Focus of Power is ZU’s third interactive story, recently submitted by James Bellini. In this story, the Triforce is acting up and has trapped Link (along with the royal family and the leaders of all the major races of Hyrule) inside Hyrule Castle. How will Link deal with this potentially disastrous situation? You decide.

  • Tyler R.

    This is a very cool story so far! I hope some contributes to it soon

    P.S. I have a great idea for the interactive stories, how can I post them up? Please.

  • FourSwords

    I'm Jack M, FourSwords, and I'm waiting for the next installment… I want to see what happens in Focus of Power already!

  • reap

    I am Reap. I am working on an update to this story starting today. It likely wont b elong before it is posted. (love whats alred been written)

  • adlez

    i submitted a new part to this story. in it, i introduce some characters from my own fantasy world, but it's based on zelda. and if my part is chosen, it's up to the next person to decide if vaati is male or female…

  • Apollo

    *duh duh dun* Epic story, can't wait for the next part!

  • FourSwords

    Man, it's been a while. Still want to see where this goes!

  • I am Ganon

    Well, I sent in Part 3, currently being reviewed. I hope it's up shortly.

  • theredmage2.0

    cool, how do I read it though