Zelda Reorchestrated is arguably the most well-known musical project in the Zelda community. With great skill and talent, the Zelda Reorchestred (or ZREO) team has compiled an archive of incredible orchestrated songs from the Zelda series, all transcribed and authored by their team members. The results are, most every time, nothing short of spectacular.

ZREO and ZU have been longtime friends with each other, so it surprised us when we learned we weren’t mirroring ZREO’s albums. In fact, it surprised us in general that we weren’t doing more cool things with the ZREO team – especially since they were just about to release the much-anticipated final version of their Ocarina of Time – Complete album.

Well, we’re finally doing something about that – so from now on, ZU and ZREO are going to work together the way we’ve wanted to for a while. Starting with two things: One, we’re mirroring their Ocarina of Time album release here on the site in a new, dedicated ZREO section. And two, we’re inviting the ZREO community into our IRC chatroom as part of a channel merge.

As time goes by, we plan to add more of ZREO’s music – until we’ve got it all set up nice. For now, it’s just the one album. But we’ll slowly and surely build up a complete mirroring of ZREO’s work!

You can read FireGS’s post on the matter and on their newest album here. You can download that album right on ZU by following this link. And you can participate in the ZU and ZREO’s online IRC chatroom by clicking here.