Gaming website Siliconera recently quizzed their readers on what they wanted to see in Zelda Wii and got some interesting responses. It’s certainly a good question – what do you want to see in Zelda Wii?

Personally, I think that they need to change up the current rupee system – there have been too many times when I have wasted large chests of rupees on my full or mostly-full wallet due to a lack of anything to buy.

Maybe either rupees could become more scarce, or there could be something that you can spend your money on continuously throughout the game, rather than just requiring large amounts at a few specific points.

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  • I hated all those times when I opened a chest and there would be like 100 rupees in there, but then my bag would be full so I didn't get them and they just disappeared. It drove me bonkers! Twilight princess fixed that a little bit, but I hated having to go searching for the chests again later when I ran out of money.

    But seriously, I am totally psyched for wii motion plus. I want sword to sword combat! It would be AMAZING!

    A lot of people also seem to want voice-acting. I'm not sure where I fall in that argument. I think I'd probably be just fine either way, with or without voice actors. If they did get them, I should hope they'd be amazing, and not sound like crap.

  • Aaron

    I think that there should be a variety of upgrades. And that is what the rupees should be spent on. Heart pieces should be /4, not out of /5. Keep it classic. More bosses. Optional dungeons. Make the world seem larger.

  • ZeLinker

    I want some romance between Link and Zelda πŸ™‚

  • Moppen

    I want to see the pegasus boots again

    • Pheonix1025

      YES, YES, YESSSS!!!

  • Linkfan101

    Yeah, I really don't like it when you have to waist rupees. Also, I think it would be a really STUPID idea for a romance between Link and Zelda! Come on, it's the Legend of Zelda for game's sake! They will not have a romance between Link and Zelda!

    • ChainofTermina

      are you blind? there has been a very, very subtle (but still there) romance between Link and Zelda since ALttP. well, the comic anyway. it wasn't in the games until actual cut scenes were introduced, which would be OoT. some games there isn't, like LA or TP, but most games it's kinda obvious Link has the hots for Zelda. I mean, who wouldn't? (besides heterosexual females)

      • Mega

        The only obvious romance in games is Link X Marin and Link X Midna. (Link X Zelda in only a few games) most of the time Link and Zelda are just friends.

        • WolfLink776

          Actually Link x Midna makes no sense at all. She goes to the Twilight Realm and breaks the mirror. There is little evidence of any romance in Zelda games. That should be changed for the next Zelda.

          • I don't think Link and Zelda have any sort of romantic relationship at all. For the most part, Link is indifferent to her. He cares for her well being. If anything, they are accomplices and allies, but certainly not a couple. I hate all those cliche thoughts about Link + Zelda = Love.

            The only hinted romance I've ever really taken notice to is the one between Link and Princess Ruto in OoT. Link didn't like her very much though. xD

            Oh, and Ilia. Except I think they were more childhood friends than anything truly romantic.

    • STUFF2o

      Miyamoto himself hinted that he'd like that to happen some time.

  • chuck

    i hated the /5 heart pieces. It took so much more time to gather them all! That would be stupid if there were less rupees, because when you want to buy something you might be out of rupees and not be able to find any.
    The bosses definatley need to be harder, i was dissapointed in twilight princess. All of the bosses were really easy, i didn't die once on any of them.

  • The Power of Three

    My sister suggested this: "I would like to see more severed body parts of all the monsters. And more blood and guts. Blood on Link's sword would be great, or slime or what ever comes out of the monsters would be cool too. Lets just say the graphics should be for mature audiences only. They should also make sure the monsters just don't dispear, they should stay around for a couple minutes. And then they should dissolve slowly, like Yami Bakura fading away into the shadow realm like in season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh if you want more specifics. Ah… I love that scene. Anyway… I also don't believe that the towns people in all different towns, shouldn't be as friendly to a dude in a green dress with a giant sword and bombs as they are in Twilight Princess and the other games. The towns people should be caring around a rifle or a knife of some sort, to protect themselves, and also put locks on the doors please! I mean seriously! Would you want some drag queen in green barging into your house, taking your weapons, moving furniture, braking your pots, moving your animals, opening your secret draws that also might contain certain necessities, throwing your animals, and jacking your money so he can buy whatever he needs like some weird looking shield!? Seriously the towns people to grow some kahoonies! Don't let this freak take advantage, he also burned a house down (in Twilight Princess), WHAT IS THAT!? What if they don't have insurance, then what!? And no freaking bird thing from Twilight Princess and no mail man who needs longer paints may I add.Those two things scared the crap out of me some times! No collecting insects, that was a gay thing! She may have giving you money, but why would even take money from HER!? That's about it, *takes a bow* goodbye you mortals! HA HA HA!" – This was a interview with my sister. She's not a big fan of Legend of Zelda, but is interested in showing her way of improvements.

    • WolfLink776


    • ouiuiou

      It's a tunic, moron.

      • The Power of Three

        My sister suggested it by the way, it had nothing to do with me! I'll be sure to tell her.

  • ChainofTermina

    bring back the magic! Please! PLEASE! I want more stuff like Din's Fire and Nayru's love and stuff like that. even Wind Waker had the, uh, Wind Waker, and the magic aura armor. I want more magic spells. and a more active Zelda! Spirit Tracks is going down the right path, Have Zelda become a badass warrior princess. That would be awesome! I know the did Sheik, but when you think about it, Sheik was a huge disappointment. you hardly ever saw "him" and when "he" did show up, all "he" did was talk to you. remember that piece of official art where Link and Sheik were back to back surrounded by a hoard of stalfos and other monsters? WHY DIDN'T THAT EVER HAPPEN IN THE GAME!? why did Sheik ever, you know, DO any thing? did Zelda really need a disguise just to teach you songs? she did it just fine right before you got the Master Sword.
    well this got kinda long. Bring back Magic Spells, Bring back Sheik, and have "him" actually FIGHT!

    • ChainofTermina

      oh, and also the bosses. lots of people say they were too easy, but nobody ever says why. don't get me wrong, I think they were to easy also. but I think they reason they were to easy was because they were boring. lets face it, staying in a huge room while wailing on on a monster has gotten old. I think Boss battles should be mobile. Remember Goht? Remember Captain Ke….kenu…keat… that huge stalchild guy? those were some of the funnest boss battles ever. and it seems they're remember returning. Nintendo Power ranked Agarok as the best boss battle in the series. and Stallord was okay. still kinda easy, but fun nonetheless. I think boss battles should have more speed and jumping and flying around. they're easy, because it's the same strategy they've been using for……ever.

  • twilit mask of time

    I liked the 5 heart pieces. it made me explore more. I did dislike how the rupees were useless, and the bosses were simply too easy. The hardest boss by far was the mini-boss to get the Ball and Chain. That's just pathetic. Also, i want TONS of dugeons. I don't care if they are optional or not, i just want to have so much to do I never get bored playing the game.

  • Erik

    I agree that rupees either need to be fewer or have a good use for them. My wallet always gets maxed out fast and then they feel worthless. One think I've noticed is that you can find arrows and bombs really easy from downed monsters. So you never really need to buy them. I think if this changed rupees would become worth something more and the value of these weapons would increase.

    On the pieces of heart system I liked the 5 parts rather than 4. It allowed for more pieces of heart in the world (which was bigger than past worlds). If it had just been 4 I think a lot of fun little puzzles would have been lost.

  • Hero of Time

    make bosses harder, more dungeons, more sidequests, more weapons and items, masks again, get a powered up master sword (like wind waker, not twilight princess), go from kid to adult again, new types of weapons not like hookshot to clawshot, zelda + link =love

  • I want a massive amount of items, like in ALttP. That game had so many fun extra items, and I want to see that again. But I also want to see them used better, and not just have things like the Dominion Rod and the Spinner. I want to see items that can be used repeatedly. I also want a lot of different sword upgrades. I want to see the Golden Sword again.
    Additionally, I want the magic meter back. It's been too long.

  • moonchild

    When you walk into a town the characters stand there and wait for you to talk to them. wouldn't it be nice if they did their own thing (sort of like in MM) so you have to find them?, I think it would bring more life to the environment.
    Also, less items would be nice but the ones you do collect have more uses than what they're designed for, like in WW where it has a different function on the boat.

  • Quill

    Yeah besides from more sidequest, the magic meter, a better use of the items. I would like to see two more things:

    1. Difficulty set (I think there was an article a few days ago, with harder bosses and sidequests).

    2. A boss combat mode, or something like that. There are some bosses that are very cool but then you can't fight them again. Majora's Mask had something like this, but in Ocarina of Time there were other enemies that I'd want to kill them in an battle.

  • nicholas carter

    bosses need to be wayyyyy harder with no obvious way to defeat them. faster sword fighting with enemies who are capable of actually defending themselves, and yes din's fire was cool.

  • ChainofTermina

    I wasn't gonna say any thing about this, but what the hell. I think Link should have some sort of super form. wait.. wait.. hear me out. Sonic is not the only person who has a super form. and no I'm not talking about DBZ. Think about it, Super forms are in a whole bunch of franchises. the black suit is kinda like a super form for spider man, Avatar the last airbender has something called the Avatar State, which is very much like a super form. Even Naruto has that 9 tailed demon thing that he releases and makes him more powerful or something, doesn't it? Super forms are all over the place, and I thing that Link should-wait, Link DOES have a super form- Fierce Deity. Bring back Fierce Deity!

  • Rinku1337

    Zelda Wii needs
    -A bigger world with more towns and more interactive NPC's. I though that TP was gonna do that but it was pretty dissapointing seeing that all you got from the Hylians was two ghost towns and a big city with half of the population merely being eye candy.

    -They need to re-institute some kind of "Bomber's Notebook" system just like the one in MM. That would give the proposed bigger world all the depth and interactivity it needs.

    -Also like in MM, you should be able to fight the bosses again whenever you want

    -Please make it so that items in a dungeon don't turn out to be one hit wonders

    I think there's more but thats all I can think of right now that hasn't been said already.

  • Monkeh

    @Ezlo: Haha, I have had that happen to me a few times as well. πŸ˜€

    As for what I'd like to see in Zelda Wii, is just a more challenging, bigger, prettier and most importantly wolfless TP.

  • Isak

    I would like to have the magic meter back.
    And also, Guru-guru! Bring him back! (The guy that plays Song of Storms inside the Windmill.)

    And a mountain. Give us a mountain. Not a fiery mountain like Death Mountain, but more like, a windy, epic mountain. Think more like the Link's Awakening-sort of mountain. Yes.

  • I want to see harder bosses because TP was too easy. And agree with people when they say they want magic. WHY DID THEY GET RID OF THE MAGIC? They should definitely get magic back. And of course some cool new weapons and items. And im not sure where I stand on voice acting. I mean, in the early games like the AOL and ALTTP, text was fine, but i think its time we heard some voices. TP started to include more sounds in speech but i think actual voice overs are needed. Although, will it ruin the zelda we know? I cant choose a side.

  • Silent Survivor

    I want the bank from Majora's Mask back… It was so convenient, so awesome D:

    • Hyper95

      I have about 30,000 rupees in my MM bank

  • E73RN4L

    Just wondering how this game will fit into the insane timeline of the zelda games.… just look at that if you want a good explanation of how insane the timeline is. I personally missed the magic meter in TP, I kept expecting to gain some sort of Hero of Time item that granted magic use. But it never happened. I think a revist to the remains of Kokori forest would be pretty neat, you know, meet old characters for nostalgia, Reforging the master sword would be a neat twist. I'm not really decided on voice acting, i mean, having been text based througout most of its career, every player uses a different voice in their head, what they imagined Link or Zelda to sound like. If you just toss some sloppy voice acting in and it doesnt match well with the voice you had imagined before, it can be a bit shocking. So If you do it well, go for it.

  • E73RN4L

    Sword to Sword combat with wii motion+ would be neat, but you should be able to turn it off. I know the amount of time it would take to even make Sword to Sword possible would be massive, so if it DOES happen, please dont force it on the player. And I picked up the more items idea from an earlier post, I would love extra items in the game like in LTP. And fewer items like the Dominion rod, when i picked up that item i got all excited thinking i could possess any object in the game and animate it. What a let down. You could have at least tossed in a few usable statues on the world map outside of those owls. But thats all i really got to say.

  • Dhegin

    More Side-Quests (example: Majora´s Mask) and more items.
    Oh, yes, more harder.

  • The bank would be an easy way to solve the rupee problem, but then rupees become rather worthless soooo idk. Fewer rupees, more items to buy. I'd personally like to see Midna again…but that's unlikely. :/

  • GenoKID

    Seems like most want:
    Difficulty (yes)
    More invaluable rupees (yes)
    Better items (yes)
    Magic (absolutely yes)
    I understand why they removed magic from TP though… simply not enough utilization of it. Even TWW lacked there, deku leaf and magic arrows were pretty much it. What the new game needs is more magic and more weapons.
    I liked the TP boomerang CONCEPT, but it needed… danger. Stun. Kill.
    If there is a new transformation, make it perpetually useful. Or multiple ones, like MM. The wolf was like Deku/Goron/Zora Link. Cool and new, but no upgrades, so eventually obsolete. Eternal versatility is number one priority!

  • Pete

    I want:

    * Bigger world that has more towns and more people in it.
    * Those people actually have lives. No more standing waiting or walking in circles (think Majora's Mask, each day the people were doing different things).
    * Voice acting for everyone EXCEPT Link.
    * More items and upgrades for them (think getting the Double Hook Shot in TP).
    * More side-quests.
    * Better use of currency, no more limited wallet sizes.
    * Optional dungeons that aren't to do with the main story line (sort of like the Ice Cavern in OoT).
    * Make the world actually feel like it has a legend in its past. Wind Waker did this brilliantly with the intro.
    * Epic orchestral music, dump midi. The Zelda series has some of the best written music I've heard in a game, even back with the NES. So lets bring those songs forward and make them all the more epic.
    * No gimmicky items. I'm looking at you Spinner.
    * Bring back magic! Magic was in Wind Waker… so why wasn't it in Phourglass?!

    Despite all that I've listed here, I do love the Zelda series.

  • Bubba

    I think they should make hyrule VERY massive and do not focus on temples or dungeons as much. I like exploring hyrule but not going through temples

  • Flare

    Difficulty setting
    Harder bosses
    Longer lasting dungeons (I usually beat dungeons accidentally only wishing to explore it at first)
    Magic Meter with more interesting items to go along with it
    Re-usability of items
    More side quests
    Cool and quick way to travel in an huge world
    More NPC interaction
    Optional dungeons sounds fun
    Advanced technology (not trains, more like crossbows or very primitive rifles)
    Other character to take larger roles in the game's plot (Zelda)
    Lastly a very useful and not annoying buddy
    Oh and of course we Need a shovel (sarcasm)

  • Dark Tri-Force

    Every one has very good ideas but what I think would be really good is to include different sword techniques like when an enemy was behind him he would thrust his sword backwards killing it or maybe having him do more flips like in TP and I would also would like to see a first-person mode too even to add double swords but that's unlikely I would also like to see minda make a come back too I even hopped that they would add the biggoron sword like in OOT, What I think would be really cool is to have links clothes battle worn and his weapons too and you can get them fixed at a blacksmith also to have him get scars and scratches on his face and body and romance would also be very good between him and Zelda or maybe a few others but I don't know about adding blood to it when he slashes enemies in half as blood drips off his sword I think that would be really cool.

  • Jake

    something i think seems like a good idea would be a Zelda RPG, kind of like golden sun, now it might not work for Zelda Wii, but that's something that seems like it would be successful, while RPG's don't have the greatest replay value most of time (in my opinion) , but if they make it right, once again like Golden Sun, it would be an amazing game, upgradable weapons and armor, changing appearance based on the armor and weapons equipped , link traveling around with a group of people saving the world, and a different villain, i wouldn't mind seeing Vaati again or even a completely new one, and yes the rupees are a problem, something like an automatic storage system, where they go into it when your wallet is full to be stored for future use, bringing back magic of course, does anyone else agree with me on any of this

  • Hyper95

    I have a story idea

    There is a 4th part of the triforce, the middle piece, and the missing holder of it appears and…(Continued by Nintendo's creativity)

    • ZeldaGurl_

      OMG, That would be so cool!!! To tell you the truth, that's kinda what I was imagining, but then once the holder reveals itself, it turns out to be the WORST villain ever (even worse than Ganondorf, which should be pretty easy…). Infact it's so bad that Ganondorf teams up with you and Zelda, kinda like X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocolypse, where The Brotherhood and The X-Men team up to defeat Apocolypse. I'm just so glad that someone actually was thinking the same thing!!! GENIUS!!!

    • So… it would be a tetraforce? xD

  • Rikki

    I had never understood those big holes in Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess), are those canyons? Well I hope they don't come back.

    I want fire/ice arrows back… Why didn't they appeared in Twilight Princess?

    I would love to see in the next Zelda for Wii the Din's Fire, Farore's Wind and Nayru's Love. And more equipment (like Ocarina of Time).

    More difficult enemies (and bosses), and more of them through Hyrule Field!!!

    Useful items! In Twilight Princess, Link has a bunch of junk in his inventory (Slingshot, Spinner, Ball and Chain, etc). I only use the Hero's Bow and sometimes, the Double Clawshot (I would like if the Clawshot could attach to trees, chest and most things made out of wood (like the Hookshot).

    A bunch of side-quests! And more replay value so you can still play the same file after beating the final boss.

  • Bolter

    As everyone else has said, harder bosses, more NPC interactivity and all that, but I would also like it if Zelda Wii had Co-op Mode, or a good multiplayer mode, on and offline.

  • 1:1 Sword Fighting.
    Better use of my rupees; the way it is now I either have way too many or way too little.
    Help prove/disprove some timelines.
    Classic 2D Items: The Hammer, Pegasus Boots, etc.

  • HOTLink

    Two words: Experience System.

    Bring this back from The Adventure of Link. Only simplify it to the standard RPG(kill stuff, gain levels). This makes it worth my time killing Bulbins and the like.

    – Master Sword: Make it live up to it's name. Make the player want it, not just give it to them midway through the game(but not long and tedious like Parallel Worlds).

    – Ganon: Oh Jesus… so much work to do. He is the King of Evil right? Gerudo King? Demon King? Sheeh, for a guy with so many titles he sure does suck a big one. BOTTOM LINE: Make Ganon extraawesomesauce. In fact, all the bosses. I do understand the reason TP was so easy. Nintendo wants to appeal to everyone, not a "hardcore"(god I hate that word) gamer. SOLUTION: Hard Mode.

    – Epona: Her usefulness wanes progressively as the game goes on due to warps. Less warps, more horsey. Oh, and if there's a horse charm, give it out before it has absolutely no use whatsoever.

    Battle: Hookshot need priority… I'm not talking Heavenly Sword or nothin'… but maybe – just maybe – something along those lines. Maybe some stealth options other than sidle, crawl and barrels. Maybe some side quests where Link's unequipped except for a few items and has a little espionage?

  • imp4ever

    I say…

    Music. Namely, an ocarina, but whatever works works. The Wind Waker worked out okay, even if it was a baton. But a real instrument would be best, be it woodwind, string, brass, what have you. I would really like some music in the next game. Howling just wasn't enough for me.

    I think I have to say no to voice acting. I wouldn't really mind it in general, I actually love voice acting, but I'm really picky. And being as large a Zelda fan as I am, I'd be very very harsh on whatever I got.

    I agree on the more badass Zelda thing. Sheik was one of my favorite aspects of Ocarina of Time, but he didn't get nearly enough time in the spotlight, and it'd be way cool to have a side by side battle in the next game…

    And I also agree on the more interactive towns part. Majora's Mask is one of my top games for that, the towns people had personalities, issues, and the side-quests felt like they actually had purpose. In fact, I enjoyed them more than the temples. I just want another side quest like the one with Keife.

    On the rupee matter, having more things to spend money on would definitely be a great addition. I never pay attention to bundles of arrows or hearts (maybe the occasional bomb though) because they're usually so easy to find just by mowing the lawn. I usually like buying new equipment and upgrades in games, but I don't know if that would work with Zelda.

    …it would also be cool to have the Dark World back. An alternate universe, just like in ALttP, though it would be comically disturbing to see Link turn into a rabbit in 3D.

  • TheMaverickk

    Personally my hopes for Zelda Wii are as follows;

    – Fine tuned motion controlled, (1:1 sword actions, new actions for other items)
    – a fresh new tale that doesn't involve Ganondorf/Ganon at the end of it
    – more fleshed out towns and societies (Twilight Princess was devoid of life in my perspective… not a lot of social interaction with the world)
    – more side quests and dungeons
    – more main dungeons, which allow for more opportunities for challenging puzzles later
    – more effective use of dungeons items both in and outside of dungeons
    – orchestrated music
    – continuity connections of some sort with other Zelda titles

    For now it's all I can think of.

  • Curly Q

    Here's what I think that they should do for the Zelda wii.
    1.) Make the dungeons more CHALLENGING
    2.) MORE magic
    3.) Bosses need to be TOUGHER
    4.) Old items and new items should be used more
    5.) Side quest
    6.) A LARGER Hyrule
    7.) Voice acting idk but it will be different just don't make it horrible!
    8.) umm… I think thats all I want in the game. No wait, wait!
    Okay… I think thats all… or is it?

  • ZeldaGurl_


    There are so many things that I can dream of to make the next LoZ amazing, even though they already are. O.K., let me show you what I mean.

    Bring the 7 Sages back they don't have to be the same people but I think I would like them better than the wise people in TP.

    Make it so that you could choose between Wii style and the traditional GameCube style. I like to be able to get up and move around like I have a sword, but come on, I'd like to be able to play and relax sometimes and be able to sit and play. I also like to be able to feel like I'm playing the old Zelda games. Infact, it would be so cool as to where you could choose the style of play on the menu screen, so that way you could alternate between them depending on your mood.

    Bring the Left-Handed Link that we all know and love to the Wii!!! I know that GC is gone now, so lets move him over, as well as the right-handed Zelda.

  • ZeldaGurl_


    Bring Epona back, and make it to where you can choose the little things, like her saddle and bridle and stuff, almost like those Barbie games…lol. Make more events for her too. I like to be able to race her, and to where she is part of the story, other than being stolen by an annoying village girl.

    Make it to where we can just sometimes explore Hyrule, and to where we can just roam the world, and make it to where we can be free to be able to live like a normal day in Hyrule AFTER you defeat the very end, to where you can do jobs and actually work as a ranch hand or whatever Link's profession is in the next game, kinda like Animal Crossing except WAAAYYY cooler, and you could be able to do whatever you want and see whoever you want.

    Bring Zelda back!!! I know she's in the games, but make her the tom-boy she is like it said in OoT. That would be the best thing in the world to have a super beautiful, gorgeous, graceful princess, be tough and kick-bootie!!! I so agree with ChainofTermina, and bring Sheik back too!!! There needs to be this one part where it's so intense, and then finally Zelda like breaks into this awe-striking Dark-Phoenix kinda explosion where she's just surrounded by all the power of the Goddesses and it's just so uncontrollably incredable (ya know with the glowing eyes and undefeatable powers and everything).. Kinda like Midna with the fused Shadows, and Zelda when she obtains the light arrows. As you can see, I'm a giant Zelda gurl, as by my name lol. I would want the same thing for Link, although I could just say that they should do a more detailed and more powerful presentation of the Fierce Deintity. Make a bigger deal about it.

    Bring the Ocarina back, it's just so special, and I love its sound in the game.

    If Zelda ever gets captured, have the enemy actually like threaten her and Link to torture them, and maybe actually have him/her hit Zelda across the face or hurt her somewhat infront of Link to stir up emotion.

    Have a surprise ending, or have a twist in the story, like having someone work from the inside.

    Have items out that are optional (like the magic armour), but will be so cool, and have special one of a kind items that you have to earn.

    Make the places like Hyrule castle have furniture and stuff inside of them as well as people, if it's before anything happens to them, I'm not talking about CPU's that say the same thing, but to where they look like they're living their live through the castle.

    Have things in Link's house work. I'd like to be able to sleep in his bed to pass the day into the night, or to be able to cook soup or something to heal me, or heck even be a wanna be chef, lol.

    I want there to be SOMETHING between Link and Zelda, almost like there was in the scene between Link and Zelda in TP, when she obtains the light arrows, and asks Link to lend them the last of his power. Aw, I was with my friend, and when Link took Zelda's hand, I was like, come on KISS HER!!! But, I have to say, I wish that there would be something between them, but as their love grows for eachother, they realize that at the end, they would never to be able to be together. They may be the best of friends and partners, but they will never be able to be anything more than that (depressing, but it would make a killer story line between them).

    No blood, no guts, but maybe some more acting from the enemies. Not just some stupid enemy who runs straight to a dude with a bomb bag, arrows, a legendary sword, and most of all a sling shot. Make the dudes big and bad, and lets see more horse battling action!! I mean horses, not big pigs, but horses, and then you could round up the horses after and bring them to the ranch and raise them (hey guys, com on let the girls have some fun too).

    Have a ranch in the game where you can raise and tend the livestock, and have horses again like in OoT!!! Goats, cows, and others are welcome.

    O.K., I can't think of anything else to say something on. I know I wrote A LOT, but I do think that this would make all of it seem so much more in-depth. I'm not trying to make it more girly (trust me, I'm far from that. Drummer, Track Star, flag football, video game addict), I'm just trying to make it more than an adventure game. Think about having two different kinds of games in one!!! I know it won't happen in the next game, but hey, if someone can get some ideas to the big man, hey we could totally make history in Zelda!!!

    Anything you have to say about these ideas, please do. Anything that will help the LoZ, will be great!!! 'Cause trust me, I'm am a total freak for the LoZ!!!

  • ZeldaNoob

    I would want more motivating minigames. More Customizable armor, like in Ocarina of Time, more land and Open area ( I was unimpressed by the fields in Twilight Princess). Lots of story (Twilight Princess was good at this.). Unique Dungeons (After half way through Twilight princess, The dungeons became to linear). More task outside of dungeons (in almost every Zelda game, get tired of going dungeon after dungeon, all the sidequest between them are boring, but it is confirmed that they are changing the flow, so this is already changed). Different dialogue (towards the end of the game, the two ladies in hyrule caste town are still talking about the doctor not taking in the child). And last but no least, a better more reasonable solution to the day and night flow.

    • Moppen

      I agree with the lenght and day flow. In OoT, it passed too fast, in twilight princess, it was much slower, but you didn't have any sun's song/song of passing.

    • Ben Cairns

      They probably couldn't fit any more land on the game cube disc.

  • ZeldaNoob

    I agree with everything you say except about epona. I think its time for LoZ to get rid off Epona along with Ganon. Its time to change the Loz world a bit. Make it a bit more epic and adventurous. Nothing wrong with ganon, but he's is a big failure. If you read that article about Team Rocket compared with ganondorf, you know what i mean. Also epona is get kind of old. They should find a different name of an horse. Those are just my feelings.

  • I would like a Zelda-Link team up (an alive Zelda…). They two could have customizable clothes… <3
    And bring redeads back!!! I hate them because they terrify me (and that's the reason I want them back).
    Also… I hope the new game does not remind me to past games SO much… I mean I'd love a connection… but not a I've-already-played-this-game feeling…

    Oh… and Witches πŸ™‚
    Larger world, thougher enemies, less predictible structure…

  • I would like a Zelda-Link team up (an alive Zelda…). They two could have customizable clothes… <3

  • And bring Redeads back! Cause they terrify me…
    And i hope there's a connection whit past games, but not an i've-already-played-this-game feeling…

    Larger world, thougher enemies… less predictible story and game-structure…

  • wayne

    I think the dungeons should be more harder and complex. The bosses were just too easy. Also i think they sould include more power ups like they did in wind waker(Example) the 99 arrow and bomb upgrade. It would be cool if they did incude a bit of blood too but not too much. Hyrule sould be huge like the TP one and the OOT one combind and there should be alot of temples and more heart conainers and this time you sould beable to get the triforce.

  • AstroStar

    bigger world, add more RPG elements with the Action/RPG. exp. points and level up would be kinda interesting

  • TheBronzePotatoe

    I would like to see

    -Better items and not one time only deals (Spinner, Dominion Rod)
    -More interactive townsfolk
    – A less linear forest area
    -I see all the less rupees posts i agree
    -Another apocalyptic story (Majoras Mask)
    -A bit scarier. Example like the Ball and chain Mini Boss The storage and jail like area and unexpected fight in close quarters was awesome! The spider house area were pretty scary too. (MM, OOT)
    -An beach are like in MM but with a canoe of some sort you can explore little islands (Yes WW but not a whole adventure that way just for side quests)
    -More swords and more shields it always is exciting when you receive a different sword and shield
    I Could say a hole bunch more but i'll just stick with this.

  • PhantomGanon

    Regarding the magic Meter:
    I can see why people want it back. I do. Many items that we know and love used it. Din's Fire, Fire/Ice/Light Arrows, Magic Rods, etc. And I agree, magic should play a role in Link's arsenal. However, I do NOT think there should be a magic meter. Here are the reasons:

    1. It imposes a superficial limit on the usability of certain things. Simply put, if you could use Din's Fire or Quake any time you wanted, it would be ridiculous. Some people would give up using the sword entirely. The magic meter solves that, but they could easily just make magical items that aren't overpowered.
    2. The majority of magic in Zelda games has had extremely limited usefulness. Besides Din's Fire and the Fire Arrows, how often did any of us use any other magical item? For me at least, and I say this having beaten 11 Zelda games (I don't own a DS or Wii but I've played TP extensively), I can say not very much.
    3. Consistency issues. What I mean is this: Take a look at any Zelda game with a magic meter, for example OoT. The Magic Meter was used for Fire/Ice/Light Arrows, Spin Attack, DF/FW/NL, and the Lens of Truth (I may be forgetting some). However, "magical" items that didn't use the magic meter included the Master Sword, Colored Tunics, Bracelet/Gauntlets, Hover Boots, Ocarina of Time, and anything else I might be forgetting. The imposition of magical limits on some "magical" items, but not all, seems arbitrary.
    4. Magic spells are less fun. There, I said it. Would any of us rather see a Link with a varied arsenal of magical spells and no sword, no bow, and no shield? No. It wouldn't be any fun. Some of you might've liked running into the middle of a room and using Din's Fire to kill all enemies every chance you got, but I preferred something that actually used skill, and I only used it when I really didn't want to fight, like against redeads or gibdos.
    5. Link is not a wizard. Yes, he can use magic. He's a Hylian, and being able to use magic is part of that. However, does the champion of courage chosen by the gods, whose iconic items are a sword and shield and bow and arrow, seem like the kind of guy who would prefer to stand back at a distance and use unfair magical spells against his enemies? I think not.

    That said, I do think magic has a very important place in Zelda games. I am not advocating a realistic Zelda title. In order to show LInk getting more powerful throughout the game, the items he gets should get more powerful, and the more powerful ones are probably going to involve some sort of magical effect. Therefore, I think that Zelda Wii should include items that use magic but without the magic meter or spells. Fire Arrows and Light Arrows are a must. Maybe Ice. Also, I like the idea of bringing back the Fierce Deity Mask. Oh, and no more Tingle. Ever.

    TL;DR Yes to magical effects, no to Magic Meter and Spells

  • the hero of dragons

    I’d bring a some kind of recruitment system and masks that have a bigger use. Also special cameos of other nintendo characters like samus from metroid or ike, marth, and roy from fire emblem. and i mean the actual characters no pendants or secondary characters that look like them. IT JUST SEEMS LIKE A AWESOME IDEA!

  • the hero of dragons


  • Nathaniel Berger

    I agree with the change of rupees as some games like wind waker is hard to find wallets and when you do, items are overpriced and usually either hearts or bottles. Then again, the pears and bait you can buy from beedle was a great way to encourage spending rupees. The memberships in Beedles shop was a new and fun advantage to interact with the shop keeper. But other games such as skyward sword, rupees were used for upgrading systems like shield, bug, potions and even a fortune teller. Hopefully we can keep this thread alive and upgrade it. More people. More discussions!