The mailbag for December 19, 2009 is contained within:
James: But first, I am here to post that I am attempting to create an audio mailbag.  This mailbag is the test to see if it will hit or miss.  I was given this idea a month by Cody who asked if video mailbags would work or not.  I do not have the equipment yet to produce videos, so I decided to take the next step and produce audio.  I am not an audio tech, I know enough about audio software to record, edit, and produce simple clips.  That being said, this is the best you are going to get from me for now and any tips I can get in the future would be nice.

The reason you are just now seeing these is because Jason spent the entire month of November writing in the NaNoWriMo, which he does every year.  He is also in the process of finishing that story up, so I decided to host the files myself for now so that we can see if this will work for the future.

These two files below are as such: The first is for December 15, 2009.  That is the date I recorded it and that is why the date I say is as such.  The second is from November, when I recorded three questions to see if this would work.  They are all questions I received since the last mailbag.

The text for all the questions is below.  That way you can read the question and listen to my answer.

I would love to hear comments about this, so please leave them.

Enjoy everyone.

Grinder writes:

what was your first zelda game u ever beat

Scott Walker writes:

i heard that ign voted link first on the top 10 characters who should die, not just killed off, but a glorious death. what is your opinion on this? how do you think other fans would respond to this? i HOPE NINTENDO DOESN’T DO THIS!!!

Chain of Termina writes:

whenever people disscuss the ending credits of TP, they say that it shows Link galloping on Epona, riding away from ordon. I know what they’re talking about, but how do they know its away? Link could be going TOWARD Ordon. that path through Ordon woods is indistinguishable going the opposite way. how could they know Link is leaving, when it’s just as possible that he’s going home.

Cornelius D. writes:

Alright, I’m pretty sure there’s no information about this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

Do you know if there is going to be a Twilight Princess manga? Where would find out information about this in the first place?

And while we’re on Twilight Princess, is there any more news on F4F’s Twilight Princess statues? The last news was on Zant, but have they gotten any further with the project to your knowledge?

Lastly, and still about TP (geez, I haven’t played any older Zelda games for quite a while), why is the soundtrack on this sight so… erm… outdated? One of your own affiliates has a better version than you guys do! (*cough* *cough*) – though it is missing some songs, couldn’t you splice it with your own to make the best version of the soundtrack ever? Just thought I’d let you know.

Oh, and one more thing (for real this time). It was mentioned that the next Bank of Hyrule giveaway would probably be a DSi. If this turns out to be the case (if the funds ever get there) will everyone be able to participate, or only those who do not own a DSi? I think it wouldn’t be fair to those of us who’ve never owned a handheld of any sort if someone who already had one won another one.

Thank you for your time and reading this incredibly long, mostly pointless letter! Cheers!

Tom Restaino writes:

Hey, i was just reading the Reconstruction Era story that was posted and i got to thinking. If the master sword was used to lock away ganondorf, maybe that is the story in the new Wii Zelda. It could be the sages used the spirit inside of the mastersword to lock away ganondorf. Its a wild story but i was wondering do you think it sounds applicable?

link193 writes:

dude I been on your guys site for 4 moths. what kind of fans are on here do you guys think zelda or nintendo and zelda I like both see ya

Juan Moreno writes:

Dear People at Zelda Universe,

I happened upon your awesome website, and everything’s

However I did find a slight oversight. In the “Zelda The Music”
soundtrack, I can’t seem to get track No. 10, Ganon’s Appearance
and Defeat Fanfare.

I think it maybe because the download link has an inverted slash
in it.

I enjoy the soundtracks very much and if this small detail is
taken care of, I could finally complete the soundtrack.

Thanks a bunch.

ChainofTermina writes:

something very strange happened to me the other day.

if your still reading after that opening sentence, congratulations. you see, my cousin was over for thanksgiving and when I was showing him something on this website he asked me “I know you really like Zelda, but I’ve never really known why. Why do you like Zelda so much?” to my surprise, and partial dismay, I didn’t really have an answer for him, apart from “I really like the story.” I still really do love Zelda, but that’s not really a good enough answer, so maybe to form my own reason, I should ask other ZUers. so, James, I’ll ask you; why do you like Zelda so much?

leah writes:

if you have any way to talk to the makers of zelda you should beg for them to make another zelda game for the xbox because the ones for the ds arnt as fun and im really bord of beating all the games over and over again…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ananceinthero writes:

This is not really an important question but many people have played zelda with the three hearts challenge and wearing iron boots all the time and say there great with zelda. I wanted to ask if this was a great achievement: Playing spirit tracks with a non working top screen, I am up to the desert sanctuary and it is really hard to play the lokomos song without the top screen telling me what notes to play (I have to use guides to learn songs0.0)

Alex Williams writes:

Does Link have a girlfriend?

ChainofTermina writes:

is that song from the TP trailer really called “Don’t want you no more”? that doesn’t sound very Zelda-y. and it certainly doesn’t sound like an orchestrated piece composed by a serious, professional musician. It’s not even proper grammar.