Even if you’ve been a dedicated Zelda fan since the very first game, there are a couple of Zelda games that you most likely have not played. No, not the CD-i games, but two other Zelda games which were only released in Japan.

The two games, The Legend Of Zelda BS and The Legend Of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, were actually for the BS-X, a satellite-based modem which you could attach to your SNES. With it, you could download games at specific times of the day with the help of a Nintendo radio station.

Interestingly, the games also featured something that doesn’t even appear in present-day Zelda games: live voice acting. If you want to learn more about these “lost” Zelda games, you can read the article about it here.

  • Benny

    wow, that's so weird. Also you could download it from a radio station?. Nintendo were ahead of their time for sure.

  • Bre

    that's very interesting, and would have been a cool event to wait up for. i have heard of the games before, but i didn't realize they were satellite games; i just thought of them as japenese-only games. i know you can emulate these games though, because i've seen them on game downloading sites before, so they're not exactly lost.

  • ChainofTermina

    that's so weird. and cool! you could be a girl? that's awesome! and, what the hell he's wearing a baseball cap! wtf!

    this is so weird, that BS game looks like a hybrid of the original LoZ and ALttP.

  • Azerik

    Well I now have another thing to rub in my PS3-fanboy-cousin's face. Nintendo pioneered downloadable gaming 😛

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Actually they’re still “lost” and those downloads were created by some map data from the game, but the to complete it so you could actually finish it they had to re-create most of it from videos of the actual gameplay. They’re still working on implementing the voice acting, since none of that was saved on your SNES hardrive at all, and it wasn’t written down anywhere.

    • Bre

      oh yeah, good point, the voice acting wouldn't be there hmmm and since it was live there probably isn't a recorded record of that anymore.

  • Watties


  • Played AST once. Gotta play the original BS yet.

  • The Power of Three

    Being in a family that has enjoyed and played all the Zelda games, I am shocked that I have NOT heard of these games! How is it possible? I don't even know. Yes, and now I am itching to get my hands on these two games and complete them. Oh how I wish I can get on a plane right now. Sadly I will have to wait, and hopefully I can complete them in the future. Thanks for making me aware of this, this is sad that my family who have been Legend of Zelda Freaks ever sense it has came out; have never knew about this. NEXT STOP JAPAN!

    • They were only available for a limited time for the satellite system add -on for the Super Famicom. The only way to play them now is to emulate them.

      • The Power of Three

        How do I do that!?

  • iam_theghost

    I had heard of them before but had trouble finding emulators a while back. What Nintendo should do is release them (still in episode form even) on the DSi. Even though they're just rehashed versions i'd pay to play em. They already have the download network setup. Why Not?! And i could live without the added voice acting.

  • there's a site that has them. They're working on recreating them however even then you miss stuff and in japan you can't even get them.

  • Business Shrub

    I've heard of these before. Awesomeness! I think Nintendo should make ALttP remixes more often, I mean how hard can it be to make some changes to the dungeons? I'm not asking them to invent more puzzles, but just change a little. They could rerelease ALttP once a month I recon on Wii.

  • Kirby Warrior

    Um. The Legend of Zelda BS sounds too much like the legend of Zelda: BULL S- Nevermind xD

    • ChainofTermina

      I know what you mean. don't worry.. just ignore it.

  • ChainofTermina

    okay, what the hell is an emulator!? is that some sort of download off the internet? WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT!??

    • Business Shrub

      Probably some pirates stealing from Nintendo, but you knew what an emulator is right?

      • Um, dude, the only way to get this was to download it off the satellite system for the Super Famicom while it was broadcasted, which it no longer is. Nintendo doesn't sell it, emulation is the only way to play it, so how the fuck is this stealing?

  • Business Shrub

    Speaking about different Zeldas, why doesn't Nintendo make Super Zelda Galaxy? Zelda has been kidnapped by Bow..Ganon and his air ship. Mar… Link has to save her. Seriously, Super Zelda Galaxy! That would be an awesome remake, you don't need to make remakes of ALttP (ooops, I was the one who suggested that). Make a SMG remake for Zelda! Oh, the Moon, Link already visited the Moon in MM (speaking of 40 y. aniv. NASA was not first, yeah MM was later but in midieval times, right? but I digress). So Link has already been on a different celestial body, the next step should be SZG. If you want to know how Link should travell to different celestial bodies, just play MM, visit the Bomb Shop and read the poster on the wall, yeah.

  • Brooke Young

    i would really like to download games all the day long but most download sites are not free~”:

  • downloading different games is kind of my hobby, i love to play new java games:-`

  • soem sites that offer download games have viruses and spywares on it. so make sure to have some antivirus on your PC ;.-