Another day, another awesome wallpaper submission – this time by a person going by T.H.B., who gathered together the entire set of images from The Wind Waker’s introduction sequence and put them into a stylish, stone-like image for your desktop. You can find it below and in ZU’s Wallpapers section.

Fan Wallpaper
Submitted by T.H.B.

800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1280 x 1024

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  • Curly Q

    Cool i'm 1st! Well I think that it is very interesting that this person did this. I'll finally be able to read it! FINALLY!

  • Kijin

    I haven't read Hylian since 2003 but I could post a phonetic transcript of the wallpaper text here if anyone wants it.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    yes I'm sure quite a lot of us would appreciate it (including myself)

  • Kijin

    Cool, I'm working on it.

  • Kijin

    I'll probaby post it tomorrow coz my Hylian is really rusty. By the way, "Hylian" is disguised Japanese kana, so you need to speak Japanese to understand it.

    • That's just OoT/MM and TWW Hylian. TP Hylian is altered English.

      • Kijin

        I haven't really bothered with TP Hylian, I might learn it for my next playthrough though. Where do I learn it?

        • Um, you don't need to. Like I said, it's altered English instead of altered Japanese, so we can make it out very easily. It's no different than if you used a very fancy font. It can be read, you just need to concentrate.

          • Kijin

            That might explain why it didn't "click" when I played TP. I thought it would be kana. Anyway, I found a chart for TP Hylian and I see what you mean.

  • Oh, I almost forgot. The whole thing was already translated:

    • Kijin

      Looks pretty accurate. I guess I'll keep the transcript to myself. lol

  • zoraluigi

    just put it up. had to delete some unused icons to make room to see the whole thing (the spaces betwixt each pic is just enough for icons). yay.