For the longest time, there has been talk and chatter amongst members of Zelda Universe about the possibility that we would either open up our own online store, or partner with another large online store such as Amazon.com and offer merchandise through that. Well, the day has finally come: I’m proud to announce that Zelda Universe is partnering with Play-Asia, one of the largest video game retailers online. Want to know more about this partnership? Read on!

Every time you buy through a ZU link to Play-Asia, or enter Play-Asia through the link on our sidebar, you help ZU out just a little bit. It’s a great alternative to donating – games cost no more than they usually do, and you can buy anything on Play-Asia’s extensive online catalog.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Spirit Tracks yet – or aren’t planning on pre-ordering it and are just going straight to buying it on the 7th – then consider doing so through ZU + Play-Asia! We’re really hoping that this partnership can become a great way for ZU fans to purchase video game stuff and help out their favorite site along the way (that’s us, right?).

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to mention it in the comments. Otherwise, have a look at the ZU Store page on the sidebar underneath the “Site Related” category, or click this link to get started on Play Asia right away!

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