Epic Marathon has launched their Zelda game marathon, which will raise money for cancer research. They will be going through all of the main console Zelda games (plus Link’s Awakening). If you wish to talk to them or donate to the cause, you can visit their website here.

  • Aeffles

    Everyone should either take part in this by donating or at least watching and or sharing this.

  • cukeman

    I play Zelda games too. So donate to charity.?

    Sorry, I really don't see the point to this, charity is great, but what does that have to do with playing video games? Couldn't you be working instead, you know so you can actually makes some money to donate?

    • zeldalover

      well, at least they are doing something to help people instead of sitting and not doing anything.

  • Mr Whalenips

    It would make more sense if there was a time limit or something

  • Hydra

    Yet another Zelda marathon I see. This one's weird, since there's no time limit. They don't even seem to be going for speed, seeing as how they're jumping in TWW a lot when it slows down the boat… And they're not using the reequip sail for faster sailing trick either.

    But it's for a good cause, so I can't complain.