As Zelda Wii approaches, we have been hearing that the game will make some big changes to the Zelda experience. Director Eiji Aonuma seems intent on making Zelda Wii every bit as revered as the game every other Zelda is measured against, Ocarina of Time, by introducing changes “as big as OoT’s conversion to 3D”.

What exactly will those changes be, though? There are so many elements of the Zelda games that have been repeated through the series – some are vital, like the usage of Link, but there are many other clichés that can be removed without hurting the Zelda series. Here are three of them.

#3: Dungeon Bosses Who Die From Their Dungeon Item



The problem with bosses in the Zelda series is that you usually know exactly what to do the instant you get the item for the dungeon. Bosses often seem to act like a sort of tutorial for the item in question, which is strange since you’ll need to have used that item several times in order to get to the boss door in the first place.

One way to improve this would be to have multiple ways to defeat the boss. Majora’s Mask was a great example of this, as many of the bosses could be defeated in multiple forms. Defeating the final boss of MM using only Deku Link? Now that’s a challenge.

#2: Items That Soon Become Useless

As soon as you get the bow, this thing becomes 100% obsolete. Why does Link even carry it around?

As soon as you get the bow, this thing becomes 100% obsolete. Why does Link even carry it around?

When I got the boomerang in Twilight Princess, I thought it was pretty awesome. You could select multiple spots to control its path and it whooshed everywhere. Unfortunately, after those few puzzles in the Forest Temple I never really got to use it again. It didn’t hurt enemies, or even stun or affect them in any way. If those puzzles in the Forest Temple were replaced by locked doors and the boomerang was replaced with a small key, TP would have lost nothing of value.

This is simply no fun. There are so many items that have potential yet get stored away because Nintendo made no use for them outside of the relevant boss in the temple. For Zelda Wii, the game would definitely be improve if the items all had a purpose.

#1: Overuse of Ganondorf

Pictured: Team Ganondorf blasting off again after another 10 year old boy foils their attempt to rule Hyrule

Pictured: Ganondorf blasting off again after being defeated by yet another 10-year-old boy.

Ganondorf is becoming hard to take seriously. He has been defeated by various small children at least six times now, and yet he never seems to learn a single thing from the experience and continues to underestimate them. He just lets these children wander free until they arrive at his doorstep with a giant magical sword forged to kill evil and thousands of monsters worth of battle experience, then he blasts off at the end and the whole cycle repeats.

It was kind of cool the first time when we found out that Ganon was the final boss of aLttP, but in TP it seemed very forced – Zant could have flourished as a villain in his own right if he had been given the chance, and Ganondorf seemed to just be a gimmick – an excuse for Zant to have power rather than a character in his own right.

He can be a good villain when used sparingly, but if you stick him into everything, he might just end up suffering from Team Rocket Syndrome – expected, but not respected.

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