Some of you may of heard, but for those that haven’t there is a new game in development that looks so much like a Zelda title it’s creating a lot of buzz. 3D Dot Game Heroes is that game, and there are those out there that feel it is breaking all the rules. It looks like Zelda, it feels like Zelda, and worst of all it plays like Zelda.

Mark Methenitis of Joystiq takes a closer look at this “inspiration” and makes a call himself on the infringement issue.

3D Dot Game Heroes

In this article Mark goes on to conclude that at this point there really isn’t enough of anything for it to be true Copyright Infringement. He does note that if key story line elements, including something similar to the triforce, are present then there may indeed be a issue. Until we know more, however, the game appears safe.

Personally, I really want to play this game. It’s for the Playstation 3 and since my wallet doesn’t run that deep, I won’t be able to actually try this game until many years from now.  You can see some footage of the game, as well as even more Copyright Infringement talk, over at Destructoid.

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