For all 100 of you that participated in the Bank of Hyrule contest over the last week to win a DS Lite, we thank each and every one of you – we say some pretty crazy posts in the thread, some probably worthy of being their own articles, but in the end there could be only one recipient of the handheld console we love so much.

Think it was you? …well, read on to find out.

Before I announce the winner, I just want to talk about what this contest was about for a moment. We asked you to spill your guts about the direction the Zelda series is taking with technology – Spirit Tracks‘s train is a big deal – bigger to many than Phantom Hourglass‘s steamboat (even though the steamboat was invented six years after the train). To that end, a lot of people are wondering if Zelda is moving towards steampunk – or even cyberpunk. Others think that Zelda needs to regress its technological progress to remain mystical.

There were a ton of great ideas, but some really stood out:

In the end, of course, the winner was left to chance. As much as we wanted some of these ideas to triumph over others, we promised at the beginning of this contest that it would be a raffle – and that entries with pictures would result in double entries. On that note, we do have a winner… and the winner of the DS Lite is…

…none other than ZU’s own BigGoronSword! BigGoronSword was responsible for the “The Roc Wings” entry in the list above. His idea was a simple evolution of Roc’s Feather and Roc’s Cape, adapted for true flight. Congratulations, BigGoronSword! We hope you enjoy your DS Lite.

Now, due to the enthusiasm and level of detail expressed in the entries in this contest, we’re going to change up the rules for sure next time – it probably won’t be a raffle, but an actual judging of entries. But since we said at the beginning that this contest was going to be a raffle, we couldn’t change the rules midway just because the entries were awesome.

So it’s my promise that the next Bank of Hyrule contest (and probably all of them forthwith that require detailed or thoughtful entries) will be judged contests.

Liked this contest?

If you had fun participating in this contest, please consider dropping a small donation into ZU’s contest fund, the Bank of Hyrule. Once we reach $250, we’ll give away a DSi! We can’t run contests like this all the time because it would be too costly; but if the community chips in, we will do them as often as possible.