Part 1: The Disaster (by James Bellini)

Things were running smoothly in Hyrule – the monster population was at its lowest in months, and pilgrims visiting the castle to gaze upon the completed Triforce in awe were a good boost for the economy at large. Nevertheless, Link felt uneasy – something wasn’t right. Each and every day the completed Triforce seemed to gleam ever more brightly and in moments of quiet a faint humming could be heard emanating from the legendary gemstone.

It was decided that Princess Zelda would meet with the sages and see if their infinite wisdom could provide an answer. Alas, even the sages could do nothing more but shrug. A great meeting was held, and the leaders of all the major races of Hyrule turned up at Hyrule Castle to discuss this disturbing behaviour. Link was convinced something terrible was going to befall Hyrule.

It turned out that bringing the leaders into that one place was a grave error – with eerie timing, the completed Triforce began to shake and jump in its casing just as the great leaders sat down to feast. The case was thrown off the wall and smashed on the floor, yet the Triforce still buzzed with raw energy. It began to spin, slowly at first, but built up to a golden blur in the middle of the dining hall until with a deafening roar it exploded. The entire castle was encased in a prismatic, crackling field of magic – impenetrable to any weapon the kingdom could muster.

Things looked grim – even the legendary hero himself was entombed in the castle, and still no one was the wiser as to what in the world was going on…

  • Tyler R.

    This is a very cool story so far! I hope some contributes to it soon

    P.S. I have a great idea for the interactive stories, how can I post them up? Please.

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    I'm Jack M, FourSwords, and I'm waiting for the next installment… I want to see what happens in Focus of Power already!

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    I am Reap. I am working on an update to this story starting today. It likely wont b elong before it is posted. (love whats alred been written)

  • adlez

    i submitted a new part to this story. in it, i introduce some characters from my own fantasy world, but it's based on zelda. and if my part is chosen, it's up to the next person to decide if vaati is male or female…

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    *duh duh dun* Epic story, can't wait for the next part!

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    Man, it's been a while. Still want to see where this goes!

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    Well, I sent in Part 3, currently being reviewed. I hope it's up shortly.

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    cool, how do I read it though