We have updated our gallery with 10 new pieces of official artwork, including some artwork of brand new characters.

Here are some of the most interesting pieces of the new artwork.

It looks like the “four Links” style will return for Spirit Tracks’ multiplayer.

A ninja with a giant robotic arm? Awesome. This is Byrne, Chancellor Cole’s minion from the trailer.

A photographer of some sort. It could be that photography will return as a sidequest like in the Wind Waker.

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  • Hey Cody, thanks for stealing my news 🙁
    I know the name of your Robo-Ninja…gimme $5 and I'll share :mock:

  • Cody

    No thanks found it already 😀

  • CrazyBlue

    Lol, looks like Ninty have included train spoters!

  • ChainofTermina

    I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW that was a robot arm! I said that, remember, I saw that guy in the trailer, I said "dude, does that guy have a robot arm" and I was right! I said that, really.

  • Exziron

    ^ uhh a lot of people said that.. anyways yay I knew there would be Multiplayer.. (even though it was announced at the interview) ..

  • Callin

    The photographer has a cuckoo on his hat…

  • michael

    very nice artwork, those two little guys definitely look like well-drawn characters that will be instantly loved and taken seriously

  • PimPSlaP

    Is the photographer wearing one piece atire? I don't see any seperation between pants and the shirt.

    • TnzSki

      check it again: he wouldn't be wearing a belt if it was a one-piece.

  • swizzles

    Byrne looks incredibly awesome, like I knew he would.

  • Drakon

    Multiplayer looks like it'll be hilarious and fun. 😀