What, couldn’t believe that Christmas was tomorrow already? That, somehow, Zelda Universe had overlooked that your area might be a frosted wonderland by now? Well, it looks like those frozen blizzards have finally made their way straight from the Snow Realm of New Hyrule to the Zelda Temple here at Zelda Universe.

Once again we’ve been hit hard; the entire temple is covered in snow! Even Ezlo has been hit by the holiday spirit – it seems that someone has painted him the colors of Santa’s hat. He doesn’t look too excited!

We hope that everyone in the Zelda community has a wonderful Christmas Eve, and an even better unwrapping of precious gifts tomorrow morning (for our European brethren, Christmas morn is soon upon you!).

We’re working as hard as we can to have more stuff up in time for when you unwrap that fresh copy of Spirit Tracks – the Spirit tracks walkthrough has just been updated with the beginning of the Ocean Realm section, and the rest of our content pages will be getting a glance-over and new, fresher images.

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  • Azerik

    First Post

    This reminded me…why didn't you guys put the Christmas themed skin for ZU up?

  • Azerik

    I aplogize for the double I meant to specify why no Xmas theme for the main page.

  • Shaelyn

    I hope you guys enjoyed your Festivus yesterday! <3

  • ChainofTermina

    yeah, why doesn't the main front site have any winter stuff. I didn't know what you were talking about until I went to the forums. put it up on the main site!

    is it me, or does Ezlo kinda look like he's foaming at the mouth.

    any way, Merry Celebratory-Festivities-Traditionally-Practiced-Around-The-End-Of-December! Din bless us, Everyone!

  • Jim

    It's up on the main site, you need to clear your cache.

  • ChainofTermina

    wup. there it is.

  • Azerik

    I did no clearing of cache but its here now. I really like the winter theme though 😛

    Also unrelated, I hate how you can't use the arrow keys to go back and edit a word in this post box >: / You have to click where you want to edit