More Spirit Tracks footage has now become available, this time showing Link fighting some monsters while on his train and learning a song on his spirit pipes.

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  • Anonimus

    The Song of the Pan Pipes is wonderfull

    • GKANG

      It's nice, but the actual playing is simple. I hope some of the other songs are more complex.

  • Taylor

    anyone know whether the train will be customizable?

    • davidjw

      yeah you can customize the train, but not the same as it was in phantom hourglass

  • Delpheas

    I want this so badly!!!!

  • Danno197

    What's that thing at the end of the video it looks like those things you had to collect in ph to upgrade your fairies

    • phantom

      no it was some sort of red scale

      • Link Master

        It's a new treasure.

  • Drakon

    I love the new music. It looks like this game will get rid of the qualms I had about Phantom Hourglass.

    • Without adding new ones, let's hope.