For Legend of Zelda fans, voice acting is a touchy subject. Go to any Zelda forum and suggest that maybe Link could have a voice in the next game, and you will be met with the enraged howls of long-time Zelda fans, who insist that if this was implemented the Zelda series would be “ruined FOREVER!”

Why is this the case, though? Certainly, when the Zelda series was first created, there were some reasons to keep the character silent, but as time went by and the series evolved, these reasons started to become less and less relevant. Could it be that now is the time for the series to take that extra step further?

The main argument, one argued by developers and fans alike, has traditionally been that Link is a “link” to the player – rather than a character in his own right, Link was originally designed as a tiny version of yourself on that screen.

The problem with this argument is that it is no longer the case. The various Links have had personalities of their own for a while now – for example, even if Wind Waker-era Link spoke no words, he certainly spoke a lot about himself through his wide range of emotions, and Twilight Princess Link was no different. Smiling, glaring, blushing, and even making actions of his own via cutscenes – all of these are things that Link constantly does. He can no longer be considered simply a link to the player.


This is a sad little boy who doesn't want to have to say goodbye to his sister and island. This is not a mindless avatar of the player.

Another commonly heard defense of a voiceless Link is that “if they give Link a voice they will make him sound like he did in the stupid cartoon series!” For one thing, that is a very strange leap of logic – why on earth would they do that? These are the people who brought you the high quality Zelda games that we all know and love, not the creators of the corny pun-filled Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

If you’re still not convinced, then read this, from Bill Trinen, Localization Manager for the Zelda series and Miyamoto’s main translator:

If we were to try to do voice acting, I would expect not just the best voice acting you get in videogames, but really high-quality, movie-caliber acting, and obviously that’s very difficult to do.”

That aside, there are also some sensible objections, such as the worry that voice acting would stop players from being able to choose their own name. Fortunately, it has been shown that this can be worked around. Final Fantasy X, a game with enough voiced cutscenes to make a full-length movie, managed to go through the entire game without the main character’s name being voiced even once.

I’m not claiming that Link should run around chatting to everyone – he can still be a quiet, heroic protagonist, but that is perfectly achievable without cutting out his voicebox.

Sir Auron of FFX has a voicebox, but that doesn't stop him from being quiet, mysterious and awesome.

Sir Auron of FFX has a voicebox, but that doesn't stop him from being quiet, mysterious and awesome.

At this point, refusing to give Link a voice is only hurting Link as a character, while redirecting the character development focus to his talking sidekicks. Therefore, in the interest of improving the Zelda series, it may be finally time to give voice a chance.

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  • Luke

    Agreed. At the very least, it's time to have the rest of the world talk. I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins quite a bit lately, and everyone in the game talks EXCEPT you're character (who only says a handful of lines during combat).

    The only way I can see to have everyone talk but Link is to have dialogue options for the player, which I don't know if Nintendo is willing to do. Don't know why, just seems like something they wouldn't do.

    • Conrad

      I really hope the fans and the great minds behind Zelda come to see the folly of this line of thought. Link has been, and always should remain silent. It is what makes him the perfect hero. He has such emotion, courage, and personality without having a voice. He is the stable and solid all the time, yet always able to adapt to the world that needs him. His silence only keeps his personality from being tainted by the possibility of faulty interpretation of the character or a poorly written script based on one man's views of how or what the character should be. Practically speaking, giving Link a voice will ultimately result in a large loss of fans and, in return, loss of profit. That being said, Link's silence keeps him above reproach, above the part of every human that is inclined to judge anything with an opinion. He remains above imperfection, though not quite perfect. Giving him a voice would ruin not only a character, but a symbol. . . and i fear ultimately, a series.

      • Andross

        WRPGs have silent characters with no "opinions" all the time; it's not like Link's silent "symbol" is unique or anything

        • Conrad

          Didn't say his silence was a symbol. Nor did I say he was the only silent character. Also, saying he isn't unique . . . laughable. Show me another character as endearing and loved as Link – one possessing the selfless essence of a hero the way he does.

  • Tonchiki

    Well of COURSE people are going to look like idiots if you only highlight the stupid complaints like "it's going to be like the cartoon series".

    I hate that people ignore the fact that there are legitimate preferences and even practical applications to having the characters not talk.

    But screw it, I'm not going into that again, especially not in a comment box.

  • Cody

    When I posted about the article on Facebook, instantly like 8 people said that it won't work because "excuuuse me princess" etc. before they even read the article – unfortunately, it's an extremely common argument that needed to be addressed.

    • Shaelyn

      I'm actually really surprised people still use that argument. that show was made in the 80s. the 80s in television was all about abusing a catch phrase to death first of all, television has improved leaps and bounds since then as a whole – better writing, better directing (with the exception of Uwe Boll), and also better acting (in most cases). unless someone was trying to do a spoof (and Nintendo wouldn't), that wouldn't happen again. …secondly, even if television hadn't improved, I think it would be obvious to Nintendo how unpopular that incarnation of Link is, and they'd do something about it.

      I think we need to watch for Other M of the Metroid series. I think then, we'll see what specifically *Nintendo* can do with voice-overs, and maybe get a more educated idea about whether or not Link should have a voice.

      • Eximius

        hahahahaaha. It is so funny,

        I actually meet Uwe Boll during one screening of his films at my workplace (The guy is actually really nice). I wanted to suggest about making a Zelda movie since has all the connections in Hollywood and he can get good actors. Plus this could save his career. The only exception would be having somebody else write the screen play ( I thought of you guys ), and I would help him direct it since I have the Zelda vision . At the end I decided not to do so, because I like Zelda so much I wouldn't like it to risk it and have it ruined like his other video game movies.

        • storm

          hehe. if they did another tv series for legend of zelda, it should be an anime style show. Just not made by 4kidstv. I mean, if you read the zelda manga, link speaks, and it fits his character in my opinion, so that could be a viable option. And video game movies don't do well like comic book movies because all the good directors are reserved for their own stupid projects

          • Shaelyn

            if a zelda anime were made, I'd bet ViZ would have the reigns on it – they already have the manga. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it…ViZ seems to like a whole lot of screaming in their anime, and Link yells enough without adding any more emphasis XD

            it's not that I disagree with your point…but remember, while the manga was based on the games (which are canon), the books themselves are not necessarily canon.

          • Shadow-sama

            Wait, they have books?!

        • Shaelyn

          it could make his career. it could also break it further.
          I'm afraid the latter is what seems more likely… ^^;

  • Arkamidis

    I am totaly down to having Link speaking. It will indeed be very difficult to pull off. Especially those who go against bright ideas. Not to mention who would be the perfect voice for Link. That person had better be the best of the best to play Links voice. All the Yells, grunts, gasps, etc. And had better be damn good at vocal projection, emotions-the whole enchillada like american hit movies.

    It would be a great step in advancing the way the series has ‘evolved’ thru the years.

  • Natasha

    I think that Link should have a voice. The person would have to be perfect but I think that nintendo could do it.

    • buttonz17

      i completely AGREE link wud be an even better character if he had a voice, if they got a kid to do the voice acting , some one like……….. i duno but even hershel layton & luke from ''professer layton & the diabolical box'' had a voice, i understand why they think they might ruin link, but its a 50/50 chance

  • seen

    Oh my, basic emotions to major events. That's clearly not something they put in to stop him from staring into space like in OOT at all.

    • Cody

      Wind Waker Link has emotions for EVERY situation. You can't just clap your hands over your head and pretend they don't exist – those characters were definitely characters and they made the game that way.

      • seen

        I don't remember seeing him react very much when he talked to random people or anything. When he first met Tetra and she told him his outfit looked stupid, he really didn't do anything. He didn't make angry faces or anything at all. He needs to react to things in major events to keep him from being a complete zombie. The other characters actually talk because they have very strong personalities. Link doesn't. He has a very neutral personality, and I really can't see any reason he needs to start talking (in voice or in text). Don't you think he would just state the obvious or be limited to very generic lines? VERY obvious and generic lines?

  • Guest

    If Link gets voice acting we will all get illiterate and retarded.

    • Cody

      We'll all turn into communists too, I bet!

    • Syron

      @Guest: …that comment, sheer ignorance at it's best <.<

  • I disagree entirely. Nintendo can't give Link a voice for one reason – he already has one. Inside each of our minds, we all have the perfect idea for what Link should sound like (and for the most part this idea is based off Link's grunting and screaming – which isn't much to go by). And guess what? Each of our ideas is different. Giving Link a voice, no matter what it sounds like, will only appease a small group of people and will exile (and piss off) the rest. On top of that, you've already pointed out that Link is a silent character. He doesn't talk much to anyone. He doesn't need a voice and it won't add to his character.

    • Cody

      Well, he's not silent – we know that he talks, or conversations like “What? You’re looking for the [item]? You should go and see [person] about it, he probably knows where it is" don't make any sense. He's just not shown talking for the most part, besides some wordy grunts.

      • I know he's not literally silent, that's why I said "he doesn't talk much to anyone". As in, he may ask a short question here and there, or answer yes or no, but for the most part he's extremely quiet.

        In fact, almost every time link speaks it's when he's given an option and the player needs to make a decision over what they want link's response to be. THIS is where the player forms their opinion of Link's voice. The player IS link. giving Link a voice would break that "link" and the immersiveness of the LoZ series would be lowered significantly.

        • Cody

          Hmm, I don't know. A character's voice has never particularly been a factor that has ever made or broken a game for me, so I just can't imagine it being a big enough deal to ruin Zelda.

          Also, I covered "the player is Link" thing, in that Link is his own person now. 😛 He shows deep emotions of his own and in TP even calls out to Midna during a particular cutscene, though silently etc.

        • Conrad

          NintendoFanGirl . . . I hear you, lound and clear. I wish everyone could just have their eyes opened rather than Link having his mouth opened.

    • Epona13

      i was just about to type that when i read your post

    • "Inside each of our minds, we all have the perfect idea for what Link should sound like (and for the most part this idea is based off Link's grunting and screaming – which isn't much to go by). "

      His voice would be the same as the people voice acting his grunts. I don't get why people honestly thought he would sound different.

      • Syron

        Link has evolved into his own character under the noses of many hardcore Zelda fans who still enjoy his silence. I think Voice Acting would not only be a benefit, but I feel it would bring Zelda up to date.

        • Conrad

          Sorry, I have to comment once more. Zelda is indeed up to date already. Game of the year in 1998? Sure it was a decade ago, but voice acting was already a huge part of gaming by that time. You can not equate voice acting with being up to date. It is a testament to Zelda's greatness that it does not need the drama or emotional additives that voice acting brings to the table in order to be a dramatic and emotional epic. Sure, for more life, give the NPCs voices, but definitely not Link.

      • Waker of Winds

        I completly agree, why would nintendo worry about trying to give Link a personality through a voice when he already has a personality through his actions and expressions. Nintendo has more important things to focus on. Link already perfectly establishes an image of his courageous self in our minds with all of his adventures, a voice would just ruin this image.

    • RosswellSA

      I think it rather presumptuous to assume that the 'talking Link' camp is a small group. How on earth could you know that? True, they could be small. Then again, they could far outstrip the no-voicers. The truth is, you don't know and have no way of knowing. In the end, it is most likely that the majority of Zelda players are engaged, yet casual fans, who will pretty much play, and probably like, whatever Nintendo gives them. As long as it's up to the standards of quality that the franchise has come to stand for, people will play it, period.


      i argee with you nintendofangirl link has a voice and i dont think it would be the same if he had one
      i mean all he really does is answer questions and talk a very small amount it wouldnt be worth it

  • I'm saying around maybe a no or yes. But maybe no… with a prime example of Final Fantasy they would have to lip sync everything for each language. = Final Fantasy X-2 which I played, their mouths were not in sync with their voices.

  • Nate

    I believe that there should be no voice acting for Link because it is tradition. It would ruin the mystery of his voice that we've known for so long and it would be too radical of a change. I like the way they've done it so far, and I would be very disappointed if they changed.

    • Syron

      You make it sound as if Nintendo would abuse Voice Acting for Link 😛

      I think they understand, really, they are already on pins and needles as it is.

  • Curly Q

    When i started playing Zelda I always thought that the next game they make they would give the characters voices. But I think it might be different if Link and the other characters talk. Thats just me. But yes as you said in the article Link can still be silent. I don't care i just like Zelda.

  • James

    Out of all the things that The Legend of Zelda needs upgrading, why do people say "voice acting". How about advance physics, radianent AI and next-gen graphics.
    I seriously think voice acting, especially given to link, would ruin the Zelda series. I never really liked voice acting done in other games, even when there done well. For me games are interactive, and reading gives me somewhat more interactivity then listening to dialog. I can read at my own pace and imagine my own voices.
    I especially think link should remain silent. We have so many different links from so many different time periods,,,we have links with different graphics styles and even his tunic has seen some changes through Links. However most people when they here the name "link" think of him as one character. His personality is what keeps him sort of the "same link" throughout each game. If we just started giving him dialog and a voice its going to just change the idea of who we all think Link is in our own minds.
    Lastly, I totally agree with the concept that Link is meant to be the player. Again, this has to do with interactivity and making the player feel like he's in the game rather then following along with a story.

    • GenoKID

      I concurr overall. I suppose Link could have a speaking role occasionally, but really, what does voice acting really add? It distracts, and what's wrong with reading? Giving Link a complete persona would be disasterous, because we all interpret him differently. If he ever speaks (preferably via text, not voice) his characteristic traits should be very limited, to where no one could say, "Link would never act like that!" Maybe that limit has proved too hard to pull off properly….

      • Syron

        I'm sure Nintendo would understand Link's role as a silent character. He should though, be able to respond to the people/fairies/apparitions just for a change or a test in the least.

  • Wes

    Link shouldn't speak, give the rest of the world voices but I'm on the side of keeping the hero silent. He's our link to that world, he's you in the game. Granted he's given some amount of personality just based on his reactions but those are just to keep his actions appropriate. Imagine Link completely emotionless in TP when Zelda sacrificed herself to save Midna, wtf right? Link is being handled just fine as is, keep him our puppet, when Links personality gets in the way and I have to go "have fun" with Malon because he can't keep his elf junk in check then that's the day i quit.

  • I am unsure of how this might work. I have loved Zelda games from the start and Link has never talked! I believe it would be a major turnoff for the game. Link gets along just fine without talking. Unless Nintendo can somehow pull off an amazing voice i would like to see voices in a lesser Zelda game. Not a big one like Zelda Wii. Maybe a random DS title.

  • kael

    haha maybe the players should voice him themselves! (jk) Yes, i can see Link talk, there's nothing wrong with it, but everyone who doesn't want thevoices can turn it off. The only reason zelda isn't getting harder is because fans can't see outside the hole and don't respond well to major changes with the series. (wind Waker, anyone? it was only seen as great after everyone played it) Many series failed because of that purpose. be a little open minded.

  • Luna

    While I do think that NPC could definately use voice acting, I'm a bit afraid of it. Nintendo hasn't had a good rep for VA, at least in the Star Fox series. I want it, but I want them to do it RIGHT.

  • FUJI

    We have to consider that Link has personality , too . It´s wrong to use him just as a puppet (like someone before wrote) , and i never did in the entire series…I´m sure that even Nintendo never meant to use him just as a puppet for the player. By not giving him a voice, as well as showing not much of his thoughts and emotions, they just tried to portray him as the known silent and brave legendery hero who only seeks for justice . But at the same time they enabled us to feel like this hero !

    As for the voice acting , i wouldn´t immediately
    reject this idea. I think we should give it a try and let also Link say at least a few words , due to the fact that he has a personality. Also, I doubt that just voice acting would fuck up the whole game , because the concept which made zelda "zeldish" (lol, i hope you know what i mean xD ) will still remain !

    Well….that´s it and the only thing that is left to say is : Keep on having fun with zelda and dont act to much like a nerd ! See ya guys ! ^^

    PS: Sry for my bad english , I´m living here in germany and i havn´t mastered the english language , yet . But i´m still trying to ! ^^"

  • Metroid Master

    Yeah, I think the voice acting shouldn't just partain to link alone if they do do it. I mean there's only so much you can do with just grunts and shouts. I say do it, and pwn it! Screw what vets think, and just give them an option to turn the freaking voices off!

    I mean Tales of symphonia is awesome, try making that game with the grunts and shouts of zelda. It would suck wouldn't it? Hell I have a fanfic with link talking, and due to the emotion behind the main plot, there was plenty of reason for him to speak. If it is just link talking, they could always do what I did in the fic. Have everyone, including Zelda have a sorta "WTF O_o" reaction to it. lol


    In before someone tries to put the idea down with a CD-I reference.

  • Azerik

    Voice Acting Argument in general: as long as they give Link a good voice in both versions of the game (english and japanese) and give you the option to choose between the two languages, I'd have no problem with it.

    On the name changing argument: They don't have to let you choose your name, they could easily take out that feature.

    Also, if Nintendo takes a leaf out of the Tales Studio book, and gets the animation company Gainax involved with the production, voice actors wouldn't be a majjor problem, since they are good for getting both japanese and english voice actors, as can been seen in Tales of Symphonia.

  • storm

    poor link the fans dont let him speak for himself…jk

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm still on the fence about Link being given a voice, cause even though the Link's of the last 10 years have showed more emotion and personality then years prior, I still feel as though I am Link.

    I feel as though in order for Link to be properly given a voice he would need to be distanced from me. He needs to have an incredibly strong personality and speak a lot. Where his opinion is heard and so forth.

    Yet still I'm not sure if I want this, because I'm not dissatisfied in the slightest by Link's lack of speech. I mean there's plenty of strong outspoken video game characters out there already… so why would I want Link to be like them? It's a tough topic to side one way or the other.

    I do though agree that Nintendo would do an excellent job with voice acting if they are given the opportunity. Look at other games like Star Fox, or Metroid Prime 3 corruption (I honestly have no idea why there was no voice acting in MP2, it would've worked fine cause it was all alien speech). MP3 has some of the best voice acting I've heard in video games… in regards to the lines flowing and making sense. It never felt forced or out of character and I never felt like they were disembodied with the characters.

    I feel that there is no excuse for the next Zelda game to not have voice acting in terms of NPC's…. Link speaks with hundreds of people and they should all be able to talk without word boxes (although text boxes are still welcome). It would be funny if there was a guy in a town who might even say "I Am Error", lol.

  • Eximius

    I never meant to make people angry with my CD-I comparison. I'll be OK as long we do not get a cocky, clumsy, or a Hanna Montana-Paris Hilton personality.

    Why the comparison to Final Fantasy if I might ask?

    • Cody

      Well, because I'd already mentioned FFX as an example of a game that used voice acting without mentioning the main character's name, so I figured I'd go with the theme.

  • Darklink5222

    I think If they do add a voice to Link then have a option to turn it off if you want so that solves half the problem right there.Now we just need a good voice actor for Link…

  • Darklink5222

    never mind just read the one 2 above me

  • pooper417


    • Syron

      *sigh* you live up to your name <.<

  • rogums

    Is there really any reason for the rest of the cracters not to talk? Zeldas text based dialogue is starting to become incredibly outdated. I dont think link should talk even if the other inhbitants of hyrule unless they maybe did a gme without link or one where you make your own character within the universe. I think the problem wth links voice is acents, personaly i would find a fanatasy game belivable having the charcters talking in a rcognisable accent when thesecharactes are meant to come frm a distant land in the past (300, a sparan wit a scottish accent?) especially as it has been estalished that the language there is hylian which means ive kind of contraditced myself.

  • kkslider5552000

    there’s no way more that much of the dialogue would have voice acting anyway and it would make the non-voice acting parts seem lame. (see: Tales of Symphonia) If they did actually do every single bit of dialogue than I would be all for it but that will NEVER happen.

    And I would miss the grunts. Random japanese people making silly grunting noises is awesome and you are a liar if you say otherwise.

  • Siaarn

    I personally don't want Link to talk, 'cause I like to make up his dialogue in my head, the games are different for each player, his lack of speech lets the player choose Link's personality in a way.. But also, I always figured they don't speak English in Hyrule, after all, their written word isn't English, the only time I've heard them speak English in Zelda is in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass when Link shouts "Come on!", which was kinda weird.. Though it was adorable.

  • WotS

    I agree with James. There are other things Nintendo should focus on with the Zelda series. But I do hate when this argument comes up, because it's always the same points restated over and over.

    Come out and say it. Just be honest. Will it kill you to admit that you just LIKE the silent protagonist? I'm sure it could be done well, but I don't think Nintendo could do it. Rather, I don't think NOA could do it. Their track record with voice-acting is exceptionally bad for the most part. Their only job is localization, and they can't even do that right. <<

    Link's silent interactions are artful. I've grown fond of them. The image posted in the above article is a big reason that I don't want Link to have any voice-acting. To me, it's a part of the Zelda magic. I wouldn't mind seeing VA's for NPCs, though.

  • Sam

    How ’bout a compromise. We want more character development in Link. Right? But we don’t want the integrity of each of our Link’s personality to be violated with pre-scripted voice acting.

    I purpose a system call the Duologue Tree. Duologue Tree sets a series of responses, greetings, and farewells that the player can chose for the game’s protagonist. It’s used in such games like Knights of the Old Republic and Monkey Island. With this system, our Link can be the cartoon goof, or the silent hero.

    • Sam

      Dialogue Tree, not Duologue Tree… eh heh heh, sorry.

  • Waker of Winds

    Link should remain selent, it's how he is! Besides, Link already displays his emotions through expressions. Finding a voice acter would be extremly tough for his personality.

  • Syron

    I feel your facts and idea's are ideal for the future of Zelda. If the veterans are the only ones keeping away voice acting, why not do what Metroid Master was suggesting: give them the option to turn the voices off or on.

    Though it may be an absurd way of handling the situation, it might be worth doing with all this fuss over Link's voice 😛

  • Link is known as the silent hero and he has no problem expressing himself through his facial expressions and actions. No need to ruin a good thing.

  • Gwen

    It would be a little weird to have Link say things I don't think he would say. What if they decide he should talk stupid because he sees Zelda and falls in love at first sight? That's not my Link. My Link might just be too awed or nervous to speak. What if Link stupidly agrees to help creepy, obviously evil people? My Link agrees willingly but not stupidly. I've seen so many portrayals of Link as a dim-witted meathead, but that's not MY LINK. If they made Link a kind-hearted idiot, I WOULD STOP PLAYING. FOREVER. None of the expressions they have given him have stopped him from being MY Link, or from being someone else's bumbling hero. A few lines of dialogue gone wrong could destroy that. Step carefully, Nintendo, we're counting on you.

    Am I the only one who got a thrill when Zauz commented that Link spoke with his heart? Link apparently spoke to Linebeck about Tetra being kidnapped, but Zauz understood Link immediately, even though, as Ciela said "Link didn't say anything."

  • TheMaverickk

    I think a lot of people agree. Link is just better off silent. There would be no purpose in him speaking. Even his expression is simply enough personality for the guy. I don't believe that voice acting progressing or improves the gaming experience. Video games are not like movies. If I wanted a story to dictate what a character thinks and feels then I'd watch a movie, where a director has interpreted a story and had a character react appropriately. In video games I like to feel that my gaming initiative is being fulfilled. So that my involvement matters… and a character with it's own will doesn't fulfill that.

    It is really what separates a video game from movies… it's not simply the story but the players interaction. Not to mention I don't want Link to be Sir Auron… I don't want him to be Cloud, I don't want him to be Kratos, or Solid Snake for that matter. Link is Link. Simple as that.

  • med

    i seriously don't care if link has my name or any nickname i want. just call him link and its alright.

  • Conrad

    My bad. . . read my reply to Luke. That is where my comment accidentally ended up. Don't let them take Link's purity and innocence. . .

  • Shaelyn

    my thoughts on the matter: whether or not Nintendo decides to give Link a voice doesn't really matter to me. but, they should definitely give the other characters one.

  • The Power of Three

    Actually, I kinda like the idea of voice actors. They should do that, except they shouldn't do it to LINK! As it's said above, LINK is suppose to be you. The person playing the game. If for any reason they put a voice in for Link, it would be like it's not you playing the game. Get it? Anyway, yes ZELDA, GANONDORF, and many others should have a voice put in. It's not like we are playing them. It's not like they will ever be called a "LINK TO THE PLAYER". So what's the point, Zelda has never failed us before! Take another step forward and let them try something new!

  • Fuss-Budget

    Hmm… this reminds me of another interesting article that I came across a while ago that offered some very strong, supporting points and evidence in regards to this issue.

    (Do read it, it's quite an interesting read.)

  • Samuel

    Well I hate voice acting. Whenever I have the chane, I turn it off. And why?
    Yes, it is true that Nintendo has brought us series like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario BUT Namco has brought us the fantastic Tales series and that didn't stop their voice acting from being total rubbish. Not even Squaresoft/Square Enix which is like the god of games couldn't prevent voice acting from becoming shit in games like Dragonquest 8. I have never in my life heard a good American voiceacting in a game and I don't believe that I ever will. I wouldn't mind Japanese voiceacting though, but that's probably because I don't understand the language.

  • Andross

    Zelda Wii, starring Samuel L. Jackson as Link.

    You heard it here, folks.

    (On a more serious note, yeah, I pretty much agree with the article.)

  • Matt

    Is there really a danger that giving Link and the other characters voices in the next game would ruin the ENTIRE SERIES? I say give it a shot. Link could have a voice, but probably not many lines as in every game he really doesn't ever speak.

    It would be an experiment. I think the world would be enriched by having NPCs with voices. Link doesn't need to speak much if at all, and this would not be out of character for him at all. If the experiment fails, they can just go back to no voices in the next game. One misstep won't ruin a franchise this popular and it could be a very good thing.

    I personally think it would be hilarious if they managed to work in a "well excuuuuuse me princess!" reference.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Hey you guys look,

    I completely agree with NintendoFanGirl. Giving Link a voice would take away the magic that comes with playing as Link. It just takes away all of our freedom to playing the game. It’s basically like having someone take your beautiful piece of art and completely changing it, if not destroying it to pieces. If you’re gonna give the other characters (except for Zelda, I feel the same way about her), fine by me. But, if you try to change everybody’s artwork into something so “narrow-minded”, forget it. Trust me, Nintendo will lose a whole bunch of fans for it, and even though it might attract some new fans, it won’t be many. After all, to other people who are shallow about the series could care lees about if a character gets a voice or not. From the people who fell in love from the very beginning, to the people who fell in love with it at the dawn of a new gaming era with Oot, to the people who started just recently with TP and PH, we all have a right to be creative, and to imagine things our own way. Personally, giving Link (and Zelda) a voice would be basically like communism. Please, just let the legend go on for what it really is, and if it is dying, lets not try to make any desperate attempts in order to save it, where all that will really happen is ruin the series and give the life a horrible ending. If the legend is going to fade away, let it go in peace, and let’s try to not ruin what time is left. I know, I wouldn’t want to to go away either but face it, it has to happen sometime. And, I rather have it go out with a fancy ending, rather that some type of awkward silence within the Zelda community.

    So basically, If it’s going to go out, it should go out in style… just let it rest in peace.

    • keimori

      Well I agree with you on Link, but not on Zelda, Zelda herself has had many lines of dialogue over the years, and personally, I wouldn't mind hearing some good quality VA to go with those lines, I wouldn’t mind actually hearing other characters speak ether.
      after all, they have dialogue boxes, in my opinion, actually hearing that dialogue wouldn't hurt at all, it’s not like it would drastically change the game, and hey, here’s an idea, what if VA was an option, like when you first put the game in, BING, It ask you if you want VA or not. then stick the option on the option menu to turn it on/off, that way, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, you can play your way, and everyone’s happy.

  • Cukeman

    There are still reasons to say no to voice acting. First off there is the vast amounts of text in the series. Some games limit voice acting to cutscenes. Secondly, it might suck. Sonic games have terrible voice acting, Viewtiful Joe had excellent voice acting. With voice acting, we'd still need an option to see the words for deaf gamers. I just don't think VA is needed, and I don't think it has much to offer the Zelda series.

  • TheMaverickk

    I think Zelda Gurl completely sums up the issue entirely. I mean lets face it we wouldn't have discussions or debates about if Link didn't have a voice. Part of the fun is leaving things open like this. Not to mention if people feel that Zelda games are a dying breed and voice acting is a way to rejuvenate the series, I say let Zelda go out the way it's always been, as opposed to trying to be something else (like Final Fantasy for that matter).

    The series has evolved at a pretty steady pace. I mean it's not like Nintendo has randomly decided to make Zelda sci-fi, or modern, or this epic film master piece. Zelda is a video game simple as that.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Thanks, I'm glad someone finally realizes as well.

      The major point of this is, lets not forget what makes the Legend what it is. Zelda didn't get famous for being like all the other games out there. If it did, then Oot would never of been born WHICH WAS THE GAME OF THE YEAR AND GUESS WHAT, IT DIDN'T HAVE VOICE ACTING!!!AND, if Oot wasn't made WW, MM, TP, PH, ST, wouldn't have been brought up either. And, that also means that other systems would have gotten to the 3D destination before us, leaving Nintendo in the dust. Nintendo has always been different (which is good), and that's what made it famous. If you're looking for a "in crowd" game, move over to Final Destination or whatever other games there are out there. Don't come in and all of a sudden start trying to boss us around. The Legend of Zelda is a spectacular masterpiece, so please back off!!!

      • GorCoronSumo

        "Boss us around" who's forcing you to like it.

  • BigGoronSword

    One idea that I’ve thought about for introducing voice acting (primarilly for Link) would be at a peak moment of the game in a cutscene that has a voice actor say that 1-2 words perfectly.

    For example, imagine in tWW when Aryll gets kidnapped by the Helmaroc King wouldn’t it have made that moment even more epic if Link cried out his sister’s name. It’s his sister for goodness sake! He couldn’t have uttered something?

    Or what about in OoT when Link faces Ganondorf, wouldn’t it have been cool to show Link’s angry face and yell out Ganondorf’s name as he charged in?

    Of course I wouldn’t want Link to be a puppet that can only say 1-4 words throughout the game, but these are just examples of how we fans could be introduced to it (I say do it in a DS game, and see what kind of reaction the fans make).


  • Cangels

    Link does not a voice. He is established in the gaming world, why change him? The players will become disconnected from the feeling of actually being in the world of Hyrule. BAD IDEA.

  • Guest

    I want them to give him a voice, as long as it i awesome. because i hate reading its a waist of time, it should only be there for the game boy games of zelda

    • ZeldaGurl_

      If that is your only reason for giving him a voice, then something is not right. Please, if you're going to make such a big decision, make sure you have a reasonable reason. What you decide can either help, or in this case, pretty much ruin the entire reputation of the series.

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  • FeyLynn

    I for one, am not completely opposed to letting Link have a voice. It would be interesting at the very least. But ultimately I can't say I'm for it by any right.

    By using your argument that Link 'already is his own seperate character' in each game I think you would have to agree that Nintendo has done a fairly nice job of conveying a high level of character without a voice. What more character could they possibly give to Link by adding a voice when they already have his actions? Especially if the intent is the let him remain the quiet heroic type where his words wouldn't get a large impact. His perpetual willingness to face anything, his player driven quick wit and puzzle solving, and the spice of the individual game will never come second to a bit of audio to reassure us. I think Nintendo knows that regardless of their curiosity.

    I would theoretically like to see Link speak, I have since those days spent swinging a sword around while shouting "Haa huh HYAAH!"
    But as others have surely mentioned. The risk of the voice putting off a larger % of the fan base then it pleases is very high. Even with a great voice actor, some people will dislike the style, voice, or remain adamantly against it on mislead principal alone.

    But as I said originally, I wouldn't be against it, I still 'would' like to see it on the off chance it is everything of my childhood dreams. I'm just not sure they should honestly take that risk on an off chance when most of us are content to leave him as is.

  • Jink

    I think if Twilight Princess have had voice actors that game would have been awesome. There's quite a lot of dialogue in TP, and from the start I just begged to here voices instead of grunts and texts. So I think bring in the voices to zelda!! ^^

  • Paladin42

    I think they should give him a voice, but limited. You don't want to have him blabbing endlessly from the get-go (or ever). But the whole argument against it is flawed. There is a simple fact: LINK HAS SPOKEN BEFORE. In WW whenever you had a buddy character, like the Ruto girl, Link could talk: "Hey!", "Come on!". And let's not forget how frequently he "silently" explains to some tribal leader what he needs.

    Hell, if they're going to keep up with the pretense that Link doesn't talk they should give us a reason, like he's mute or had an injury (give him a scar over his throat). It'd be really creative if they made him speak in sign language. Let's face it, until he gets his own voice (or text options like in a Bioware game) he's going to keep getting (frequently) annoying side-kicks to talk FOR him (although I did like Midna).

    "Hey!" "Listen!"

  • Paladin42

    I agree with BigGoronSword with one exception: There is no way to say "GannonDORF" and sound epic. 😀 "Ganon", yes.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I can see your point on Zelda keimori, but think about this. With as beautiful and graceful as she is, I just can't even think of the right kind of voice to give her. Well, I could see them giving her a youth's voice for games like WW, PH, or SP, mainly because of their presentation and how they look younger. But for things like OoT, or TP, Zelda is just too beautiful to be placed in something so out there. And then, there would be the argument of her accent. One of my nightmares would have to be seeing such a beautiful princess come into the game, and when you hear her voice, instead of sounding like an angel (which might sound different to everyone), she starts to talk in a country-hick voice (no offense to my relatives or anyone else). I'm very protective of her, and having my image of her disrupted would just kill her character. Link and Zelda are my favorite characters (along with Epona, in case you haven't noticed from my profile info), and I don't want them to be messed up. Everybody else is fine with me if they get a voice, but other than that, LEAVE THEM ALONE, PLEASE!!!

  • There's my argument. :3

  • Well i think that the game is ok with without speech, but it would be cool if they could talk-

  • Robin


    They SHOULD give Link a voice that would probably make it better

  • "Ruined FOREVER," huh? I don't suppose you would happen to be a troper, would you?

    That aside, I really think voice acting would harm the series. After having a wordless protagonist for so long, it'd be weird hearing his voice. It just wouldn't sound right. Sure, he yells, but translating that into words is difficult. Perhaps secondary characters could have some voice acting (and some do; after all, we all remember what Navi and Midna sound like), but Link? I'm sorry, I just wouldn't be able to get "this sounds wrong" out of my mind.

    Secondly, voice acting requires lip-dubbing. After all, if you don't, it looks like the characters are talking with their mouths closed. And then, once you have the lip-dubbing done, you have to remember that the game needs to be translated from Japanese into English (and whatever other languages it gets translated into). The hard work done lip-dubbing is completely ruined by people talking out of sync.

    Finally, you said that Nintendo was doing more with storytelling through emotions. Okay, so why undermine that with voice acting? It's really impressive when a story can be told entirely non-vocally. Take SSBB, for example; it was easy to tell what was going on, despite the fact that none of the characters spoke and there wasn't even any written dialogue to go along with it. It's an effective storytelling method, and doesn't need to be changed.

  • Zelda Fan Girl

    Zelda: LINK SAVE ME!
    Link: no im done
    Zelda :LIIIIINK!
    Link: (Sits down Stubbornly)
    See? end of the game and you didnt do ANYTHING!!!!

    • GorCoronSumo

      Yeah, like THAT'S a likely storyline…

  • Another fan girl

    I not that worried about the voice itself, i’m sure that nintendo find a voice suitable for the game. I’m more worried about the language.
    It TP, when i first played around in Ordon willage, i really got the feeling that i was in a different world. That feeling followed me in TP like in no other game, because it was unique in so many ways. I know that this feeling would be ruined completly if the people begins running around speaking such an well known language as english… It would just be wrong. It doesn’t fit this unique world.
    And the langugage would of course be english, right? What other choice do Nintendo have? I belive that if they should have voice acting, the most suitable language would be japanese. It fits the Zelda-world somehow, its both exotic and familiar. But there is no way Nintendo could make that work, because then they need a black box with the translation anyway. It would make me satisfied, but wouldn’t make a difference to those who want the black box gone.
    You could change a lot in Zelda before i stop playing, but if you turn Link into another american hero, i’m afraid i will.
    Tp worked well, can’t they just keep it that way?

  • Link

    No I like him how he is the expressions he shows are just that of what a good person would show.

  • i still can't agree with u
    when u said that link had emotional reactions it's only for showing him that he isn't cold
    i remember that scene in twilight princess when he saw his shadow self,imagine if u where in his place , they only give him the mostly exact emotion that most of players will have if they where in his place
    and when it comes to cartoon link,i never felt any difference too , even though -as u said – he has more emotions than others he still is the same one and the facial emotions are kinda funny ,,
    if u ask me ,, i still feel that the fact that link doesn't talk for linking us with him is just great ,,,it still keeps my imagination ' what will i say' living ,,
    thanQ 4 the great article ,,,

  • Everyone Go To and in the upload search type in Should Link have a voice? The great LOZ voiceover debate. It's about this article.

  • I think that Link shound have a voice! ME!!!!!!!!!! LOL naw, he should stay the way he is.

  • The Amateur

    The only time LoZ had full voice acting was Navi Trackers in the FSA japanese version.

    This shows SO MUCH potential!

  • Leah

    I both agree and disagree. It would be cool to have Link actually speak but at the same time Nintendo didn't give him a voice because if the character doesn't speak then it's almost like real life because if your not talking during the game then why should he? for a second just think of yourself as Link… your playing the game and he's playing the game because he is you… your not speaking so he isn't speaking because he is you. you get the picture? they did it to make it more realistic to the player. so yeah i agree and disagree. 🙂

  • Nah, leave the silent hero alone. Link doesn't need to talk; we can tell what he's saying by his facial expressions and actions. Besides the Zelda series has been out for 25 years and by now Link should've talked then…so why give him a voice now? So no, it will sorta ruin his image and I would hate to see him turn out like that.

  • mechelle

    if'd be cool is the NPCs got voices. midna's babbly speech was a nice addition to twilight princess. it doesn't have to be a particular language, as long as text boxes are still present. sometimes all that silent "dialogue" is a little much.

    i'm sorta on the fence for link having spoken dialogue..if it were to happen, i just hope it fits him is all 🙂

    definitely controversial in the gaming world, especially for we die-hards!

    • mechelle


  • iron knuckle crusher

    i think link should have the perfect voice and well he should only talk a little at the start and then get more into it

  • iron knuckle crusher

    i have a idea for a new zelda game
    it would be a worldwide game like world of wafcraft and you also make your own character and youcan use head phones to make it use your voice for your character

  • GorCoronSumo

    Link is not one set character, I think that if they do it Link SHOULD have multiple voices because each Link is a different person.

  • GorCoronSumo

    I think giving Link a voice would change the series, but not necessarily for the worse.

  • iron knuckle crusher

    i agree