As Zelda Wii approaches, we have been hearing that the game will make some big changes to the Zelda experience. Director Eiji Aonuma seems intent on making Zelda Wii every bit as revered as the game every other Zelda is measured against, Ocarina of Time, by introducing changes “as big as OoT’s conversion to 3D”.

What exactly will those changes be, though? There are so many elements of the Zelda games that have been repeated through the series – some are vital, like the usage of Link, but there are many other clichés that can be removed without hurting the Zelda series. Here are three of them.

#3: Dungeon Bosses Who Die From Their Dungeon Item



The problem with bosses in the Zelda series is that you usually know exactly what to do the instant you get the item for the dungeon. Bosses often seem to act like a sort of tutorial for the item in question, which is strange since you’ll need to have used that item several times in order to get to the boss door in the first place.

One way to improve this would be to have multiple ways to defeat the boss. Majora’s Mask was a great example of this, as many of the bosses could be defeated in multiple forms. Defeating the final boss of MM using only Deku Link? Now that’s a challenge.

#2: Items That Soon Become Useless

As soon as you get the bow, this thing becomes 100% obsolete. Why does Link even carry it around?

As soon as you get the bow, this thing becomes 100% obsolete. Why does Link even carry it around?

When I got the boomerang in Twilight Princess, I thought it was pretty awesome. You could select multiple spots to control its path and it whooshed everywhere. Unfortunately, after those few puzzles in the Forest Temple I never really got to use it again. It didn’t hurt enemies, or even stun or affect them in any way. If those puzzles in the Forest Temple were replaced by locked doors and the boomerang was replaced with a small key, TP would have lost nothing of value.

This is simply no fun. There are so many items that have potential yet get stored away because Nintendo made no use for them outside of the relevant boss in the temple. For Zelda Wii, the game would definitely be improve if the items all had a purpose.

#1: Overuse of Ganondorf

Pictured: Team Ganondorf blasting off again after another 10 year old boy foils their attempt to rule Hyrule

Pictured: Ganondorf blasting off again after being defeated by yet another 10-year-old boy.

Ganondorf is becoming hard to take seriously. He has been defeated by various small children at least six times now, and yet he never seems to learn a single thing from the experience and continues to underestimate them. He just lets these children wander free until they arrive at his doorstep with a giant magical sword forged to kill evil and thousands of monsters worth of battle experience, then he blasts off at the end and the whole cycle repeats.

It was kind of cool the first time when we found out that Ganon was the final boss of aLttP, but in TP it seemed very forced – Zant could have flourished as a villain in his own right if he had been given the chance, and Ganondorf seemed to just be a gimmick – an excuse for Zant to have power rather than a character in his own right.

He can be a good villain when used sparingly, but if you stick him into everything, he might just end up suffering from Team Rocket Syndrome – expected, but not respected.

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  • Navi17

    Oh i love that boss in ocarina, except its really easy but its fun thats the best zelda game so…. Well it sounds like the games gonna suck if it doesnt have all that stuff thats the orginality of Zelda. It's great for total noobs that have nevver played zelda before but anyone on this site is definetly not a noob so i guess its ok for us! Well gandorf is stupid and i like to beat him but yea he's getting old. Hmmm I dont know about that

  • MYK1217

    Great Team Rocket analogy with Ganondorf. That's exactly how it is, and sadly, Ganondorf has become a rather sucky villain as a whole, and I think he should never come back again. I actually would prefer the beast form to appear more, but not be a big part of the story. If Ganon is ever used again, what I would like is for the main antagonist, after just being defeated by Link, use the last of his power to revive Ganon, in beast form, from "the underworld." If anything, beast Ganon is welcome as a last minute final boss. But I've had enough of the human version. He's starting to become as threatening as Bowser.

    • I AGREE

      I totally agree with you! There should be a scene where the main villian posseses a dead ganondorf and turns it into beast form! I don't know about the final boss, but a miniboss in the final dungeon will rock!

      • I DISAGREE

      • Joko tree

        Did you see what Ganondorf did to Bowser in SSBB.And what he did to R.O.B. in SSBB.Ganondorf is great.

        • GorCoronSumo

          Ganondorf should be made into a secondary villain and have the true evil "Ganondorf" Ganondorf three quarters of the way through.

  • Cody

    It's not going to remove "all that stuff thats the orginality of Zelda", these are just some suggestions for some of the annoying parts that need to be fixed.

  • Eximius

    Ganon should never be removed, but improvised.

    • happymask


  • ChainofTermina

    actually, in a Zelda fanfic i wrote, I made Ganondorf a naive, ignorant overconfident, cocky oaf. and I didn't even realize I did that until way later. maybe Ganon IS used too much. but you know, it isn't just that Ganon is used to much, it's also that the other villains aren't used enough. lets take WW for example. if you really think about it, doesn't seem that Vatti would have been a MUCH MORE LOGICAL villain? Wind Mage versus the Wind Waker. I mean, HELLO? I don't think that they should completely get rid of Ganon for good, but they SHOULD use the other villains much more often. bring back Agahnim, let Vatti out of the Four swords series(yes, that includes MC)) and please, for the love of god, MAKE DARK LINK A MAJOR CHARACTER! he's my absolute FAVORITE Zelda villain, and would I love to see more of him. you got other villains besides Ganon, Aonuma, USE THEM! seriously, I hope they stop makeing new villains. Zant, Bellum, Demon train king, what is with these shmucks?

  • ChainofTermina

    speaking of Pokemon, what was with the Keaton mask? was it originally gonna give Link electric powers or something?

    • Revthemoronoftime

      Keaton is based on a fox daemon thing from ancient japanease folklore or something XP

  • tep

    I agree with the overusage theroy of Gannon/Gannondorf, however, He is an integral part of Zelda history and I don't think he should never be used again. I would find it interesting though if the Triforce of power were to fall into another Villains hands, a sort of Gannon reborn. I mean they do it with Link and Zelda all the time, and I never really understood why Gannon keeps his peice of the Triforce and no one else does. A female Villain would be interesting. We had Veran, and Twinrova (awesome) but they were only a small taste. So all in all I think the biggest problem with new enimies is that they can't stack up to Gannon because no enemy has had as much power as the Triforce of power, so give it to someone else…

    • McSnapple

      Gannon Banned

    • Zach

      I think once you defeat ganon as a miniboss, he loses the triforce and it falls into the main characters hands!

    • kat

      who want's a female Ganon? XD
      but you are right, it could it least be a FEMALE that tries to take over for once not just female looking male characters (not including the three that acturally did anything)
      i mean LoZ is starting to focus on males for the 'good side' now so why not flip it and have females on the 'bad side' they had enough females in OOT on the good side after all

  • This Team Rocket analogy doesn't really work. TR are practically the only interesting characters <s>left</s> in the Pokemon anime. (And if you didn't know, Team Rocket doesn't even appear in the Pokemon games anymore, except for remakes.)

  • Gamer400000

    I don't think that may reuse Ganondorf again because in the WW and TP he lost the Triforce of power and Link managed to kill him.

    But say if they were to want to bring in the Master Sword in a furture game to Wind Waker is to have the Hero of that one unwittingly to pull out the Master Sword and have him fight Ganondorf but Ganon disappears near the end of the fight and doesn't reappear in the whole game

  • Scott

    I don't think Ganondorf is overused he is the main Zelda villain, And we all know that he is MORE evil than Team Rocket themselves. 😛

  • kicker1015

    About #2 tons of items in TP are that way. Near the end I fpund myself only using the clawshot and the bow/arrows.

  • Colonel Ganon

    I think that a good idea would be for the normal dungeon process to happen, but when you get to the boss you realize that you need another item that you don't have to defeat it. So you leave, find the item in a shop or mini-dungeon, and go back to the boss. But I think I know the real problem. If every boss was like this, it would get WAY too repetitive. The problem is that in the Zelda games, the dungeons are all alike. If you did this for one boss, do something different for the next. Maybe instead of the usual item that you would get from the boss, you could get something seemingly random, to be used later.

    Another thing would to have different choices in the game. Say you got this random item I spoke of, but in this game you can sell things. So you say to yourself, I need the rupees more than I need this. So you sell it. Then later on you need it for something, but now you don't have it. So you go on a side-quest to get this item, from store to store, person to person, and maybe even a mini-dungeon, until you get it. Remember, this would be completely optional, you would only do it if you sold the item.

    See? In the next game you need to have different choices, like in real life. Majora's Mask did good with the crap-load of side-quests, but not all of them altered the story completely. We need to have real choices in the game as players, and not just selecting "yes" or "no".

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet that only one Zelda game since OoT has broken all three of these things…

    Of course though it's the game though that was only capable of beating out Four Swords in Nintendo Power's "Top Zelda" list… Majora's Mask… dun dun dun.

    In Majora's Mask the main dungeon item is NOT used to defeat the boss. With a minor exception Woodfall which actually made use of a variety of techniques that centered around the bow and arrow, in later dungeons, the main dungeon items are not used to defeat the boss.

    The fire arrows are not the weapon of choice to defeat Goht… the Goron Mask is. The ice arrows are not the main weapon of choice for defeating Gyorg… the Zora Mask is. The light arrows are not used to defeat Twin Mold in the slightest… the Giants Mask is the primary weapon (although I guess you do get it at the very end of the dungeon). In either case the main weapons are not the immediate solution to defeating the bosses.

    Also all weapons are used and re-used throughout Majora's Mask as well… the arrows are of constant value, and fire arrows are used in every dungeon, and the ice arrows are used on multiple occasions to cross bodies of water. The light arrows are not used so much since they are received the latest in the game, but they make a powerful addition to the arsenal with additional side affects up to including additional money. The items in general are available very early and can be used on multiple occasions.

    Thirdly… NO Ganondorf or Ganon for that matter in any shape or form.

    Lets face it… Majora's Mask was just way too ahead of it's time. It made so much better use of everything introduced in Ocarina of Time and was way more fleshed out and unique as well. It may have seemed less epic to the grand entrance of OoT, but damn it's aged wonderfully.

  • Ganondox

    Ganon is essential to zelda. Every Link must fight Ganon. Just make Ganon more threatening.

    Maybe the dungeon item should be used against boss key minibosses or something. There must be a boss fought with the item, but in tp the minibosses were actually harder than the bosses. Just switch them around and everythings fixed.

  • DarkStar

    If TP's bosses were as challenging as the enemies int he cave of ordeals, that would solve it's difficulty problem and create more of a challenge for the player too. And the boomerrang in TP does stun enemies when they're riding their boars, they get dizzy and it gives you a chance to hit them with whatever item/weapon, and that's about all that the boomerang does lol.

    In regards to Ganondorf- either get rid of him completely (like the ending of TP started) or make him A LOT more challenging.

    • FamiCube64

      Lol. Enemies need to be way harder than in the Cave of Ordeals. I don't mean more HP, either. A baddie needs to be able to slaughter you if you act like a shmuck.

  • Benjamin

    I couldn't agree more about the use of an item being consistent throughout the whole game. The only items I find myself using consistently are the Bow and the Hookshot/Clawshot, and maybe the Ball and Chain because it is awesome. Like said in the article, I believe that is where MM shined, constant change of pace and combat. I want to see there be a mini boss in the seventh dungeon that uses the item from the second dungeon to defeat.

    Great article. I was indeed disappointed when I found out that Ganondorf was the final boss of TP, is just felt re-used, like it was just a new packaging of LttP. Zant was a fine villain, I remember being scared of him the first time I saw him in game.. something that has never happened with Ganondorf. I understand that they keep putting him in because he is indeed an important character, being the wielder of the Triforce of Power and everything, but why can't he be a good guy one game like Bowser was in Super Mario RPG? ;p Now I think that would be insanely awesome, but incredibly farfetched.

    Anyways, I have faith that Zelda Wii will be awesome. I haven't been let down by a (Nintendo) Zelda yet. 🙂

    • Nintenfan81

      Right! Like in SSBB at the end of the story mode all the characters Join to fight the main boss, Link an Zelda themselves brought Gannon out of the trophy stasis mode so he could join them against a threat to ALL of them. One Zelda game could have Gannon be the main Villen in the beginning, but as Link is about to kill him a super evil person (Din's arch enemy?) appears and trys to kill them all.

    • Chris

      lol you wouldnt be referring to phillips cdi?

  • Business Shrub

    Ugh, I should really play TP soon, I didn't read that number 2 whatever. Avoiding spoilers is getting harder every day, that's bitch man. Well, I don't think that changing the bosses would be such a big change to Zelda. If on the other hand Zelda Wii wasn't linear that would be a big change. Perhaps a mix between Majora's Mask and the kind of automatas seen in Sim like games. Maybe Nintendo should look into self emergent… something social. The hard part would be to somehow controll the emergent properties, you can get bigger errors than 'I am error'. I don't have any idea how to implement anything, or if it's easy. But if they want to do a big change they should look into self emergent stuff. How cool wouldn't it be if there was a Majora's Mask that was huge, a lot more people who are all related to each other in ways that could be more subtle than scripted. And every time you played this game it would be different. Yeah, there we have it! A game that's bigger than MM, and each time you play it it will be different. I think there is some reasearch in various colleges about psycological models that can be used to model character traits in games, or something like that, so I didn't have any new ideas here.

    • Business Shrub

      bítch = hardship
      I didn't know that was considered a curse, I'm just trying to use some cool expressions over here.

  • Moochy

    you cant remove ganondorf.
    i mean come on, people arent complaining that BOWSER is overused/
    zelda wouldnt be zelda without him

    • TyeWatson

      Bowser hasn't been killed. Timeline theorist like myself believe strongly ganon can't make another return in this zelda game. If he is then well I will hate nintendo. Just because he was a part of the game doesn't mean has to be used all the time. I mean they changed him into a man in Oot. Breaking tradition as those ganon diehards would say. he does turn into ganon though but not in windwaker. haha. I don't want ganon back.

      • Joko tree

        Ganondorf might be able to travel through time.

  • imyboy9

    Ganon is used way too much but they shouldn't get rid of him completely. Maybe in the next Zelda they could make a much more epic story involving the 'godesses' somehow with Ganon as a mini boss or something. The timeline of the series is confusing aswell so maybe they should carry on from the original "Hero of Time" and see what exactly happend to him.

    • I don't think that the timeline is as confusing as most people think. You don't have to take everything from it literally. The name of the series is not "The story of Zelda" or "The history of Hyrule"! It's "The legend of Zelda" and legends don't have to be taken literally 😉

  • MetroidMaster

    Ha what about ganondorf's wife? XD Or the anti-god, ya know like the satan of Hyrule? That'd be interesting. I actually have a fic like that lol. And yes, the goddesses are part of the story, and they're actually the gods!

    • GorCoronSumo


  • indyj11

    What's needed is an epic creation story and dungeons that link to these stories. I liked the idea of the sky people in TP, but I thought it was going to be more like the ancestors of the ancients, something like Olympus or something. There needs to be some hugely epic "beginning" story created that revamps zelda, kinda like the way Batman Begins re-imagined Batman.

    As for Ganondorf, he is key to the Zelda story, but yah, he does seem to be overused. However, he's overused in the sense that he's just put into a storyline at the end just to have him in the game. They need to either make a game like OoT, where he was the key villain, period, and make him far more intimidating and powerful than in WW, or one in which he is not included at all. For example, they could have a new villain, maybe one inspired by Ganondorf (just mentioning him), or perhaps a villain that despises Ganondorf, claiming that he is far superior to the 'oh so feared Ganondorf' so that he is mentioned in the game, but nothing further. Something of that sort would be far better, and then the next game could have Ganondorf again, but he is an integral lpart of the series, so he needs to remain in the series in some form or another, just not forced into a storyline. If there's a game that doesn't include him at all, that's fine, but he should not be completely thrown out forever.

    Those and a few other suggestions I've read on this post seem to be very good ideas for revamping the Zelda series.

  • indyj11

    Another thing that I think would be amazing would be an anti-triforce. I actually got the idea from one of the facebook posts about the podcasts, the one with the up-side down black triforce with the eye of the truth in its center. It doesn't have to be exactly like that, but an up-side down, black triforce, some sort of anti-triforce would be a very cool idea. It could involve the 'hell' of Hyrule. It could involve a cult of the 'reverse goddess' worshipers or something of the sort. It could involve a world in which Link must travel to, an underworld, or 'evil world.' Now of course, it couldn't be gruesome or anything, as it needs to be playable to kids, but it could still be a dark world involving torment and anguish. Therefore, the goddesses and their stories could be finally explained and it could be a very theological like story that would be quite amazing in my opinion and would not need to have Ganondorf, in fact the triforce could be the 3 goddesses themselves, power doesn't have to be controlled by Ganondorf and the 'reverse goddesses' could be the evil bosses, that would mean 3 final boss battles or 4 if they combine at the end and you could use the powers of the goddesses to help defeat them. Now, as for the goddesses, the 3 'good' or 'right' goddesses are wisdom, courage, and power, so therefore the 'reverse' goddesses could be envy, pride, and wrath, or something of the sort. It think it would be quite an epic adventure.

    • somZELDAfanOUTder

      thats kinda too god of war like for a zelda game (the part to use the goddesess powers), link can have super powers to a degree but i dont think making him all mighty would be good, thats ganondorf's/vaati's job.
      so far the only zelda villians i've known to become at least near god like.
      (note for noobs who read this reply while surfing the interenet: if you somehow haven`t noticed ganondorf seems to be inmortal and vaati did became super-duper powerfull in minish cap).

      and i dont think the hole in the middle of the tri-force is anithing at all, the anti-triforce thing idea is cool though, i think the tri-force was made so that three equilaterus triangles formed a bigger equilaterus triangle, that way it woul be three triangles with three sides and three vertex each, all of them equal to each other, to form a larger triangle also with three equal sides and three equal vertex, and if u wanna make the hole do something, it could be so that the big "triangle with hole"'s area would three times that of each of the three small triangles, and thus it is the TRI(THREE)-FORCE.
      threeky dont you think?

  • NorthApple

    This brings up some good points xDD
    At one time Ganon was neccessary… but he's becoming more and more like a third wheel in each game :c As you said, "He can be a good villain when used sparingly" xDD

    Also, I actually like it that the dungeon boss required the item you got to defeat them- it gives you at least some direction on how to go about it… although they need to be more creative about how you use it, and it doesn't have to be the only think that is effective :3

    But this is awesome 😀

  • Catbat

    Very well said. I particuarly liked the bit about "Team rocket syndrome". Many fans'll be dissapointed if that happens. I expect, however, that Ninteno'll pick upon this I certainly hope so.

  • GeneralMajora

    I love ganondorf I jus wish they made his character a little more complex like in WW also it would be awsome if they finished a game with “To Be Continued” or make it a cliff hanger with like link or zelda dying,

    and defintly make the bosses hadrder my grandma passed TP in no time,

    and lastly why don’t the items just get replaced like OoA and OoS when you got an item that was an imprpvement the inferior one was replced

    • Nintenfan81

      The Cliff hanger idea is very good, i was thinking that when i was reading all this, but one thing I hate in WW is how as soon as you have the master sword or mirror shield the original ones are gone. That shield was a family heirloom Link! How can you just throw it away?

  • Catbat

    I liked that in the oracle games. Good diea. I reckon it'd be quite popular if they brought that back. makes sense, if they want o overhaul the zelda formular for the better.

  • Tal-N

    If I had to guess what would be the next step for Zelda it would be a chance to how it plays. Much like the change from 2D to 3D inherantly transformed the control mechanics and the way the game worked the next step will inherantly be the same. I don't think LoZ will change it's formula for bosses, dungeons or Ganondorf being the antagonist. I think we'll see the motion controller changing Zelda from button bashing content to something more like Red Steel. Hence why the Motion+ was made so critical to the game's development.

    The net result? Zelda becomes far more intricate for combat and therefore how tough the game is. We went from just hitting a button when an enemy was in front of us to complete 360 tactical decisions and aiming with a bow and arrow. Now it's time for us to actually pick up that Master Sword and fight enemies for real!

  • KamenRiderLink

    I think in the first zelda game, you had to actually stop part way through a dungeon, leave it, go to another dungeon or two, not completing them, returning to the previous dungeon, then complete it.
    Basically you couldn't just run through it. You realize you need something from another dungeon to continue.
    Maybe that could be used, but some people might find it to tedious.

    As for unused items. I tend to use the gale boomerang quit a bit. Sure it deals now damage, but it grab far off items like ruppes bombs hearts and arrows. And it does stun some enemys, even brings them to you. That makes Keese (Bats) easy to deal with and fun.

    Overuse of Ganon/Ganondorf. Well…you need big G to complete the Triforce, or there is no reason for the darn golden tringles to glow on Link or Zelda if she is around. With out Ganon causing trouble, there is no need for Triforce of Courage which kinda means Link is kinda an average guy just doing what the knights, soldiers, or local law enforcement should be doing.

    As for Team Rocket…..I'd love to hear Ganondorf scream "Blasting off again!" everytime a pokemon character beats him in Smash Bros." XD

    • Nintenfan81

      I agree with something i read before, that a different main boss has the Triforce of Power instead of Gannon, but what i mostly what is for Link to be able to USE the C Triforce. What does he realy get from it anyway? Only one thing in my experience, passagway into submerged Hyrule. Nothing else!

  • GenoKID

    Ganon is key to Zelda, but I am tired of the human form. The humanoid pig form is much more menacing. He actually fits the Revelations description of Satan. I think the items all need to be more useful; TP was awful for that. Not only as weapons, mind, but continuous puzzles using old items in new ways. Take ALTTP with Turtle Rock for example. The cane of Somaria wasn't a new item, but used in a new way. And the bosses could use improvement. I didn't like MM's bosses, because you only had to stun and hit them. I say there needs to be only one or two working strategies, maybe or maybe not using the main item. But it needs to be harder to work out, or counter intuitive.

    But we can't remove Ganon, he is the Satan of Hyrule. The creators just need to show him as such, with a huge violent streak, a tough fight, and a superior intellect. He doesn't need to flex his muscles or magic (TP), but more direct and practical, fooling Link every step of the way, and even getting a new foothold even when defeated. He needs to be a master planner, like Jigsaw from the Saw series (less bloody, though).

    • Samuel

      Yes! I love that idea! Instead of rushing up to his castle and Ganon going: "Oh crap you found out my plan but i doesnt matter im gonna defeat you" He can keep on tricking you along the way. Also ganon needs to be more involved in every boss, kind of like how eggman is in sonic (but not as comical).

  • Name

    Enter text right here

  • The Silent Orion

    Personally, I think there should be two major changes.

    1-it needs to be esablished what exactly the Triforce of Courage does for Link, thus bringing the triforce more into the depths of the story(now it’s bobbing pleasantly at the surface)

  • EMaN

    i LOVE ganondorf and cant imagine the series without him. YES i agree he is overused but i have four suggestions for nintendo.
    1. Use Ganon/ Ganondorf only every once in a while.
    2. Introduce a more powerful villian than Ganondorf who Ganon has actually been workin for all along.
    3. (going along with 2) Maybe Link and Ganon will have to make a temporary "alliance" to defeat a higher villian. (How badass would that be?)
    4. Maybe have Ganon WIN for once. Maybe Link should die at the end of a game! Maybe that can start a chain reaction for future games in which Hyrule is ruled by Ganon, and its turned into a world of horror!
    Just some of my many ideas.

  • Linkfan101

    " Expected but not respected." Well, DUH! I've seen to much Ganondorf in Zelda Games. I'm happy that in Phantom Hourglass the final boss is Bellum, and in Spirit Tracks, it's like, Who's Ganon? Also, I'm a Pokemon fan too and in every episode of Pokemon it's like, "Okay! Pikachu and Ash defeat Team Rocket and they blast of again. Enphysis on AGAIN. STOP THAT!!!!!!!!! I think the Legend of Zelda series did the right thing post this.

  • ZeldaMaster#1#1

    I agree with this list completely. Items from other dungeons should be used more often in other dungeons; most items become "obsolete" after the dungeon you use it in is finished. And the most obvious thing to do with a boss is to pull out the item you just got. If Zelda is a puzzle-like game, leave it to the player to solve which item to use.

  • Pete

    I agree most about Ganondolf. He is the best villian but the best villian when seldom used. Why not dig into the past and resurrect some other villians? Like Agahnim from LttP? I know they wrote the ending to say he was a alter ego of Ganon but I think that can be retconned slightly. He had connections to the Sheikah and I think if he's fleshed out more he can probably hold the main villian role on his own.

    Either that or we finally find out who Majora is. Remember, it was always Majora's "Mask" or Majora's "Wrath" we never find out who/what Majora is.

    I choose to believe Majora was the Fourth Golden Goddess and her Triforce piece was the up-side-down triangle in the middle of the Triforce but there was a split between her and the other three goddesses.

    Borderline fan fiction, yes. But I find it interesting.

    • somZELDAfanOUTder

      i think the tri-force hole its just ahole, it wouldnt be the TRI(THREE)-force if it had a fourth piece, even if it was hidden/expulsed, would it?

      also you have to remember that majora is from termina wish is some sort of alternate universe in wish the goddesses don`t exist , or at least it seams so, and it also seemed that majora was sort of the demon from termina, maybe some sort of evil god or something. and before it was "majora's wrath" fase two was "majora reborn"(or som ething like that) so i always thought link stopped majora from fully resurecting, and that "majora's wrath" was majora pised off that a kid was beating him up.

      • somZELDAfanOUTder

        also i just remembered that majora was supposed to be the incarnation of all evil(or something like that), wich was mentioned on the game, so the majora's mask would be majora sealed or something like that and it would bring absolute destruction and suffering to the world (IN TERMINA), wich was also mentiioned in the game. im not compleatley sure about the "mentioned in the game" part though, but i never take fanfics seriouly, neither i bother remembering them so it should be true.

        ………. im starting to think majora is bigger and badder than ganny…….

        note: i just replied to myself becouse they wouldn't let me post my compleate comment……wtf.

        • somZELDAfanOUTder

          in the part i say "so the majora's mask would be majora sealed or something like that and it would bring absolute destruction and suffering to the world (IN TERMINA), wich was also mentiioned in the game." the part i think was mentioned is that the majora's mask would "bring absolute destruction and suffering to the world", the rest is some theory is just made up.

  • n64 games ftw

    I think that they should use that "Majora's Mask" tactic again.
    Like yah fight the boss using that item. But if you play the song of time and go back and defeat it again with something else, you get an award.
    As for the useless items, GET RID OF THEM!!!!
    And as for Ganondorf, the Master Sword, and the Triforce. Don't use them in every game. Like Majora's Mask was a good game. (Once you start playing it) It never once had Ganondorf, the Master Sword, the Triforce, or even Zelda in it. Like passing references are ok but dont include them in every game.

  • BigMan

    Well, I mean I wouldn't say that I never want Ganondorf to come back. I just don't want him to come back for quite awhile. I think it only gets boring if you have him in every game, one after the other. I think of it as a movie cycle, in the first movie you have Ganondorf, he dies, and then you move on to the second movie. This time there is a completely different enemy that is once more defeated and it shouldn't be til the very end of the third movie that you have a cliffhanger showing that the villain from the first movie, Ganondorf, has some how come back. Even at the very at of the second movie might work, like in Pirates of the Caribbean with Barbosa. But now that Nintendo has dug itself into a hole with this whole repeated Ganondorf thing, it shouldn't be until the very end of the 7th movie that Ganondorf comes back, if not later.

  • SomeRandomWeirdGuy

    On Ganondorf being overused, the solution is simple…

    Make him Link's ally in Zelda Wii.

    • Edracon

      that would actually be pretty cool… have him be a villain at first, then a badder villain appears and Ganon has no choice but to join you.

  • Edracon

    why do I completely disagree with the list? (except #2)
    the reason being that a boss can still use the item you got in a dungeon, just have you use it in a way you never thought possible.

    • Ganondox

      Agreed. Its always sort of fun seeing how you use the item to fight the boss. Nintendo needs to make some really creative boss battles.


      • Link

        Yea like have the item not hurt the boss directly, but have it affect something else, which in turn stuns the boss. Kind of like the Armaghoma fight.

  • drew

    I miss blue pig Ganon. Ganondorf is kind of stupid.

  • NInjaCat

    Only 3 things? You forgot the most important thing of all: Get rid of the whining fanboys that complain about everything 24/7.

    • Edracon

      you mean most of the people on this site?

  • MWH

    lol, very funny and good points.

  • mastershredder

    How about stop using Link, or any little elfish looking kid as the main character and use Gannon or another adversary and tell/play the story from their point of view. Sorry, I liked Zelda, but I have been playing them since the original back in the day. The series has gone stale. Windwaker was a nice change, but it caused OOT fans to flip out. Whatever… the series really needs a drastic change, other wise I will not be playing another Zelda title.

    • Edracon

      I think one game should have to modes. Villain and Hero. Both start in different areas and have different stories.

  • Moonlight~Nari

    I agree on all of them. I love every game of Link but when it came to the slingshot it disapointed me. i never us it any more. it's like for one temple only. So is the duku seeds and sticks. I think they should make a use for it at least a few more time. It took a while to get the slingshoot. why not make use of it? Ganadorf is over used. That's why i'm playin Majora's mask although Ocorina's my fav. NO Ganadorf.

  • TP dissapointed

    I agree so much with #1. Why can't we have it the way Megaman has been doing it since the 80s? Have it so you can chip your way with the Boss with regular attacks, but make it extremly difficult to do so, and make it vulnerable to a specific item (which you did not found in that particular dungeon).
    Make it so you can takle the dungeons in any order and revisit bosses quickly if you were killed by them or quitted so you could try another dungeon.

    I dont know, this is just an idea, but Nintendo has got to change that! Bosses shouldnt be killed with the weapon you just got!

    Also, my personal #4: Orquestrated music.
    Another midi-fied soundtrack like in Twiilight Princess and Im outta here. Im dead ******* serious. They did it with Mario Galaxy, do it for the next Zelda.

  • 3 things that should be removed!?

    1. Enough with this legendary story, and legend as it that a hero will be born crap! We need an epic story!
    2. Stop with retarded puzzles and sh*
    3.Change the damn gameplay, it's too easy especially boss battles. We want boss fights that makes you use your full power and strength not puzzle brain.

    And one more thing, make it mature!

  • Gotenks

    Time to introduce more characters. Instead of Link being a jack of all trades, why not have a team of skilled warriors including Zelda! I mean. Link is getting old!

  • Lazyeye79

    you're an idiot. its these things that help set it apart from others games and make it so good. ALttP had some weapons that werent needed but it was still cool to collect all of them.

    another reason why you're an idiot is because Ganondorf is like Zelda and link, its not much of a Zelda game without them. also there are a couple games that dont have Ganondorf as the antagonist like Vaati in Minish Cap.

    if you dont like these things you probably shouldnt be playing Zelda but instead something like Fable. and now i say it again, you are an idiot

    • Lazyeye, a few things.

      Having easy bosses, items with little to no use, and the overuse of one protagonist has nothing to do with what makes Zelda be Zelda. In fact, many newer adventure games TANK due to these reasons. Zelda does not, due to it's name, and due to the fact that the rest of the game is pretty well put together.

      It's also more then a couple games that don't have Ganondorf. I believe the count atm is 8 Games with Ganon or Ganondorf, and 6 without. If Spirit Tracks doesn't have him, that would make 7 without. Meaning, in the end, he barely present in JUST over half the games. So, since the idea that he isn't the main protagonist is about 50/50, it's time to reduce his role. Especially since most of his appearances are in console titles, there is good reason to stop resurrecting him. There are many reasons for this, among them being that the ideas are lacking in ways to fight him.

      Oh I fought puppet Zelda in TP? Done that before. Beast ganon? Technically did that. Sword battle? TWW's was 10 times better.

      Cody is far from an idiot just because he voiced his opinions. You're the one resorting to name calling an degrading individuals, so who's the real idiot? Feel free to disagree, but name calling and degrading of a person only makes yourself look stupid and irrelevant.

  • Cody

    "another reason why you're an idiot is because Ganondorf is like Zelda and link, its not much of a Zelda game without them. also there are a couple games that dont have Ganondorf as the antagonist like Vaati in Minish Cap. "
    You just completely contradicted yourself there. -_-

    Having items that don't work and bosses that are too easy is what sets Zelda apart from other games? I don't think so.

  • More sidequests should really return. There are very less things to do beside the main quest. And the characters don't have anything to them. You hardly get to know them, feel for them and because of that it's harder to feel really integrated. I think that point was best done in Majora's Mask and it really should return

  • Phantom7

    Well, I see Ganondorf as the “Bowser” of the Zelda series. I like the appearance of new villains, but you can’t take Ganondorf out of important Zelda titles. However, if they were more creative with Ganondorf’s plans, I would appreciate that much more. But he shouldn’t pop out at the last second and appear to be behind everything.

    I definitely agree with the other two, though. I feel like an item that I used to complete one dungeon and one boss becomes utterly useless. And the items that actually can be used again are always the same ones, like the bow, bombs, and hookshot.

  • Dave Boulet

    Zelda TP is my only Zelda experience thus far… a gamer newbie but Zelda TP on the wii was a great introduction to gaming to say the least.

    From the standpoint of just having played this one game, I have, without a doubt the one absolute uncontestable way to improve the Zelda experience: take away the inane mail-man in the short-shorts and tank top. Period. He should be gone. Not seeing him at all would improve any Zelda gaming experience ten-fold. If messages need to be delivered, why not have them delivered by a hawk, owl, or even a homing pigeon? Any of those would be reasonable and in keeping with the spirit and serious mood of the game.

    My other big improvement: high-def. I want Zelda in 1080p. It would be STUNNING.

    Another improvement: after completing the game by killing the final boss, allow the user to save. That way the user can continue to finish any side-quests but after having ridden the Zelda universe of it's evil. Wouldn't that be cool? Link could then visit the castle and take a grand-tour. Why not enjoy the world in peace for those who wish to continue snow-boarding or herding goats.

    Coupled with that I'd like to see more elaborate side-quests that further develop side-characters and keep various story-arcs from just vanishing. Notice that except for getting the iron boots, you never needed to revisit Links village. Why not have some important matter that takes you back there, even if it's an optoinal side-quest? So much potential…

    • Dave Boulet


      no criticism is well delivered without also mentioning what's good. my favorite thing about Zelda TP were the puzzles… and the 3-dimensional puzzles in the various dungeons like the water temple with the gravity-fed watter that would re-invent the same space into a second or even third dungeon experience by channeling the water flow. That sort of creativity was truly inspired. I'd love to see that kind of puzzle use, and the way it continually transforms the same space over for multiple experiences.

  • I absolutely agree with you. I was thinking the other day that you can use the same strategy for almost every Zelda game and while I love the series it makes buying the game almost not worth it because you can complete the game so quickly. I crave a boss that is so hard to beat because they are constantly changing their appearance and status that I have to turn off my console at least once out of frustration. Those are the battles that make you feel awesome about yourself when you finally beat them.

  • Nitro

    In spirit tracks they copied a ganon like feature. It was the the last boss changing form and he look like ganon too! RIP OFF

  • IDEA

    You know what would be interesting? If Link were the bad guy and Zelda were the good guy. This evil "Link" would be a greedy, power-hungry, sadistic young kokiri man who went through the temples and took some of the treasures and the Master Sword. Zelda would be the local princess who has to defeat the evil Link in order to give the Master Sword to a little kokiri boy who will become the next Link.

    The gameplay will be just like any zelda game, except you play as the princess and you use a little more stealth. When you clear a dungeon, you call in your kingdom's soldiers to guard it so the evil Link cannot return there. You will not wear a dress.

  • Francisco

    you no what i dont want is the same item i every zelda game you need differebt items the old item are ok but you guys need new items in the new 2010 zelda wii game you guys need new final boss in the new zelda game could you do me a fovor please bring the ocarina.

  • LinkJuicer28

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  • Nicole

    They should have some replacements for ganandorf, make him have a son or follower that is seeking revenge or something instead lol

  • scrivs

    I think Link should die in a game.. either that or come extremely close to it sorta like Harry Potter. If Link is destroyed in Skyward Sword as opposed to Ganondorf (if he is in the game, that is), that would explain why there is no mention of him in OoT or WW.

    • Darklink1996

      No mention? in OoT Navi says the Master Sword is already legend.

  • Eneru

    Dear nintendo

    What's your problem, why you stops storyline inside dungeron? C'mon you should make a new zelda not an upgrade of an existing one. so you leaves us a chance to see, before we die, an hardcore kick-ass zelda

    • Because, nobody's looking for "hardcore" Zelda. Thats why they stops storyline inside dungeron. Besides, if they made a new Zelda we'd have to wait about a dozen more years before it came out. Double besides, I don't think they'd favor the will of one fan over a million others.

  • I like twilight! I might sit and watch all day long if I didn’t have school..or life to stay me from doing it! lol Amazing Simply Superb!

  • Diana

    something else, mabe have a rebirth of ganon, like a son of him, pretend to be good and help link, and only in the end he turns evil. but this cant be needs to be unexpected. also, something i hated about tp, the ppl in hyrule town were used multiple times. whats up with that? i loved that in wind waker, for example, (almost) every character has his own story and side quest.

  • dVan

    Sadly, I must agree with most of these points. (Although I have NEVER used the slingshot on gohma…nor has that thought ever occured to me.)

    Although I enjoy the fact that the dungeon's item can be used in the boss fight, I notice that the games as of late are friggin WAY too dependant on the dungeon items. Majora's Mask did it best: dungeon items COULD be used, but it was so much easier not using them.

    And useless items DRIVE ME INSANE!!!!! They take a lot of the life out of the game.

    What I DON'T agree with is Ganondorf. True, they stick Ganon into many situations that he shouldn't be in. *Glares at Four Swords Adventures*. I enjoy fighting a common antagonist, although I agree that he has been overused. I personally enjoyed fighting Gannondorf in Twilight Princess, and I am glad he was in that game. (Although that game fails horribly under the other two points…)
    But I for one believe Gannondorf should be kept out of Skyward Sword. After all, its a prequil to Oot, which was technically the first game to feature the king of evil.

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  • happyface231

    i think #3 SHOULD BE #1 AND I MAY BE WRONG BUT EVERY BOSS IN TP WAS WITH THE HITTING OF THE EYE!! the only recent boss without the eye that comes to mind is that giant fat ghost in wind waker [same place were u get da mirror shield]

  • timehero3

    I think that they should remove the water temple I mean it looks cool but its really anoying . then they could replace it with an air temple.

  • cbarnett2386

    They did a City in the Sky dungeon… Would that count as an air temple? I would really like to see more temples in Zelda games!

  • David

    Take out the weapons/items to defeat bosses from the temples. They are too easily acquired. Instead you should have to find and earn them in a very tough side quest.
    Finishing a mini-boss in a temple is reward enough without having a magical chest with a new weapon appear.
    I would like the games to have difficulty settings put in as well. I’m sick of playing games that can be figured out by a 6 year old. Takes away a little bit of the pride of finishing the game. But not just the sort of cheap difficulty level where you get hurt more and deal out less damage. Make the bosses quicker or the puzzles genuinely hard. Better yet, give me less hints from other characters during dialogue.

  • Gordo

    Hello Zelda fans

    In my point of view i approve points 2 and 3 but believe me when i say than all of this game needs to beat OoT is Ganondorf as the end boss, could you even imagine the last sword fight? TP one was epic and now with the WiiMotionPlus Ganondorf will be HARD AS HELL.

  • Alice

    I have a weird idea!
    What if Nintendo made another direct continuation of one of the games? Maybe they could put in that Ganon mentored someone like him, and in the first game after Ganon was defeated, the next game could be about the person Ganon had given his Triforce to after he was defeated by Link?

    Well, I'm sure some of you would disagree, but this was just an idea hat popped into my childish head.

  • No Name

    Well it is a zelda prophecy that says its a repeating cycle plus the gonon in every game changes I like to see that evolution.

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