It is now December 7th, and thousands upon thousands of Zelda fans across America should today be receiving the copies of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks that they ordered. Australians and Europeans will unfortunately have to wait just a little bit longer – the 10th for Australia and the 11th for Europe.

We have been hard at work adding information to our Spirit Tracks pages, and have even started work on a step-by-step walkthrough for the series. If you are having trouble with a puzzle at a point not yet covered in our walkthrough, just ask one of the seasoned Zelda veterans at our forums for a hand.

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Well, the game is now out, so don’t let me detain you further – it’s time for Link’s newest epic adventure!

  • Aaaargh, 4 days of painfull days left =[

  • ChainofTermina

    Okay I am SO CONFUSED! The guy at the store said that today was the shipping day and that the game comes out tomorrow and this has happened 4 times now with a new game! what exactly is the release date? I was under the impression that the release date was when you could buy the game,not the date when the stupid things are on a plane. why do games have multiple released dates within the same country? No Cody, we are not playing the game today, today is the "shipping day" not the "release day" we will be getting it tomorrow.

  • Dekumon

    You’re right, ChainofTermina. I called GameStop and they said they won’t get it until tomorrow. It happens all time. Mostly with DS games. And even sometimes with Wii games. It’s ridiculous. Now I have to wait an entire extra day to play Spirit Tracks.
    I hope this crap doesn’t happen with Zelda Wii. That would suck. Alot. D:

    • Kitty

      I know!! i almost broke down and cried right in GameStop AND Wal-Mart. They said Dec. 7 was the shipping date, and I was just like, "Fuck this," and I ZOOMED out of there. Now we've gotta go back tomorrow. 🙁

    • Edracon

      Cry some more, it's just one day.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Yeah, I have TP (Wii), and I am just WAITING for the the sequel! But I can't get SP… I dont have a DS!

  • Cody

    Dekumon – maybe they won't give it to you unless you pre-ordered? Stores like that pull that trick a lot. Either way, there are definitely a good number of forum members who got the game today, so something's up.

  • ChainofTermina

    great. Thanks a lot you I'm not confused at all!

    exactly how did they get it , Cody? Did they actually go out and buy it, or did they have it ordered to their house, cause I can see that making sense. and where in America do they live? could this be because I live in Massachusetts, which is pretty much the farthest part of America from Japan?

  • Cody

    Yeah, I just saw a similar post on the same subject, it looks like the shops are just deciding to be dicks because they like Tuesdays better.

    "Okay. Are any of you guys being hit by the same dilemma?

    I didn't pre-order ST, but I went into Gamestop to get it today, and the chick said that it's not until tomorrow. So I point to the promo and say "It's December 7th."

    She said that they got it today, but they aren't putting it out until tomorrow, because most games come out on Tuesdays. I'm like wtf. It comes out today. You can't just say, "we're keeping it until tomorrow."

    So I went to Wal-Mart, same thing.

    This is not fair." – DekuLink

  • Cody

    ChainofTermina – I can confirm from a great many people that they received the game today. People are posting on the forums asking for help with specific parts and people on facebook are leaving comments like "zomg i've played for over a few hours already and its really awesome :D".

    The official site also has the release date listed as the 7th –