Some of you may of heard, but for those that haven’t there is a new game in development that looks so much like a Zelda title it’s creating a lot of buzz. 3D Dot Game Heroes is that game, and there are those out there that feel it is breaking all the rules. It looks like Zelda, it feels like Zelda, and worst of all it plays like Zelda.

Mark Methenitis of Joystiq takes a closer look at this “inspiration” and makes a call himself on the infringement issue.

3D Dot Game Heroes

In this article Mark goes on to conclude that at this point there really isn’t enough of anything for it to be true Copyright Infringement. He does note that if key story line elements, including something similar to the triforce, are present then there may indeed be a issue. Until we know more, however, the game appears safe.

Personally, I really want to play this game. It’s for the Playstation 3 and since my wallet doesn’t run that deep, I won’t be able to actually try this game until many years from now.  You can see some footage of the game, as well as even more Copyright Infringement talk, over at Destructoid.

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  • Gerudude

    WHAAAAAH IT IS BLESSFOMY. crucify them. crucify, crucify, crucify

  • The game looks awesome though =D

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      I disagree. It's sony. I only have a Wii. I CAN'T PLAY IT!

  • The Hero

    it looks good, but every company wants a game like Zelda. Zelda, along Mario, carried Nintendo through all these years. Sony saw this and decided to try and mimic and hopefully see the same results. They will say something like, " We want all players to enjoy the experience that Fantasy Adventures bring." I'm fine with that, just don't mimic Zelda, tell your designers to grow a pair and design a game thats original. Microsoft did it with Fable. So Sony, step up, or shut up.

    • LuX

      I agree people should be more original, but SONY don't make games, neither do MICROSOFT, they publish them.
      Software has created this game and Lionhead studios created Fable.
      I just think the right people should be credited…..or insulted lol 😛

      • The Banana

        I heard that BUNGIE(made halo and some other stuff), stopped working with Microsoft, it could be possible that BUNGIE may team up with Nintendo and maybe make some kick ass shooters for the DS and the wii.

        • Edracon

          You're too hopeful.

    • Business Shrub

      You mentioned Fable! Peter Molyneux is one of my favorite game designers, thanks for bringing him up!

    • Edracon

      PARODY! IT's a PARODY, there is nothing wrong with it, they are just having some fun!

    • Yianni

      Sony aren't developing this. It sound like you don't know what you are talking about. It really is just a 'fun' Zelda rip-off.

  • Yea

    doesnt look too fun

    • Edracon

      You must be blind, it has similar (if not the same) controls as an old Zelda game.

    • Link

      I agree. It looks like both a LEGO/Zelda ripoff MERGED. Never seen that before. 0_0

  • Microsoft does make games… Age of Empires anyone? They have a game making part of the company: They have had it long before the Xbox existed. It's Sony who doesn't have their own game production part of the company. They have contracts, and have bought out a few third parties, but internaly they do not have a game production company home grown. Microsoft, and Nintendo, can have their systems survive off their own games… Nintendo more then anything.

  • PimPSlaP

    Once I saw the trailer I was pretty shocked about how much it does resemble Zelda. The music, the overworlds, the enemies, even the cucoos and bolders from Death Mountain made it in that game. That just makes me wonder how that would look on the real Zelda games………

  • dan

    it looks EXACTLY like a wierd graphics zelda…… RIP OFF

    • Edracon

      It's not a rip off, it's a parody.

  • lightgrasp

    I agree dan they did ripoff zelda their super idiot bozo copywrighters

    • Edracon


  • ChainofTermina

    I'm not saying it's a bad game, in fact I really like it, but isn't Okami really similar to Zelda? no one was all "hey it's a rip off" with Okami. but then what do I know maybe this Dot heros game is even more like Zelda than Okami is.

    • swizzles

      Okami wasn't nearly as similar to Zelda to count as copyright infringement. The creator of Okami said that the Zelda games were his inspiration, not that he blatantly ripped them off or anything.

    • Lirin

      Zelda is a fantasy universe, kind off like medival times. Okami is Japanese folklore, imbedding Japanese culture and Legends in it all throughout the game. I've played both games but I don't really see the resemblance. What do you think is similar to the games? But this game IS a ripoff. It looks like Zelda in Lego form. How can that not be copyright infrigment? As soon as I saw it I thought, " Zelda gone bad!"

  • linksoer

    god! theres even falling boulders like in death mountain!

  • linksoer

    RIP OFF!!

    • Edracon

      It's a PARODY!

      • Anonimus

        No, it a rip off. Call it a parody if you want, but it a rip off.

  • jack

    the game doesn't look that interesting, meh zelda is way better than this parody, rip-off or whatever you wanna call it

    • Edracon

      Parody… and this looks great. Have an open mind.

  • Guil

    Seems very much like a ripoff.

    • Edracon

      it's a parody, not a ripoff.

  • Business Shrub

    This is a horrible RIPOFF! If you want to do a 3D action adventure, please do, but don't "base your inspiration on another game" – RIPOFF.
    Shiggy – "This was my idea"
    3D Dot – "No this was my idea"
    Shiggy – "No, originally this was my idea"
    3D Dot – "This was my idea 'based' on your idea" (*RIPOFF*)

    • Edracon

      Parody DOES NOT EQUAL TO Ripoff

      The More You Know!

  • MRKO64

    I agree! If they can't make an original, then don't copy someone,just deal with it!!! I mean COME ON!!! The TRY FORCE!!! If they can't make a game on there own, then SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Basl

    This game looks so much like "A Link to the Past", but in 3-D. I'm suprised that Nintendo didn't come up with that rendition. That would have been a great idea, turn "A Link to the Past" into 3-D. Instead, Nintendo makes "Four Swords", same design as "A Link to the Past", but that game kinda sucked. Nintendo needs to sew them, or at least make another game faster, or or game developers might do the same thing. "WE CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER TWO YEARS OR THREE YEARS FOR ANOTHER GREAT ZELDA GAME TO COME OUT, NINTENDO!!"

    • Edracon

      Parody game, can't sue.

      • Justin Basl

        But because it's a PS3 game, can't Nintendo force 3D Dot not to publish this game? I mean, it IS copywriting infringment. The "TRY-Force"..? I mean, just because they use a "Y" instead of an "I", that's bogus. Plus, in the beginning credits, they mention the 7 sages. That's totally a part of the Zelda Series. Plus, finding a master sword?!?! Everything in this game, adds up to a lot of zelda aspects. I think Nintendo can find a way to sue this company, especially when they claim has nothing to do with zelda.

        • Justin Basl

          THey need to make some more rules about "Parody" Games. I know it's a Parody, but it goes way too far.

  • Lules

    …Try Force? "No relation to the Triforce, we promisse"? And do you still question if that's a copyright infringement?

    • Edracon

      It's not copyright infringement, it's called parody, and it is protected.

  • Awesomedude

    It must be some kind of joke, I don't think its real .. that's just weird, kinda funny .. but still weird.

    • Edracon

      It's real.

  • LeEpyGfrEaK

    This game doesnt look that bad….looks a lot like zelda….I think it looks like a good game if you ask me, but I wouldent buy a PS3 over it

  • Edracon

    can most of the commenters on this site be IP banned for stupidity? IT'S A JOKE, THE GAME IS MAKING A JOKE, PARODIES ARE PROTECTED AND ARE NOT INFRINGING ON COPYRIGHTS!

  • w2rockstar

    Who cares as long as the game's good.

    • Lirin

      Nintendo might care ; )

  • keimori

    well i just saw the trailer, and while its reeks of Zelda 100%, from what i've seen, i don't thing there'll be any lawsuits flying anytime soon, complete ripoff? well yeah, hell they even got the stinking cooco gang rape gag in there. but it may turn out to be good. not that i'll be buying a PS3 For it mind you.

  • shadowlink

    If that's copyright infringement, then so is the first Final Fantasy, with it's grave saying "Here lies Link"… I think it's just a nice cameo, and there are many others like that in games (even when they're not from the same company, or for the same console)

    • Edracon

      hey look, someone smart.

  • Business Shrub

    Making a game is really hard, it takes a lot of inspiration, hmmm… say, I wonder where these people got their wonderfull "inspiration" from? Because I really like their ideas, a Death Mountain with boulders falling down…, WAIT A MINUTE! THAT'S LOZ! Oh, and ALttP too. "We made a really fun game, we just took another game and stole it!" Commo'n isn't it obvious that they are trying to hurt Nintendo by copying Zelda! Well, that sort of ☠☠☠ DOESN'T FLY! PIRACY!!! ☠☠☠☠☠!!! Zelda RULES, don't mess with Zelda!

    • Edracon

      did you not read any of the comments I made. The game is a PARODY.

      A PARODY, it's meant to be lie LOZ, so you are a dumbass once again.

      And apparently you don't know what "piracy" means. Piracy is when you burn or copy a game disk in some manner without paying for it or owning it, and then NOT destroying that copy in 24hours, and never buying the real game. This is NOT that, this is a PARODY.

      • Business Shrub

        Well, actually the 24 hour rule is a myth made by convenient people who don't want to pay for what they take from others. Copyright infringment is more than just downright copying though, Nintendo own the Triforce and that means you can't copy it and then simply call it "Tryforce".

  • Feri-san

    It's so much like Zelda down to he similar musical tune that it's obvious they did it on purpose xD The concept, gameplay, and pretty much everything hits home too closely. Let's see how this develops XD

    Commence countdown for sue. xD

    although I must admit, that the 3D 8bit characters are a neat and creative idea XD

    • Edracon

      they can't sue, the game is pretty much a parody of Zelda. a PARODY, it is protected under it's own rights. Also, many other games have similar styles and gameplay, so there's nothing bad with it…. If I had a PS3, I would totally get this game… and I would make the main character look exactly like link.

      • Feri-san

        What you say makes sense, that's why i said that it seems what they did was pretty much obviously meant to look like Zelda, but thansk for clearing it up 😀 since it wa sintended as a parody, it is protected. and it's not like it's losing Zeld aor nitnendo that many sales anyway.

        If I had it, I'd do too xD; I actually like the 2d- intro.3D they did her, it's such a fresh perspective on gaming.

  • doodle

    can most of the commenters on this site be IP banned for stupidity? IT'S A JOKE, THE GAME IS MAKING A JOKE, PARODIES ARE PROTECTED AND ARE NOT INFRINGING ON COPYRIGHTS!

    ^^^thank you.

  • Anyone who thinks this is a bad idea is an idiot.

    Look, think of it as getting another Zelda game. Nintendo makes us wait so damn long and gives us awful systems, so let's play a Zelda game, on a good system, while we wait.

    Anyone who doesn't like this doesn't like Zelda.

    • "gives us awful systems"


      Developers not taking it seriously until now=/=it being bad.

      "Anyone who doesn't like this doesn't like Zelda."

      *double facepalm*

      …no comment.

  • 8bit

    Here's to hoping this is a parody, and it's a parody of 8bit games in general, not just Zelda.

    Anyway, this look beautiful. Just the pure, awe-inspiring beauty of the graphics make me yearn for a PS3.

  • enxash

    umm… people, i’m pretty sure the text that says something about the ‘try force’ isn’t actually from in game… if you check joystiq’s page for the game, it’s got the above image, but larger, and i’m pretty sure the text was just added in to express how they also think of the game as a zelda ripoff. The smaller characters above it are japanese, meaning the game hasn’t been translateed yet anyway… i mean, what’s the chance they’d actually make an obvious reference and even point out said reference?

  • Business Shrub

    It's clearly copyright infringment! I think Nintendo should sue them, this is just an easy way to make a buck. Designing a game is hard, it gets a lot easier though if you're developing your game based on somebody else's game. "Hey, let's take all the content from a different game and just rip it." (*Piracy*)

    • Edracon

      Business Shrub….. why do you keep posting….

      You are wrong, get over it. It seems to be a parody, and even if it isn't, the story isn't the same as LoZ, so it's not copying, besides it just has an 8/16-bit look, there is nothing wrong with that…. You're just stupid.

      • Actually, it also has a puzzle that you solve by hitting a switch with a boomerang and the chickens attack you.

        But I agree, people are getting too worked up over this.

  • helmaroc king

    lol idiots not a rippoff its a parody

  • Learn the definition of parody. This is no more a rip off of Zelda than Spaceballs was of Star Wars.

  • Anonimus

    Rip off. EoD. Kisses. 😉

  • Anonimus

    It's a rip off. But Jesus loves you all. Even those who think it's a parody. Love & hugs.

    • Edracon

      ok…. I change my mind.. only THIS person should be IP banned.

      • Business Shrub

        Well, actually it doesn't matter much, I have different IP on different computers. Stop talking about IP banning people. Just scroll past posts you don't like. Filtering out spam is easy, just use a captcha, but filtering out bad opinions is harder, first of all you would have to define a bad opinions and it's really hard to do a script that does that. I guess you could run a popularity contest on ZU and ban people with low popularity and require people to log in, but such a system would be overerly intrusive and piss people of.

  • *facepalm*

    Words cannot…no wait, there's a picture for this *looks for it*

  • Shame on you

    The only thing i can say about this is. Shame on you Nintendo for not doing something like this yourselves. I mean how awesome wouldnt a remake on sweet nes and snes games be with these graphics?

  • scott


  • Business Shrub

    When you own a trade mark, like Hyrule, or a copyright, like music, art, weapons, then you're not supposed to have to compete with others who use those protected assets. This is infringment on Nintendo's IP!

    • Edracon

      This isn't infrincing on any trademarks… since when is 8-16bit graphics been trademarked? Yes, he is using a boomerang, but that hasn't been trademarked in the videogame world, Neither has a magic sword (this one acts differently than the ones in zelda games), skeletons aren't tradmarked, nor are chickens. Not even the music is the same. There are no infringement of copyrights in this game.
      Business Shrub, every single time you posted on this story, I have completely negated your claims, give up. There is nothing wrong with this game existing, move along.

  • Iku

    that's nice, im getting this one because i love zelda and this promise to be sooooo "old school" just like the real good zeldas used to be.

  • Dude

    Looks a liiiiiitle bit like Roblox or Blockland (mostly Roblox)

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  • To current idiots who thing this is axctulyl a ripoff.

    A parody stated by some is half idiot. But the real reason of this game is well… a tribute to the good age of 8-bit (Even though, most of the 8-bit games (90%) were made by drugged up developers.). Copyright infrigment my ass, many games have simular gameplay, some games tried to clone the gameplay of Mario too. But you don't see them getting sued.

    So tell me, if yout still hink this is copyright infrigment, you are really going against what you are a fan of.

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