Several weeks after the release date announcements for every other part of the world, Australia finally has a release date confirmed for Spirit Tracks. They will be getting it on December 10th, one day before Europe.

If you missed it before, the final release dates are: December 7th in the US, 10th in Australia, 11th in Europe, and the 23rd in Japan. Why Spirit Tracks is coming out last in the country that made it is anybody’s guess, but it’s a nice change from the usual release order.

  • Soeroah

    Sweet. Good to know Aussies won’t be waiting too long after the US. Good point about Japan, though- very strange to be honest.

  • Curly Q

    Hmmmm… I thought Japan was going to get the game first but i guess not. Yay, just 10 more days until it comes out!

  • Labrynian Rebel

    That's so after Americans discover all of the game ending bugs in the game, they have time to fix it for the Japanese release 😛

  • Soeroah

    @Labrynian Rebel,

    That doesn’t happen when Australia gets games after they’ve been in the US for several months, why would it happen within a few weeks for Japan? :p

    Of course, by the time the Wii came out in Aus they had made those wrist-ties due to apparently many broken TV screens, so I guess it does work a little.

  • ChainofTermina

    well, America is stupid, and Japan is better, and Australia is…well….. you guys are a lot closer to New Zealand. and that place is cool.

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