We got a hold of a few new clips online showing various cut scenes and game play videos of what mostly takes place within the first hour of the game. Considering that these videos may be considered as spoilers to some, please read the rest of the article to view the clips.

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  • ChainofTermina

    these would've been a whole lot better if I actually understood what theywere saying.

    whoa, clip 2 looks EPIC!

    was she cowering from a rat? she's a giant suit of armor, and she's scared of a rat. wow.

  • STUFF2o

    Is Nintendo seriously letting the public see all these videos? Why? That just makes the game less mysterious!

    • Art1st4786

      Well…think of it this way. The last few videos are demonstrations for how to use Zelda/Phantom, and the cutscenes are from early on in the game, so it's not like they're spoiling the ending or what's going on in the middle of the game or anything. If anything, it makes me want to have the game more. Just eight more days….

  • Dark Tri-Force

    I thought for one it looked very good so far I can't wait for it to be in English

  • Silent Survivor

    Wow, the music looks epic.

  • Linkfan101

    I can't wait for this game!!!! OMG OMG OMG! EIGHT MORE DAYS! I'm getting it from GameStop. I CAN"T WAIT FOR IT! I"M THE BIGGEST TOON LINK FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir Epic

    lol, clip 2
    FLY LINK FLzy!!!

  • Zeldafangirl

    *fangirl scream* OMG!!!! I NEED THIS GAME!! HURRY UP AND GET THE GAME OUT!! *dieing from no new game* is the game out yet??

  • Curly Q

    OMG 8 MORE DAYS! For some reason I always had a feeling that Link and Zelda were going to team up and fight. Yes I thought of this before they made PH.

  • Guest

    That last clip made me happy that Zelda can control different kinds of phantoms. Flame sword đŸ™‚