Well, after a week of entries, it was time to close down the STLOcarina giveaway and select some winners. We’ve done just that, and the winners have been notified of their winner-ness. Curious who you should be jealous of? Read inside.

Our lucky second prize winner was Connor, commenter number 128! As for first prize, that was claimed by Ryan Stix, commenter number 330!

If you weren’t a winner, don’t worry – there will be more contests in the future. If you want to move that process along faster, you can put some money into ZU’s Bank of Hyrule, our contest fund. When we reach $250 in the fund, we’ll give away a DSi! So please consider making a deposit if you liked this STLOcarina giveaway.

We’d also like to thank STLOcarina for participating with us this time around and supplying ocarinas and materials for the contest. They’ve been awesome people all around, so if you didn’t win, you can still purchase your own Zelda ocarinas from their site.

  • bannana link

    i lost

    • dimentio

      me to.

  • Jesse C

    guh, same…

  • zoraluigi

    [sadface] D: [/sadface]

  • Cleo Master


  • Taylor

    Congraaatulations, guys 😀

  • Chris Morales

    Congratulations winners…I'm still buying one!!

  • John

    Congrats winners! Maybe next time around, I'll win 😀

  • Connor

    You no. I had no faith that i would win.

  • Noelle

    HOLY JEEBUS I AM JEALOUS. Oh well, I'm getting a Rupee ocarina for Christmas anyways.

  • Ryan Sixt

    I'm the lucky winner and thanks for the congrats guys!
    I'll try and post an unboxing of the goodies!
    Thanks Zelda Universe and STLOcarina