GameSpot recently held a poll battle between Link and Gordon Freeman, as part of its “All Time Greatest Video Game Hero” tournament. The battle was extremely close, and the two remained within 0.5% of each other the entire match.

That is, until the creators of Gordon Freeman, Valve Corporation, stepped in on the last day, alerting their entire fan-base about the contest and telling them to vote for Gordon. This flooded the polls with 40000+ sudden votes and demolished Link’s chances for good.

Gordon has now moved on to the final match of the tournament, where he is facing off against Mario.

  • Stupid bastards. It's all Mases's fault anyway.

  • Steve

    It takes a a huge gaming company to defeat Link, hahaa, losers.

  • That sucks, majorly. Link should've won. Oh well. No sense being bitter about it.


  • Sam

    Steve: Wut? Because Nintendo is just the small underdog, right? Zelda fans were doing EXACTLY the same thing. The Zelda forum was flooded with "Quick, tell everyone you know, vote for Link, hu iz dis gordon geek anywayz LINK FTW!". As I said in the other news post, this is nothing but a popularity contest with no real merit. Otherwise Abe and Wander would have been the final two.

    nagrom: I disagree. Link and Gordon are quite similar heroes, in that they are both personality-less characters that serve mainly as a link between the game world and the hero, but as far as acts are concerned I see Gordon as the greater hero, fighting for the oppressed remnants of humanity.

    • Well, I don't actually know anything about Gordon to make a true judgment anyway. I'm just a Zelda-fan so you shouldn't take my comment too seriously. If what you say is true then Gordon must have equal merit. I just happen to like Link very much; I'm still sad that he didn't win. But it's ok. Nintendo can't win them all. =)

    • ChainofTermina

      who are Abe and Wander?

    • Sanitys Theif

      Link fought for the oppressed remnants of humanity in OOT when the world was taken over by Ganondorf

      Gordan Asshole is FAIL, unoriginal uniconic bastard

    • Stryder

      Ha. I feel almost exactly the same way about the second paragraph. Yes, this is a zelda based forum, but…Come on, look at the facts, peopl!

  • Eric

    The whole situation kind of reminds me of having your dad come to school to tell a bully to leave you alone. Instead of letting their character speak for itself, Valve got involved and gave him a clear disadvantage.

  • DarkMajora

    I would be upset but Half-life-loser-whats-his-name only won after an ENTIRE WEBSITE was set up to BEG for help and even then he only won by 36718.Also Sam 1: Nintendo didn’t do anything. They have nothing to do with this site and nobody but the fans said “Go Link” 2: I disagree with you but I won’t say why because it will turn this whole post into a bunch of replys saying “You’re STUPID and WRONG and STUPID and here’s why!!!”

  • This poll wasn't serious in the first place. Valve wasn't serious in the first place.

  • silver-hero

    Haha! LOL! Very funny! Link and Gordy would'ave had a tie if it wasn't for the gaming company. It doesn't matter anyhow. Link is still the greatest hero outthere!

  • Shaelyn

    ~laughs~ it's one thing for a bunch of fan forums to get involved, it's another for the corporation that made the game to get involved. weird.

    but not any weirder than 4chan getting Bub & Bob to beat Master Chief… XD

    these things don't have any real merit.

  • Jake

    I say we all vote Mario and make Gordon pay for vanquishing Link!!!

    • Abdulink

      You're right!!

  • Tal-N

    It's all about advertising. The difference is that Valve is close enough to it's gaming community to understand that this kind of stuff reaches millions of potential customers while Nintendo would consider it beneath them to even look at some 'stupid' contest.

  • RiceBunny

    Gordon winning makes me cry. =/

  • Average Gamer

    Looks like Link…


    … Just got steamrolled.


    • KafeiFTW

      What is that supposed to mean?

      • bubmario

        Steam is a website run by valve. I must say, average gamer, that was very clever…:p

    • MRKO64

      you know, Average Gamer, it does not matter!! I am sure it did not change the hundreds to thousands of Zelda Fan's minds about the game! So what is the big deal! Link lost, so what!!! It's not like Nintendo has to stop making Zelda!! So it's not a big DEAL!!!!!! (If you disagree,as I said, ………NOT A BIG DEAL!!!!!!!

  • By_Farore

    1.So, let Valve have its fun, Nintendo has other things.

    2. Nintendo doesn't need to prove itself. Seriously. Them coming and telling all to vote Link or Mario would be out of place. Especially Mario: even non-gamers know that guy.

    3. Link is the type to sacrifice it all for the people, any people. *Looks at post that says the other is a greater hero* Comparing greatness will cause useless, bitter wars. Popularity now… since this is all it really is about: again, Nintendo has nothing to prove.

  • Edracon

    wow…. yeah, I saw that… and even though I wanted Gordon to win, that was kinda unfair in a way, it was more interesting when each one was slowly overcoming the other by a few hundred votes.

    • pooper417


  • Teengamer

    NO FAIR!!! ugh…..well, he's gonna LOSE to mario though!

    • Silver

      Yes, Gordon will lose despite have a 30% lead.

    • pooper417

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Nitramtj

    If this competition proved anything (until steam pushed published this), it's that Gordon Freeman needs to be in the next Smash brothers.

    • pooper417

      SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChainofTermina

    actually, to tell the truth, I'm surprised Link got as far as he did, this being a popularity contest after all. If I knew this contest was going to place before it started, I would have guessed that most people would vote for some random Gear head or a C.O.D. shmuck, or some other generic, muscle headed solider guy from one of the to many FPS war games out there. because that's the only type of video game people ever talk about around where I live.

  • thatone

    Haha, good on you Valve! I'm getting bored with Link, anyway.
    But really guys, it's all in good fun. This isn't for money or something important. Just an internet popularity among VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS, not even real people. I don't see why some of you are getting so offended.

    • keimori

      because it just kinda feels like…well, cheating. i undstand why they did it, and why its ok and in the name of fun, but it still feels like cheating to me, i'd still feel the same way if nintendo did the same thing. all my opinions of who i thought should have won aside, in the end, a company useing its influence to tip the scale, in the name of fun or not, still feels unfair.

      • Shaelyn

        cheating any more than 4chan getting Bub & Bob to win over Master Chief? the results were skewed long before Valve stepped in.

        cheating? not technically – there were no rules against it. unethical? maybe, for a handful of reasons. does it matter? no.

    • pooper417


  • Justin Basl

    Well, "thatone", it's because zelda has been saving the world a lot LONGER than Gordon Freeman, in the videogame world. Even though they are characters, it's unjust that a character like Link didn't win, especially againts a guy like Dorkon Freeman from Half-Life. If anything, if it was about popularity, and if Every Zelda fan knew about it, Gordon Freeman would have been crushed. But because Valve has alot of fans on thier site, and this site doesn't, it was obvious that they beat Link.

    But i agree, it's childish to argue about fictional characters.

    • Juri238

      Yeah,you have to go to use the steam program(linked to the internet) to play the game and they just sent that out to everyone.Nintendo on the other hand deals with consoles,even the ones linked to the internet arent really using that alot.

  • jack

    then link won, because valve cheated in the contest, but whatever i don't care if gordon won, link is still the best videogame hero of all time, but that's my opinion, i feel link deserved to win (sorry for bad english)

  • lalalala

    Who is the other dude? I've never even heard of him o.o'
    Ah well, Mario will win anyways.

  • Link1432

    Any contest where Pac-Man beats Kirby and Starkiller is beat by the GTA guy is total crap anyway.

    Link is still the greatest. We all know it, and that's what counts.

  • anonymous

    Does it really matter? I mean come on this thing was in trouble since the beginning. But if it's any consolation my fellow Zelda fans it's this: Half-Life fans are still waiting for episode 3.

  • Ray

    Who the heck is Gorgon Freeman??

  • Gwen

    The thing that bugs me is that Valve will probably gloat over their win.

    • Edracon

      They probably won't. They will thank the fans though…

  • RoRo

    Is that the guy from the solid snake game?

    • Edracon

      Gordon Freeman is the SILENT PROTAGANIST from Half-Life and Half-Life2.
      And the "solid snake game" is called Metal Gear (solid).

    • anonymous

      No, he is from the Half-Life series, a very well done series of first person shooters I might add, and did for PC gaming what OoT did for 3D adventure games.

  • Flop

    Gordon would've won even whitout Valve bugging in

  • Bill

    As a diehard Zelda fan I must say I'm disappointing at the fanbase's reaction to the loss. I've seen everything, from accusations of cheating to ignorant bashing of the seminal Half-Life franchise. Gamespot wanted developers to advertise the poll (even sending out advertising kits for the event), and it's nobodies fault that Valve took advantage of this.

    • What's this? A Zelda fan actually making sense?

  • Squiggy

    I acknowledge that what Valve did was very sneaky and unfair, but at the same time… You guys are gonna hate me for saying this… But I'm actually sort of glad Link lost.

    Want to know why? Every single video game popularity contest ever, The all-time winner is always either Link, Cloud, or to a lesser extent Mario. Nobody else (except maybe that one time with the tetris block…). And it looks like Gordon is kicking Mario's ass now, too. Valve's hand in this corrupted the poll, but at the same time its really quite refreshing to see someone new pop up at the top.

    Flame me all you want. Go ahead. All you'll be doing is giving me something to laugh at.

    • anonymous

      I agree with you one hundred percent. Zelda is a great series, but still, let someone else have the glory.

  • Business Shrub

    A bad hero doesn't have the right to win! If you havn't played ALttP please don't vote! If I had created a hero I wouldn't deliberately make him win against someone better, that's unfair! Valve is beeing stupid, I was hoping Link would win.

    • Edracon

      Gordon is not a bad hero. Your being sore over a stupid poll made in the name of fun.

  • NickB

    Doesn't matter in the end, they will both lose to Mario.
    But still, that really seems like cheating.

  • shadowlink

    Meh, Valve screwed up a very nice competition… No matter who won, I was having fun cheering for Link as the numbers kept changing…

  • DaltonR^

    I dont even know who this "Gordon Freeman" is

  • Awesomekun

    You can complain about Link losing all you want, but don't try and bash Valve or Gordon Freeman. Half-Life 2 is one of the greatest games this side of the century and Valve are pretty much the best developer out there.

    I love Zelda and all, and in all honesty Link probably should've won, but give Valve their time in the spotlight. They deserve it.

  • Nitramtj

    It looked like Gordon had a chance to win without Valve, I just wanted to see someone barely win, by 0.01% or something like that.

  • Rojinshu

    That's just unfair

  • FierceOniLink

    WTF f*cking faggs tht dude suecks ass link is way better link can kill jis ass with one sword swipe fart knockers

    • Edracon

      Yeah…. because link can kill a guy that has a gun that can take things out of peoples hands and use them as weapons……. (uses gus to use sword as projectile.)

  • Yoshiyahu

    XD Who cares? Gordon is creaming Mario by the way… Though I'm not sure about right now, I checked earlier.

  • sheik01

    ahh?? que tratan de decir seee ya se que no soy de aqui pero no lo entiendo ni J

    • Oscar

      Que hubo un concurso de popularidad entre Link y Gordon Freeman de la serie de Half- Life… y los creadores de Half-Life votaron y Link perdio jojo..

      Y ahora la mayoría dice que eso es como trampa.. Pero.. es solo un concurso.. jaja πŸ˜€

  • Sanitys Theif

    FUCK GORDAN ASSHOLE, this just proves how much of a fail he is, that his creator's have to fucking tip the scales for him, I didn't care for him before, but now that he's a character that unfairly rose to the top in something so stupid I now just have more loathing for him

    Stupid bastards, this competition is a joke now anyways, and it has been ever since Gordan beat Snake, you all know Gordan's gonna beat out mario easy, he already has a crapload more votes

    So there's the end result of a joke competition about a stupid unoriginal and uniconic fail character beating out all the true heroes by his creator's stepping in to tip the poles

    next competition they should leave Gordan Asshole out because obviously he and his creator's can't play fair

    • Sanitys Theif

      *polls >_>

    • Edracon

      He was winning before they "tipped the scales"

      Stop being a Douche and leave this site forever, noone wants you here if you can take one lose on a poll that was made for fun.

  • Oscar

    Oh c'mon guys it was just a popularity contest!!!!
    Even if Link won, we didn't get anything special!

    Zelda is my favorite game, but I'm interested in Half-Life series now haha..

  • Blitz

    Figures, Link is still far far far more popular of a character. Mario should wipe the FLOOR with Gordon.

  • Outlaw

    Oh please you fuss pots, it is just a popularity contest. I like Link but I voted Gordon. The fact that Valve informed its players about Gordon just shows how they interact with their fans. Don’t take the poll so serious Ok? I HAD TO FACE OFF AGAINST 4CHAN WITH SAMUS OK? Luckily Gamespot being smart, disqualified Bub and Bob because of 4Chan.

  • That is such Bull! Getting the company to tell them to vote.
    By the way… Who's Gordon Freeman!? He looks like a Tron Guy If you ask me! Anywho, Nintendo don't need to prove themselfs, they know they're better…
    Seriously, Imma gonna look up Gordon Freeman. Who Is THIS GUY!?
    And Why wasn't Jak there? Jak's awesome!

  • sars

    What valve did was tell their fans to that this contest was going on and you should vote for Gordon. I wouldn't call that cheating its just alerting fans of the contest so they could vote. Nintendo or any other Zelda fan web-site could have done the same-thing.

    I will be honest I voted for Gordon. partly because I wanted to see some one new at the top and I was hoping that Valve will try to get episode 3 out faster.

    When I saw the match up I was disappointed I had to chose between Link and Gordon they are both bad-a** characters and they are pretty similar in other senses as well.

  • Luisa

    Really, the Zelda community was doing the same thing. The only difference is that Nintendo itself didn't step in saying "Link needs YOU!".

    But really, Link should have won, with no doubt.

  • Metroidmaster

    All I can say is SHUT UP! God, popularity doesn’t sell games, it helps, but in the end it’s the same as freaking obama getting the nobel peace prize -_-;; I mean haven’t we seen MORE war-ish crap since he came to office?

    I agree that in contests like these, the companies themselves shouldn’t interfeere.

    But Link lost, big whoop, if Gordan gets in the next brawl then we can still kick his *** then if he has any anyway. xD

    And yes, mario will at least come in second, IF not first. But sheesh, what about Sonic the hedgehog, or Samus, what if one of them beat link? You whiners would still get just as pissed, even if bothe of those two work for Nintendo.

    I say let the loser win, they cheated horribly anyway, that would be like them saying. “we suck so much we had to beg to get this.” I mean nintendo doesn’t interfere, cause they have more important projects to work on than a popularity contest. So cool it, there’s always next year anyway πŸ˜›

    What are the mario fans gonna say if Sonic kicks his butt next time, or Link?(ESPECIALLY Link) The same crud you guys are spilling now, that’s what I think anyway. So quit complaining, it is just a pole…
    So sayith I, the MetroidMaster, even if I still suck like crap on the older games xD

    • pooper417


    • pooper417


    • Silver

      So many things wrong with this, Zfan.

      One, Sega is a third-party.

      Two, nobody cheated. There is no rule that states that Valve cannot encourage fans to vote for Gordon.

      Three, Sonic games haven't been remotely good since Adventure 2.

    • Silver


  • All you could say was shut up…and several other things…for…a few posts. πŸ™‚

    But I agree..hahah

  • Jodd

    Gordon deserved to win.

    • pooper417

      ShUt ThE fUcK uP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silver

      I agree with Jodd.

  • Darkstar

    Link is a LEGEND, Gordon is just a FAD. Legends NEVER die, Fads do. In the end, Link is the Hero of TIME meaning he'll be here forever wheather people like it or not. gordon has a few more months before he loses his popularity since he's just another "new age" character from the FPS games.

    • Edracon

      fads don't last 11 years (That's how long Gordon was around in the videogame world) his games brought something revolutionary to videogames…. MOVING MOUTHS ON 3D MODELS!

      Gordon Freeman: First game: Half-Life (1998) brought revolutions in many ways.
      Half-Life2 showed that you can easily make realistic looking environments without sacrificing tons of ram. And you can tell a story without taking the camera away from the characters eyes. That in itself is NOT a fad. Yes, it was unfair that VALVe stepped in, but he was already winning…. But some of you guys are just being sore over nothing. Also, many other games have referenced half-life that are NOT FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS.

    • Silver

      Gordon has been around since 1998. The franchise is still going strong after eleven years. Half-Life has always been a beacon of excellent design philosophy.

      And people wonder why I think Zelda fans are morons?

  • Business Shrub

    Gordon didn't deserve to win:
    "To be worthy of; merit. See Synonyms ar earn"
    The reason Gordon won was because Valve stepped in to tip the scales, thus Gordon didn't win out of own merit. Link fought fair, he fought well, but who can win when the other side is cheating? If Shigeru Miyamoto had told people to vote for Link he would have got millions of votes, but guess what that would be so obviously beneath Shiggy! I have to agree with what Samus repeated several times, just because Obama got the peace award thingy doesn't mean he's best, only means he's popular. Before this week I had never even heard about Gordon Freeman and I hope I wont hear about him again. Next year we have to vote Gordon out before he gets too far, like next year BomberMan would win, OK, let's remember the name "Gordon", whenever "Gordon" shows up we have to vote him out before Valve steps in to cheat and tipping the scale. Trying to tip the scale is so unfair, when Obama went to Copenhagen to tip the scale to get the Olympics to Chicago that was unfair, he was trying to seal the deal! The other competitors for the Olympics were supposed to be left in the dust after Obama had made his appearance. Well, it turned out Obama lost big time with his "Chicago" HAH! If only Valve could have lost too, that would have been well deserved. Oooh, why didn't Tokyo get the Olympics??? That would have been so cool. Btw, have you ever noticed, Kyoto is Tokyo, start reading at the 'k' and then loop around! Gordon has a phd in physics at the Massahu… PHEW! BAH! BLURK!

    • Edracon


    • Chester

      Why do you want America to fail?

    • Silver

      I love it how Republicunts wanted their own country to lose.

      Some patriots they are.

      Also bawwwwww.

      • Business Shrub

        Commooo'n how coooool wouldn't it be if Japan got the Olympics? Who cares about Chicago? Anyway it's unfair to tip the scales, Link was winning! Fortunatelly the Olympic committe didn't buy Obama's crap, people like Obama don't own everything, and the Olympics is one thing he doesn't own. Oh, and Oprah Winfrey is a sore loooser, she's not showing her episode about the happy Danish after all, what's the matter Oprah, loosing hurts? It really bothers me that Valve stepped in and determined this election, that was unfair and next time they shouldn't even consider any of Valve's heroes. Gordon got a phd in physics at MIT, booring, what is he, a professor with grey hair? A physics professor is a hero now? Comooooo'n do you have any idea how booring that sounds to someone who hasn't ever even heard about him? You can't just label everyone who dissagrees with you a "Republican", I didn't want America to loose, I supported John McCain after all. Unfortunatelly America DID loose, but that was non of my doing. Btw, Chicago lost the Olympics, not America, it's not exactly like America is such a small country that everyone can come to Chicago is it, Chicago is not the same thing as America. The Griswolds family comes from Chicago and they are qutie cool though, if you don't know what I'm talking about you should see some old movies.

        • Silver

          So what if Japan got the Olympics? If you're an American you'd want your country to win.

          And Gordon was winning, if only by .4 percent.

          Plus, Gordon would wipe the floor with Link in combat. Never bring a sword to a gunfight.

  • pooper417


    • Edracon

      people like you should have their IP banned from this site. Keep your head, Gordon was winning by a few hundred BEFORE valve stepped in. And Valve only stepped in as a JOKE. The Poll itself was also not meant to be taken seriously, the internet is not meant to be serious, and honesly, if Link did continue, Mario would have beat him anyway.

      Let me add one last thing here.

      The last decent Zelda game was Twilight Princess, as it was fun, and had great controls and the story was well done. Phantom Hourglass sucked balls, and Spirit Tracks is closely following in it's footsteps. Don't deny it, it's true, the controls are balls because they won't let you use the D-pad to move if you want to. Nor can you use the buttons to attack. No Nintendo characters (except Samus, and Fox McCloud) deserve to win this due to extremely gimmiky games of the late.

  • lalalala

    Mario is getting creamed ..
    This isn't right. πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    Don't feed the trolls, kiddies.

  • Waddy

    makes no sense. half life is good and all but there are only like 4 games! Zelda has a much bigger fanbase and way better games!

    • Edracon

      there are 5 HL games, and they are ALL good. Zelda has like a bajillion, and only about 3/4ths of them are good.

      • Edracon

        also, the Zelda fanbase is mean. (just look at the "fan" comments bashing Half-Life)

  • The Truth

    Does it really matter? Does what GameSpot say affect our view of Link in the slightest? No, of course not. Link is THE greatest game hero, regardless of what GameSpot, or Valve, or what anyone says for that matter!

    Also, Mario is probably going to win anyway. I mean, he's Nintendo's main icon. He's been around the longest, and he's the most recognizable. Gordon Freeman's got nothing on him.

  • Volpe

    It-s just an internet contest. It-s a known fact that Link ahs been around longer and is more widely known (even in the non gaming community) than gordon freeman. No biggie πŸ˜‰ and like others have said, nintendo has nothing to prove. Nintendo is still WAY BIGGER and more popular than valve anyway c: it's just an internet popularity contest guys dont let it get to you.

    • Edracon

      actually it's more like this. Nintendo=#1 CONSOLE GAME COMPANY, Valve=#1 PC GAME COMPANY

      Valve is more popular in the PC crowd than Nintendo, but Nintendo is more popular in the Console crowd. Also, if you have a PC, it can probably play most valve games, it doesn't take much to run them.

  • Dylan

    hehe, clever bastards.

    Anyway Link and Gordon both kick ass.

  • Sir

    So wait, Zelda fans post all over their website, and when Gordon fans do the same thing, it's wrong? You're a silly bunch of people.

  • Business Shrub

    The difference is this is a fan site, we don't gain personally from promoting Zelda, we do it because we trully like Zelda. We are not pretending to like Zelda only because we made it, we are true fans. Valve on the other hand was motivated by the fact that it's their business. It would have been fair if a Gordon Freeman or HalfLife fansite had told people to vote, but when Valve did it it was as if they couldn't accept that their hero was loosing because Zelda is awesome. And we almost won, only 200 votes was needed! It was like Florida 2000, but a far more important election in my book!

    • Edracon

      Valve was just having fun. and the people who voted are FANS. I just negated all of your claims. Dumbass…. Someone find out his IP and block him from this site, this site doesn't need people like him.

    • Silver

      People who think an internet character poll is more important than a presidential election are on my list of people to throw off a building.

  • Midna's shadow

    I personally doubt that mario could stop gordon. however I will never ever except Gordon Freeman as the greatest video game hero. Because we all know- LINK RULES!!!