3D Dot Game Heroes was a game that previously seemed to be copying Zelda’s winning formula, but now judging from its trailer it looks like it will be a flat-out parody of the Zelda series. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

  • Meralia

    Haha 😀 Want!

  • Lostwoods

    This could lead to a little problem that might happen in the near future

    Here's is why i think

    As soon as it is released there is a chance this will be popular, then sometime later a total wannabe noob says "Zelda copied this game!"

    That is why i think.

    If they copied something that Nintendo has already done, THEN They can place a lawsuit against Atlas

    • And what would happen if some noob said this? Would we all die?
      I'm all for games in the zelda style, it's not good for us as customers if Nintendo are the only ones who are allowed to make games like Zelda. The more games like Zelda, the more games we get to play.

  • ChainofTermina


    seriously, I own nothing by Sony. well, maybe a TV or a srereo or something. but I have never EVER bought anything PlayStation. 360 is the only non-Nintendo console I own, and I' not going to change that. Why on earth would a ZELDA spoof be on PlayStation? I would have seriously considered getting this game. It looks a lot like what ALttP would look like if it was in 3D. but I guess not. stupid Sony, since when did they make children games? first Littlebigplanet and now this. what, is PlayStation becoming family friendly or something, He hehe he…….. that'd be crazy.

    • Edracon

      PlayStation has been family friendly for quite a while…. though I only have a Ps1 from them, and I didn't even buy it (gift). But, if I had a PS3, I would definitly buy this game, it looks spectacular.

      • ChainofTermina

        I know PS is okay for kids. I was just joking because all they seem to advertise is GTA.

  • Ceallach

    I like the idea as long as it's in good taste– humorously paying homage to Zelda rather than out-right making fun of it or stealing from it.

  • Dewii

    Even the music is almost the same :p

  • Delpheas

    Rip Off, the freaking opening is taken from Windwaker, even the "Evil" is the same giant pig thing seen in the windwaker intro…

  • Moe

    This game is a homage to the old 8-bit era games like Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. The people calling it a rip-off are losers.

  • Business Shrub

    This will probably be a boring game, all I saw was a story and some enemy fighting, it takes a lot more to do a good game. Actually game scores are usually affected by the fact that busy reviewers don't have much time to play the game and thus the lasting appeal of the game, or lack thereof, doesn't weigh into the score. I'm looking at a half implemented game lacking many of the elements that makes a truly good game, just enough eye candy to yield an impressive trailer.

    • Me2

      all I saw was a story and some enemy fighting–Buisness Shrub

      Isn't that precisely what zelda is too? =

  • Mr. Dent

    It can't be a parody, parodies are supposed to be funny. I hate using these two words but this is a RIP OFF! It would be fine if Nintendo wasn't stilll making zelda games.

  • NorthApple

    This almost makes me want a PS3. Almost.

  • Quill

    I don't care if it's a parody, I'm a gamer and I should play the game 'cause it looks great.

  • Justin Basl

    Everytime, I look at this game, I'm kinda warming up to it. It reminds me of Link to the Past, and that makes me happy. What I don't like is that its on the PS3, and I don't have one. I'll wait until the console gets cheaper. That's not gonna be for a long time. lol.

  • keimori

    I'm impressed, it takes ALOT of balls to make a game SO close to Zelda, it looks like it falls in the "JUST differnt enough to not get sued" catagory.
    Too bad i don't own a PS3 and this is not nearly enough motive to buy one. mainly cause my wallet and the PS3's pricetag don't see eye to eye yet.

  • Anju Manju

    I'm going to pretend it's the new Zelda game that doesn't have Link as the hero, you know, the one everyone is always whining about wanting?

  • Linkfan101

    WHAT THE HECK?! THEY'RE COPYING THE LEGEND OF ZELDA? I don't know if they're making fun of it, or they're jealous of how awesome the Legend of Zelda series is. All I know is that if I was face to face with them I would strike a blow for The Legend of Zelda! It's the best game series I've ever played and seen. I have brought a whole new era to my school! The Legend of Zelda Era!

  • DarkStar

    Sony wishsd they owned a game like Zelda lol

  • TriforceWisdom

    Still looks awesome, even if it is a Parody 🙂

  • Ashsprout

    I love parodies, especially if its making fun of something I love. If you can't laugh at something you love then what can you laugh at? If I had a PS3 I would totally get it.

  • Nitramtj

    I personally thought this looked cool. As long as it's a good game in the end, I don't care if it's a parody or even a rip off.

  • LoveTheLegend

    Pffff! This is Roblox and Zelda combined! Seriously!