A new trailer has been released for Spirit Tracks which shows a great many new details about the game – including, first and foremost, the fact that our new sidekick is the spirit of Zelda herself. Have a look for yourselves.

If you noticed anything interesting about the game or want to discuss the trailer, you should visit our forums, where our members are already hard at work trying to figure out the story of Spirit Tracks.

UPDATE: The storyline for Spirit Tracks has been revealed. You can read about it here.

  • Wow! What a twist of irony this trailer has presented. Hopefully Nintendo wouldn't reveal such a large gameplay and story element of Zelda being a spirit (that probably also runs the tracks?) if there wasn't also even more juicy stuff to tthe game. =D

    I'm SO excited. <3

    • buttonz17

      its weird caus i allways thought it was stupid that the game was called ''the legend of zelda'' but she only ever appeared in most games but ,she was'nt really as main a character as ''link''……… I'M SO SIKED!!!!!!!! YEY!

      • Yeah, I agree. But I guess the legend of Zelda sounds a lot better than the Legend of LInk. It sounds more sophisticated, kind of exotic, and has a better ring to it.

        I'm excited too and pre-ordering soon. <3

  • Revthemoronoftime

    Woah! That was very unexpected πŸ˜€ i never would have guessed that zelda was the phantom ^^

  • Harry

    The story matters a lot to us theorists, so it's good that they've made it an interesting one. I hope it doesn't create too many new plot-holes though!

  • WakXIX

    Awesome. i was skeptical about the phantom at first, but now im even more excited.

  • MissZeruda

    FINALLY Zelda gets an active role in a game. This trailer is by far the best I've seen, and can't wait until I get my order (I pre-ordered :3)

  • Ken

    Zelda is the new Navi, Ciela, Midna, Tatl, etc. That bat mini boss or boss, his powers seemed like Twinrova's. Well anyways this game probably takes place many years after Wind Waker. Maybe in the other timeline also.

    • Ronny

      mmm… when you think about it, that game might take place before wind waker, since wind waker's princess is supposed to be the ancestor of a princess that looked like the one from spirit tracks. btw, clasic name is Navi πŸ˜‰

    • Metropalis

      your meaning the "adult timiline" I agree with keimori "while i'm not gonna theorize (for i'm on the side of the fence that takes each game in as itself, and only count timeline when direct links between story from game to game, i.e MM is clearly comes post OoT and WW post it, falowed by PH"

  • Nikolay

    What a twist! EPICNESS!!!
    I want this game SO MUCH right now!

  • keimori

    while i'm not gonna theorize (for i'm on the side of the fence that takes each game in as itself, and only count timeline when direct links between story from game to game, i.e MM is clearly comes post OoT and WW post it, falowed by PH, ect, yet TP and the oracle games seem more vague and stand alone to me, ect) this looks awesome! at last zelda has a more active role!!, not precicly what i had in mind when i thought about link working alongside zelda, but still! this looks great! (i already pre ordered)

  • Nedamic

    Im going to feel evilish for controling a woman… at least they kinda made her girly by been scared of rats…

  • MDK

    Goodness me… it appears we have an Ed and Al situation. I am genuinely intrigued by the concept.

    • Cereal

      Yeah, that's true; I didn't even notice that!

    • Tom Restaino

      haha great reference man! FMA rocks and so does Zelda! cant wait

  • Metropalis

    wow this game looks like it will be awesome but… what if it doesn't deliver?

  • miguelink


    Can wait!

  • AWESOME! I somehow doubt this is before WW. Given from what I saw in the trailer when the train "derailed" and after Zelda comes from behind the train we can see what looks like one of her crew as when is was known as Tetra. (I understand, or at least as far as memory serves me, her crew was never aware of the fact that she was the princess, Need to replay WW to be sure >.<) I will certainly enjoy this game as I did PH.

    • Undead_Steve

      Actually in the first few minutes of Phantom Hourglass, it shows that the crew did eventually find out that she was princess zelda because they call her by that name, she then tells them that Tetra worked just fine before

  • saa

    Zelda and Link, sitting in a tree– Killing enemies, 1 2 3?!!

  • Edracon

    so…. Zelda's technically dead…… makes sense…

  • Northy

    Before anyone else does, i hereby coin the nickname The Legend Of Zelda: Full Metal Princess

    My work here is done… i am now incrediblt exited about this game

  • Scott

    So Zelda doesn't get kidnapped and your sidekick IS ZELDA OH MY GOD D: D: D:

  • Well, this is indeed different! Excitement get!

  • donaldgx

    know i understand the role of the statue

  • Pandora21

    Yayz finally a zelda where zelda helps you instead of just being on the sidelines

    OMG i cant wait any-longer!!!

  • Meralia

    Omg epic!! πŸ˜€ I was wondering why she's all blue in the European box art, but never ever would have expected this! And she is sared of rats, aww poor Phantom xD This is going to be so cool! I wish it was December already.

  • KamenRiderHyrule

    Gives me kind of a feel of Kamen Rider Den-O, which works for me because I have been trying to make a fanfiction with Link as a Kamen Rider.
    Can't wait to get it and play it!

  • DavidJW

    This was posted on IGN :

    "First, a little backstory: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. If you played that game, at the end of the adventure you set sail for New Hyrule. Well, in that journey apparently the pirates did land at Hyrule – they just hit undiscovered land, set up the stakes and called the area Hyrule. Pretty convenient.

    Spirit Tracks takes place 100 years after the events of Phantom Hourglass. Apparently in the land that's now called Hyrule, the inhabitants had to deal with a vicious Demon King. In the timespan between the two games there was an epic battle and the spirits of the land helped take down this evil being. Though they couldn't kill the beast, they could muster just enough strength and energy to subdue him with chains and shackles and bury him underground. The shackles, extending the land of Hyrule in four different directions, became the Spirit Tracks, and the surrounding community used these tracks as transportation railways."

    pretty neat πŸ˜€

  • I noticed a massive screwup in your newsletter. You claimed that this was the first time that Zelda received this much screen tim, but you must have failed to notice that she plays a massive part in Windwaker and she got a whole game to herself. Have you forgotten about the Legend of Zelda The Wand of Gamalon? She was the main character.

    • Cody

      We didn't FORGET about Wand of Gamelon, we DISOWNED it. It's not a Zelda game. :3

      And though she played a role in Wind Waker, she wasn't a main controllable character. It's a whole new level of activity.

  • Becky

    So Zeldas the sidekick? What was that silver thing that appeared it reminded me of a Triforce piece. At the start when you're on the train there's a timer counting down, maybe you can collect time or tracks and only go a certain distance? Was that one of Tetras pirate crew behind Zelda, I'm assuming this is the Zelda that was Tetra anyway.

  • UltimaGreen

    LoZLover, dare not to ever speak of that game again. xD
    Although, seeing as she will be your permanent partner in this game, she will indeed have more screentime than in Wind Waker. Wand of Gamalon… no comment.
    The game looks very interesting though! Will have to get it! >.<

  • poxvaati

    OMG OMG OMG OMG this trailer unveils soooo much things!!
    2: …ofcourse zelda should be a sidekick!!!! i dont get why ppl dont like this, but remember you are playing the legend of ZELDA!!! duuh!
    3: omg omg?!?!?! was that a silver triforce?! or a part of it?!???
    This game will be SOOOOOOOOO EPIC!!! OMG OMG OMG! AWESOME!

  • That's DAMN EPIC!

  • Chibidin

    Wow this is SO unexpected…which is kinda Surprising when it comes to Zelda lol things are usually predictable. I'm so excited for the game! Glad I reordered :)!

  • ogichiichigo

    Zelda died and became a ghost. Now who do we save?? Haha just kidding, this game looks amazing, I cannot wait, a really epic twist.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to personally thank you for spoiling this directly to my email. Thanks for nothing.

    • Harry

      When it's such an all-encompassing premise that it's on the official boxart, I wouldn't consider it a spoiler at all.

  • SendoTabiki

    It's the main gimmick of the game – it's on both the official UK boxart and int he official trailer. No doubt it's going to be the game's selling point.

  • thorn96

    I noticed that the guard in he castle place was wearing a green tunic… maybe the guards wear the tunics and Link is wearing on because he is a guard? (but then it is discovered that he is the hero of something and he is wearing green for a reason? I don't know…)

    Anyway, this game looks great. Can't wait for it to hit shelves so I can get my hands on some more Zelda goodness. πŸ™‚

  • xXJulieannaXx

    Haven’t been on ZU in a long while so I’m glad the link for the trailer was sent to my e-mail.

    Zelda as a ghost seems interesting. I can’t wait to play this! Still haven’t played Phantom Hourglass though (need a DS first^-^;).

  • peter

    that game looks sweet. and it IS about time Zelda played an active role in a game

  • Hitomi

    At first I thought that it was Ganondorf walking behind the first sight of Zelda. Haha.

  • Melissa

    Soooo excited!!!!!! But why isn't she Zelda Tetra? Phantom Hourglass ended with herr being Tetra. Oh well, at least Zelda is a main character!! I've been waiting for this for years!!

  • VinnyMartello

    I think that having Zelda as a major character is really cool… but what bother me is that Nintendo hasn’t made any Zelda games for the large Nintendo systems in a while. But something is really befuddling me. Why is Thomas the Tank Engine in a Zelda game?

  • HylianShadow