelda Universe does not influence how Nintendo or the Zelda team makes a game.

2. First of all, I don’t feel like censoring entries into the mailbag, so EVERYONE please keep the language PG or G. No vulgarities. Also, my answer to this question is to look at my answer for number 1.

Zfan92 writes:

If they (NINTENDO) made a chronological book series of Zelda from the first game. Do you think it would get a good review and why or why not?

James writes:

Chronological book series like how? Like create a novel based around the story of the first game? Or do you want to see a book that tells us how the games are chronological? The timeline book would get a good review from fans and possibly create a huge debate around the net with timeline theorists. If it were the novel form, then it would be based on how the novel is based, how it is written, and all those wonderful criteria that follows reviewing books.

Cutsceneaddict writes:

I was wondering how old Link is in each of his games (OoT, TP, WW, ALttP, etc.) I was just wondering if you knew…

James writes:

Link’s age varies from game to game. In OoT, the age that many agree on is that child Link is 10, and his adult form is 17. Some people believe that OoT Link’s are 12 and 19, but I always see child Link as 10. Twilight Princess he is in his late teens, probably 16 through 18. Wind Waker he is around 12 (Same with PH). Pretty much, all the Link are usually seen in the games anywhere from the age of 10 to the age of 18. Shorter Link’s are usually on the lower range, while taller ones are on the higher range. For the earlier games and 2d games, check the artwork and then judge from that.

Chain of Termina? writes:

wat is the differnce between master quest and the original oot

James writes:

Just to let everyone know, I put a ? in the name because the emails for the normal CoT and this one were different. Also, the question felt like a fake, but I still included it.

Anyway, I did post this last week, but I’ll answer it again. The different is the layout of the game’s temples and a slight spike in difficulty. The temple layouts and where the item and the puzzles are different in Master Quest and Ocarina of Time. Master Quest is also named such because it is meant for “masters” of Ocarina of Time. Now I refer you to this link: . Enjoy.

Blackfire667 writes:

Hello. ­čÖé

I’m having a slight technical issue with the Monthly Poll. When i select an option, then click “vote”… Nothing happens. Nothing at all. It’s the same thing when I try to see the results. The URL/address changes to “” but nothing happens!

Please help, I’d like to vote, sometime. :'(

James writes:

I will send the issue to Cody because he takes care of the poll and see if he can fix it. I noticed that the other day as well, so it isn’t a local phenomena.

Tabi writes:

I had a question….In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, does Byrne love Zelda? I know it’s random, but I was watching a video that someone posted and it showed that Byrne helped Link and Zelda against Malladus and he said that Zleda and “words” for him. I’m not sure what he meant and I was just wondering if you could tell me. thanks so much

James writes:

Well, you asked the worst person to answer a Spirit Track question since I haven’t played the game yet. But let me see what I can pull up and answer you. After review, I have seen that you are more than likely refering to the ending of the game, something I do not want to look at just yet. So, the best thing I can say is to visit the forums and ask the question there and see what people there think. That way, you get a blend of answers as well, not just mine.

Iltsu writes:

I have noticed, that some Spirit Tracks’ places’ names, and some charachters names are diffrent in USA’s and Europe’s releases. When I was reading your walkthrough,I become little confused, because example Aboda Village is in Europe’s release Outset Village.

And my question is, that is it posible, that you can add also Europe’s release names and places’ names in your site? I know many people, which’s English is not good, and they become frustrated, because they don’t necessarily know, that the places’ names are diffrent in USA’s and Europe’s releases(including me).

I’m asking this, because your site is very popular also in Europe. And I use your site many times to find out some problems while I’m playing.

James writes:

Yea, you will get that sometimes in different regions. I know that when the game is sent over to Nintendo of America, the game is translated to English so that we can understand the game (which makes sense). I am not sure if Nintendo of Europe has a separate translation department from NoA, but I will have to look into that more.

The only problem with us producing content for this site is that the good majority of content writers are from the USA, so we have that version to play. I also believe that the person writing up the majority of the Walkthrough is also American, so that might be why. I will bring up the fact that you brought up to staff and see if we have a European person willing to give us the differences. You may even see a page on the section that gives all the differences so if changing the Walkthrough becomes a hassle, we cover ourselves otherwise.

Thanks for the tip.

Prince Rabbit writes:

Hi! I made a list of Spirit Tracks’ character names on different languages. It really shows the effort Nintendo put up on localizing the game. It’s no big deal but there are some interesting things. For example, is weird that Byrne’s name on japanese (Dihigo) sounds very similar to his name in the latin american version (Diego). Also, his name on the european spanish version is “t├íligo” a play on the word “l├ítigo” which means “whip”.

James writes:

If you have the list of localized names for all the characters, you can send it in to either me, Cody, or Jason and we would be glad to use it. If you can, as well, please include sources that you used to find the names, if you didn’t just use the games. We want to make sure that all the content is right so we aren’t fooling you guys with the content. I am not saying that you didn’t get them properly, but it’s the journalist in me making sure that the sources are accurate. Thanks.

adam babin writes:

Is there any plan to release Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland in Canada?

James writes:

No, I do not believe so. Tingle is not as well received in the United States and Canada as he is in Japan. That’s just the fact. So, I don’t think Nintendo is willing to gamble releasing it here now because it probably won’t sell that well and it would be a flop. Japan likes the character, so that’s why they get the game and we don’t. Unless you are willing to buy a Japanese copy or a European copy (I believe DS games are region free), then go for it.