Just a couple of weeks ago, a group of Zelda fans released a Zelda fan film, entitled The Hero of Time. Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendo decided that all this free publicity for their series was a bad thing, and ordered the film removed from the internet. The HoT creators had this to say:

“Hey, everyone. We just wanted to let you know that Dec. 31 was the last day that The Hero of Time was available for viewing. We came to an agreement with Nintendo earlier this month to stop distributing the film. In the spirit of the holiday season they were good enough to let us keep the movie up for you to watch and enjoy through the end of 2009, but not past 2009.

We understand Nintendo’s right to protect its characters and trademarks and understand how in order to keep their property unspoiled by fan’s interpretation of the franchise, Nintendo needs to protect itself — even from fan-works with good intentions.

This has been quite an adventure for us and we have a real sense of peace bringing the project to a close. Between the screenings and the online release many of you were able to see the film and we hope to not have only inspired those of you that live, breathe and dream Zelda but we also hope to have inspired all of you aspiring filmmakers out there!

Thank you again for all your patience with the project and we hope you had as much fun watching our movie as we did making it. Thanks for all your wonderful messages of encouragement and support! I’m sure our next project will be right around the corner! No, it’s not Majora’s Mask : )”

It’s always a shame when someone spends months working on something and then is disallowed from showing it, so our condolences to the crew of The Hero of Time.

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  • RaLic

    Oh what a shame. Good thing I dled it.

    • watties

      send it to me please

  • silver-hero

    Too bad…. I didn't have some time to check it out. But really wanted to see it. It'll probably come back sometime.

  • mattex66

    I watched halve of it and want to see it all. I feel sorry for the makers, theyput so much effort into making it.

  • Shah2354

    FAIL! this sucks! im definitely buying the DVD now. they shoulda at least settled for a cut of the profit or some shit. not scarp the whole thing!

    • Shah2354

      wait you mean now i cant even see it on there site?! thats definitly bullshit!

    • SweetLie

      I'm pretty sure they can't sell a DVD because they'd need to buy the copyrights from Nintendo to do that.
      You can't make a profit off of someone else's work without the copyright.
      That's why they released it online free of charge.

  • Zeldafreak15

    they got rid of it because it sucked, No dont even make another one, its just gonna suck as bad, god even the youtube ones that kids make were brtter than this

    • Lules

      Yes, that movie sucked.

  • Zeldafreak15

    This project inspires nobody, the whole thing was a DISGRACE to the legend of zelda series. next time (if there even is gonna be another one) get god actors and actresses with more talent and practice, and a good camera man, terrible acting, terrible camera work, i couldnt even wach the whole thing, i stopped, thats how much it sucked… disgrace to the legend of zelda series.

  • Aizen90

    Actually your a disgrase to the zelda fanbase with your stuckup attitude with "nobody must hurt my precious zelda, who are these peasent filmmakers!?!"

    As a fan film this was a great movie, one of the best fan films ever made, and a far better zelda movie than hollywood would ever make.

    Also for people wondering how they'll ever see the movie again, well you should know how the internet works by now so go look for it on upload and torrent sites.

    • Nick, a Zelda Fan

      I completely agree. You summarized my entire argument.

  • mattex66

    It was good for a fan made movie, can you do better.

    • Edracon

      no, it was NOT good for a fan made movie.

      • Nick, a Zelda Fan

        Indeed it was good, my pessimistic friend.

  • While I did not enjoy this film, and had no intention of seeing the movie again it is always a shame to see hard work be put to waste do to the rational action of large companies immersed in their own egos. Regardless how I feel about the film, I wish them the best of luck on their future projects.

    • Art1st4786

      As sad as it is to see a fan-made film based on The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo has a right to protect their intellectual property under copyright laws. This has nothing to do with their ego. I'm just glad that there was a peaceful agreement between the two parties.

  • Simon_Belmont

    I say we start a petition, force Nintendo to let BMB put the movie back on the internet for all to see.

  • Z?

    Woo, Nintendo! Shuttin' down the crappy films. Woo!

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  • Nick, a Zelda Fan

    Frankly, I thought the movie was very good, at least for a fan-made movie. And for those who didn't think it was good, you try making a movie and getting people to act it out! I think it's sad that Nintendo has to be that protective of it's works that it doesn't allow that. I mean, what's the difference between that movie, and all the fan made websites, fan art, and other non official things? As long as they are'nt making a profit off others ideas, or changing peoples ideas of Zelda for the worst, who cares? Technically though, Nintendo probably had every legal right to remove said movie. Still, the law isn't always good, and hopefully Nintendo will see they are way overreacting, and let it go back on. And of course for those who still want to see it, theres probably many sites who still have the movie. (Illegally, of course, but it's not illegal to watch it!)

    • Anonoman

      God, I hate it when people resort to saying 'I don't see you making any movies!' Uwe Boll makes movies, too, you know. Just because someone else can't, they can't call it crap?

      • Nick, a Zelda Fan

        Well, you are entitled to you're own opinion. However, at least try to understand the fact that they worked that hard, and it's extremely hard to do without help from producers, and a bunch of technical help. For a fan made movie, it's good. But even I admit it could have been a LOT better.

  • Scott

    Meh Why do I care about the Movie, I think Zelda would be better off in Anime…I Wish.

  • Corazon del Oro

    As much as I hated that movie, I think its irrational to shut down the site. After all they're not making any mmoney off it. Why does it hurt Nintendo if the site remians open?

    • Edracon

      they did make money off of it, they showed it in two theaters and got money off of it. They sold it.

  • Cukeman

    you SUCK nintendo

    no one was going to confuse this for the official deal anyways,
    how stupid do you think we are?

  • Business Shrub

    For the sake of the fans of Zelda Nintendo needs to stay in control of Hyrule. Otherwise the series would deviate too much. I guess Nintendo had to shut this movie down. Don't blame Nintendo, if you want to do a derivative work you have to have permission from the IP owner. If the movie is good enough to stand out in it's own right it didn't have to be about Zelda. Give me your random midieval adventure movie, it would be fun to watch something that actually makes sence, not that Lord of the Rings bull.

    Speaking about movies, I can totally recall that I've been to March! Gedit? I love the Governator!

    • Jim

      But they don't shut down fanfiction. A fan film is just fanfiction except with a camera. Where lies the difference?

      • To put it simply fanfiction is ones own creation noon can shut that down
        Video is a different story a fan film about zelda has to be made with permission from nintendo or it is a violation of copyrights and they don't want anyone watching anything someone else made

        • TakatoGuil

          No, fanfiction *is* a violation of copyright. Go check out FF.net, they pretty clearly state somewhere "We don't host stories from Authors X, Y, and Z because they've asked us not to."

  • Business Shrub

    Oops, I mean Mars.

  • Eric

    Wow…what's that, like six years out the window? All that time in limbo…is it going to come out or isn't it? And then, like a month after it finally gets released to the world…it gets shut down. That hurts. My condolences to the cast and crew.

  • Garflblarfl

    Good. It sucked.

  • Joe

    Nintendo is a joke of a company.

    • Nick, a Zelda Fan

      I sort of agree. Sure they make excelent games, but this…is sad!

  • Rinku1337

    I don't believe it! I don't see what harm the movie could possibly do to Nintendo….. if anything, it would be like free advertising! This doesn't make any sense.

    Oh well, that's what torrents are for….

    • Edracon

      It would have most likely scared people away from the Zelda franchise. That's how bad it was.

  • Z?

    Nintendo is a joke of a company.

    Then stop playing Zelda and GTFO.

    • Azerik

      Chill Z. Nintendo is a bit of a joke, as are all gaming companies, they take issue with too many thing, its a fact of life.

      Also, agreeing with Rinku, someone is going to torrent the movie eventually, but Nintendo (and gaming companies in general) need to stop worrying about all the fan works that get made. Its free advertising, and probably the most surefire way to get potential fans interested in the games.

      • Edracon

        it's not free advertising, it's anti-advertising. The movie was honestly that bad.

        • Phantom7

          Yeah, honestly, it made OoT look kinda bad.

  • medoramorris

    It sucks that Nintendo cancelled this, but I agree that they had every right to. BMB probably should have anticipated this. They are lucky they got off this easy.

  • Dark Gerudo

    On one hand I can understand Nintendo taking measures to protect their creative properties when someone else is trying to make a buck off of their stuff (at least not without consulting them first).

    On the other hand, from an artistic perspective, it’s a shame that so much work is gone. I’ve only seen a trailer for it, and it was a bit better than what I had expected out of a fan film. I know not to expect Avatar quality film from fans who can’t afford to fork over millions of dollars.

  • BGSchoolcraft

    They didn't work months on it, they worked YEARS.
    This is just ridiculous.

    I didn't like the movie, but still.

  • Silver

    I applaud Nintendo's decision to shut down that joke of a film.

  • WhiteStorm

    WTF? That's ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. I never thought I would be this sad with Nintendo someday. I was waiting for the DVD release to watch the movie, so I didn't watched it yet. DAMN.

    • Edracon

      WhiteStorm, trust me, if you saw the movie you would have barfed at least 50 times onto you screen, then went into a fetal position while trying to hang yourself. It's that bad.

      Also, it was never going to be on DVD.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Lol, nice description…

        • Edracon

          sorry, couldn't help it. They tried, it just didn't work out well at all. 🙁

  • ChainofTermina


    WOOOO!!!! Go Nintendo! take THAT those who would change the story of Zelda! of course, I'm not really sure why Nintendo even bothered to scrap a "zelda" Movie, if you can even call it that, which I DON"T!

    • ZeldaGurl_

      HA HA!

      Gotta love ya!

    • ZeldaNoob

      I personally hated the film, but I feel bad for the people who put there effort into the film. But their mistake was attempting to sell the thing. that is selling copyrighted stuff. And that's why the film was shut down.

      Replying to your comment: Legend of Zelda has no story. They make up things on the go. The gameplay and mechanics are created, and then the story. For example, in Spirit Tracks they created the Phantom mechanics before even Placing Zelda inside the Phantom.

      The problem with just a regular phantom was that phantoms were bad guy and they would only team up with link in their wildest dreams.
      Adding zelda as a sidekick was their "solution" to their "problem. So the whole stealing the body to resurrect malludus was created because of their phantom problem. The game was made before the story.

      There is no official Zelda story, there-as nothing can change it.

  • Jonathan

    I know a lot of people are going to call Nintendo a big bad company for shutting it down, but they were doing what was best. Think about it like this: the guys who made this movie put a lot of effort into it, but so did Nintendo when it came to the games. I mean, I doubt they asked Nintendo's permission, otherwise they wouldn't have asked to have the movie removed. Guess the point I'm trying to make is that if Nintendo wanted a movie to be made about Zelda, they would have done it already.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.
    Personally, I didn't get to see the movie, but I got to see the trailer on here. For a amature fan-made film it looked pretty good ( Although I'm very picky about who plays my Link and Zelda, so eh…). Anyway, Nintendo is not a joke what so ever. The way I see it, they brought us two of the best video game legends, and THE best game series ever, so why are we all of a sudden turning on them when they have the full right to do what they did?

  • ZeldaGurl_


    In a way, this can be taken to reference to the Constitution or the Amendments. Copyright is to their advantage, and they chose to use it. Look at it this way, if Nintendo gave permission to them for their movie, what about all the others of Millions of people out their who have had the same dream? I bet you anything, there are going to be people out there who are going to try to do the same thing, and Nintendo needs to have a firm hand an say no. Same thing with the concept of patent pendings, they're to protect the creator's work and to make sure that noone tries to mimick the construction, characters, or scenarios for their own. It's not like Nintando hasn't made that clear, because I know for certain that at the end of the video games (most recently I've noticed TP), they specifically say that. Noone should be in shock, this could have been avoided if they had simply went to Nintendo first (which probably wouldn't have done anything, but there are other ways to get the word about.). There are other ways to spread the system about.

  • ZeldaGurl_


    Basically, I'm trying to imphasize on the phrase " you give them an inch, they'll take a mile". And, Nintendo is in a place where they need to keep that in mind.
    So personally, I respect Nintendo for having a firm hand on their work and having a spine to prevent further turmiol and chaos. Don't bite the hand that feeds you you guys, this is for Nintendo's own safety.
    And if yall are that desparate to get this out, why don't you change the characters and the scenarios just a little? Not like that 3D dot game, but make a twist. We'll know what you're going for so what do you have to lose?

  • ZeldaGurl_


    And good work for all you did. Sure the movie's not gonna turn out like Hollywood, but I admire your determination. And a peaceful agreement is better than having a whole long controversy going on like they do with politics.

    Didn't get to see your work, but it must have been nice run!

    • Edracon

      ZeldaGurl_ you are lucky you didn't see it. It was just plain terrible, even for amateur. I've seen kids with a handheld camera in their backyards do a better job than them. And I'm sad to say that Zelda CDi had better acting than their movie.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Oh goodness…. well gotta give them a A for effort. 🙂

    • ZeldaNoob

      Wow you wrote a lot : )

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Lol, thanks. I guess it's better to really communicate what you feel, and I absoloutely love The Legend of Zelda, and I hate it when people try to take advantage of other people with the attitude of " aw, we all worked really hard on this, so can't you just give us permission AFTER the fact, instead of BEFORE we made it?". It just really irks me, and so I do tend to detail what I say sometimes into REALLY long paragraphs. But hey, atleast I don't blow up and insult other people, ESPECIALLY NINTENDO (who by the way has been very loyal and good to us considering that they have brought us one of the best video game series ever). It just really amazes me how spoiled we are and how big of babies we are when we don't get what we want. I don't know about you, but it does to me.

  • Anonymous

    Heh. Even Nintendo thought it was terrible.

  • Bobtehfish

    No! I was going to watch it this weekend! ;(
    Ah well…

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  • Tal-N

    I get tired of people ragging on companys and developers when they shut down mods/fan films and things which are taking from an intellectual property which is not their own.

    Do you understand what copyrighting something means? The legal requirements to register anything as your own property has one very strict requirement: you must demonstrate that you are willing to defend illegal use of the property or put a stop to misuse or you will LOSE ownership!

    Do you really want Nintendo to lose ownership of the Zelda name and franchise simply because they allowed a fan film to be completed? Stop being fools who think that this is Nintendo being arses, Nintendo is smart to not run the risk of losing everything.

  • Iku

    michael jackson once said: they dont really care about us.

    • guest

      L-O-L! I see see what you did there. But honestly this is sad. But at least you can still find the film out there on the net if you know where to look. Oh on a side note I have a theory. could they have pulled this film down because they were secretly negotiating to a big name studio to make an actual big budget adaptation of zelda? again this is just a theory so dont take it seriously!

    • ZeldaGurl_

      HaHa I get it…. but he's dead…. hmmmm….

    • Ryathen

      Of course they don't. Nintendo is a corporate entity. They care about your money.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Sorry I have to disagree. I actually think that Nintendo really does care about us, atleast for the Zelda fans. And, it's mainly because we're the ones who have brought it up.

        A company can make anything they want, but it's the consumers and the loyal fans that keep it going and the put reputation up. We're not talking about Halo or Grand Theft Auto here.
        Shigeru Miyamoto has even metioned before in a interview that in the Zelda and Mario games, he doesn't like to have blood and guts and other negative things in his games, so that kids of all ages can play ( TP was like the only rated Teen game, so it's fair). And, that if you want to have that stuff, go to the other games. He's told us that Zelda was inspired by his childhood when he would go and explore caves and forests and things, and that's what makes Zelda, and Nintendo, special. If they didn't care about us, they would just make a bad game and throw it at us in no time, but instead they work on it and make it to where it'll be better every time.
        Nintendo is not a joke, and yes they do care about us, cause we're what made Zelda so popular. Power to the fans!

        • guest

          Good thought there! Never thought of it that way.
          oh and I wish my best condolences to the guys at
          BMB finishes for this unfortunate event and wish them the best of luck in their future endevours.

  • Ryu-Gi

    Well, I don't mind it at all. Hero of Time was a bad movie.

    Only good thing in there was that smoking hot Fire Sage girl with the only likable personality in the entire movie that only appeared for 2 minutes and then literally dissapered.

  • Milliontown

    BMB should have seen this coming. They used something without permission of the owner. And the "free advertising" angle is a load of crap because this project paints Zelda in a bad light. I wouldn't want anything I created to be associated with a project of caliber as low as The Hero of Time. You can complain about the budget all you want, but that's no excuse for how bad this film turned out. No attention was given to lighting, locations, audio, creative camera angles, etc. People say the CG isn't bad for the budget, but I'm inclined to disagree simply because I've never seen anything worse.

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  • Sage Robert

    For those who want to do something about this, go to http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24572930230… and join the group. If you don't have a facebook account and don't want to get one, go to http://www.thesacredrealm.net/forums/viewtopic.ph… to learn about the cause.

  • Sage Robert

    By the way. This is a boycott, but we don't have to suffer the loss of our games. Again, go to the links for more info.

    • Edracon

      Boycott Nintendo because they did what they were supposed too. Also, the movie sucked ass. Sage Robert, honestly, if you think it will do anything, or it's for a greater good, wake up. The movie was terrible, and Nintendo at least allowed it to be on for about 1 month.

  • MasterOfHyrule

    Months? Try Years!

  • Super Luigi 64

    I really wanted to see this… I was waiting for those DVD files they promised. Anyone know if someone put it up to download?

    Oh well, Eddie Lebron's "Megaman" movie should be done in a few months…

  • Phantom7

    It wasn't months of work, but years.

  • It was a great movie. Too bad that the DVD never came out 🙁

  • Lules

    Even though the filmmakers weren't profiting from the movie, I understand Nintendo. The movie wasn't that good anyway.

  • Milliontown

    Seriously, I wouldn't want anything I've worked on to be associated with such a terrible project.

  • Garth Brantley

    I really like the Avatar 3D movie, particularly the story line, not solely it brings a totally new feelings however inspiring thoughts of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to watch it again…!

  • Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo, Limpah! A good job you can’t copyright short phrases. And Ninty never thought to trademark the above quote, so THEY’RE the ones who just bent over for ME! Revenge is sweet!

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