The Legend of Neil, a Legend of Zelda parody run with the sponsorship of Comedy Central, may not be getting a third season, as network support is dwindling. Legend of Neil creator Sandeep Parikh, has sent out a plea for support so that they will be able to continue the series.

“Season 2 was a tremendous success thanks to our amazing fans but we need your help to ensure a Season 3. Please take a few minutes and watch (and rewatch) the season 2 finale here, and RATE and COMMENT. Show the network that our viewers are engaged and want more! If you’re looking for additional ways to help us, the best thing you can do is introduce the show to all your friends, spread the word, facebook and twitter links to the show. Every little bit helps!

As you all know, The Legend of Neil has been a real passion project for me and it’s been so inspiring to see how many of you have enjoyed the show to such a great extent. I try to read every comment and the fact that they’re overwhelmingly supportive (mixed with the occasional “you suck hard” comment) inspires me to do more. Here’s to hoping we get a Season 3.

Kill Link!

— Sandeep”

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  • Blu Spy

    how is it the 9th when its the 8th

  • Cody

    Dunno, maybe the server clock hasn't adjusted for daylight savings?

  • ChainofTermina

    why did you sign off with "Kill Link"? don't most people on this site, ya know, like him?

    any way, you all know my feelings toward Live action Zelda so I don't need to say anything…… not that I don't like this Neil person. I'm sure he's a nice person who is just expressing his passion for Zelda in the way he most wants to. There's nothing wrong with that. but yeah, I'm actually not that bummed that this might not continue. I know it's a videogame, but Zelda's official art has always been either a cartoon drawing or an anime drawing. and I HATE it when people turn cartoons or anime into Live action. It just looks wrong.

    • Edracon

      In the show the moblins toast everything by saying "KILL LINK!!!"

  • Saskiot

    Watch the show and you will know why he ends it with "Kill Link" its a good show and really funny i found it one night bored out of my mind and it had me laughing the whole time. I hope they do make a 3ed season.

    *holds up a glass in a moblin bar* Kill Link *takes a drink*

  • @ chainoftermina – Maybe if you actually tried to watch this series, then you wouldn't be so quick to judge it. That reminds me of one of them Ganon bans…oh yes…

    *also cheers in Moblin bar*

  • The Khaion

    Omg! noooo Legend of Neil can't die, it HAVE to be a third season! D: