It looks like Reggie Fils-Aime is out and about, and he’s talking about what’s going to happen next year at Nintendo. While the future is looking bright for Mario and Metroid fanatics, Zelda’s future on Wii is a little more ambiguous. The humble COO of Nintendo of America stated in a recent interview on GameTrailers TV that Nintendo has not committed to a 2010 release date for Zelda Wii.

Does this mean we’ll be waiting into 2011 to see Zelda Wii released? Only time will tell if Nintendo will have the next Zelda title ready for next year.

Source: Joystiq
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  • ChainofTermina

    CRAP! eh. whatever. it was kinda obvious that the game itself wasn't coming out next year. we know virtually nothing about it yet. They just better have a lot of Zelda Wii related stuff at E3 next year. a trailer, another picture, a name, anything!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody likes Reggie anyway.

    • Edracon

      I like reggie, He's a PC gamer, an XBOX360 gamer, a PS3 gamer, and a Wii Gamer!!!! 😀

      • connie chee-wa

        reggie plays xbox and ps3?….wtf?

        • Edracon

          It is true, he mentioned it in a few interviews when asked about games on other consoles. He said he plays them, and likes them.

    • Nobody

      Isn't he great.

  • Calliope

    BAAH. Ah, well I'll be happy if they give us more info in 2010 at least.

  • Arkamidis

    You know…. All this waiting has been driving me nuts!!

    And to think Zelda Wii could be in the release range of 2011? Nintendo, or Miyamoto himself, could at least flash another poster. Maybe one that doesn't include Link but maybe a scenery we'd see in the game, another character or something!!

    Hopefully the upcoming E3 they'll show a teaser trailer. AT LEAST. But one can only let time take it's course i guess.

  • "2011" but deep down, we all kinda knew that didn't we.

  • jack

    not surprised at all, maybe we will se a new trailer in 2010

  • cartoon_link

    that only gives us a year to play it before the world ends 0_O

    • oh man i HOPE it takes a year to play! that would be awesome.

    • Business Shrub

      Does the world end in 2012? Oh, yeah, you're talking about that movie right?

      • cartoon_link

        well supposedly the mayans predict the end of the world in 2012 or at least a huge world calamaity at the point. sumtime in december of that year. the 21st day i believe

  • im not that surprised, as long as its awesome. The longer the wait the more time they have to work on it anyway. I would rather have them take their time than rush it. I have faith in the N.

  • John Smith

    I've always assumed it be released in the second half of 2011 or later since we just got the first and only artwork this past summer. We might not even get it til 2012 since it takes them a few years after they announce it for it to be in stores….

    • well i doubt that, because the first time miyamoto said they were working on it was in 2008.

  • Meep

    Actually the game has been in development for a few years. So either Reggie is screwing with us and the game will be out late next year, or it will be in 2011.

  • Meep

    That last comment was in response to tomtwelve not John smith. I forgot to hit the reply button.

  • Business Shrub

    If we get Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010 then it's good enough for one years worth of gaming harvest. I can't wait to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, or 1 for that matter 'cause I've been rather busy the past few years or so. I've only been playing WW and OoT and MM of course, so when I finally do pick up I'll have lots of stuff to play. I feel like it isn't proper to start a new Zelda if you don't have time, you know busy reviewers shouldn't be playing Zelda and then lamenting they don't have time to finish it.

  • Dewii

    I think they'll do Zelda Wii like they did Spirit Tracks. So that means a trailer and some artwork at E3 2010 and a december 2010 release.

  • Justin Basl

    DAMN!! I can be playing with my wii wii until Zelda wii comes out for one or two more years. My patience is growing very thin.

    Lol, naw, I can wait. I betcha by the time this game comes out, there will already be at least 10 different developers making some zelda parody games, and 3 more zeldas for the DS, just to make us feel better about nintendo screwing with us all this time. lol

  • DarkStar

    lol Justin Basl I soo agree. The new HD WIi would also be out along with 5 games to to promote it haha

  • LuX

    I always thought a 2010 release was hopeful O.o
    2011 I Think is possibly abit soon to be hoping.

    And in the same interview he completely denies HD Wii he tells us its not coming ever.