It’s that time of the year. October – when we all decide we’re going to dress up like Link this year but, for some reason, we never seem to find the right materials for the costume. Sure, that fateful day might be a good month away right now, but it’s never too early to get in the spirit. Especially when there’s candy corn involved.

(Note to self… next greatest invention: The candy corn triforce.)
  • Yea

    on halloween u can dress as anything. its about gettin candy and looking like a retard 🙂 also an excuse to throw parties and get drunk!WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Business Shrub

    What are you talking about? Is there some kind of cosplay festivity I need to know about? You're not talking about Halloween are you, you better dress as a Gibdo then! I don't get Halloween, you're supposed to dress like a monster, right?

    • ChainofTermina

      theoretically, yes, but ever since, like, I don't know, the…..20s or something people dress up in what ever costume they want. it's actually starting to get kinda sickening. Hannah Montana and bullshit like that.

      • I dunno…I'd be pretty scared if I saw a big group of people all dressed up as Hannah Montana.

        • Navi17

          Well hopefully u dont have to see the Kindergardens Haloween parade.

      • swizzles

        Hannah Montana more than qualifies as a monster.
        She's scarier than any zombie or vampire I've seen…

    • Navi17

      I love ur name Business Shrub its so random and cool

  • Justin Basl

    I remember a couple of years ago, I dressed up as my favorite character, link. I tried dressing up as the old style NES zelda style. And when I couldn't find yellow tights, I had to settle for these golden glittered tights. I looked like the gay, flamboient link. I was like, "Hey There Fellas.." and my friends were like, "don't touch me with your sword." lol

    • Navi17

      Thats hilarious.

  • ChainofTermina

    I am sorrta kinda half goth so this is my most favoritest time of the year! unfortunately I don't usually get to do anything for reasons I'll keep to my self, but I still think all the decorations and seasonal spirit and atmosphere are the most awsomest they can be! YAY DARK, SPOOKY AND EVIL WOOOOOOO!!!

  • What happened to replacing the rupees telling you if the forum is un/read/locked with the jack-o-laterns

  • Shaelyn

    well, actually…I did find the right materials for the costume. 8-bit Link ftw!

    I just need to sew it, and make a wooden sword and a shield with the original red cross.

  • Petridish27

    I'm planning on being the Happy Mask Salesman this year, and when I go around I might actualy try to sell some masks.

    • Shaelyn

      for halloween…that's actually a brilliant idea.

      I may steal it in a couple of years, fair warning ;P

    • Navi17

      Thats SO COOL Cuz that guy is wayyyyyyy creepy someone should be tingle.


    Final Fantasy XI adverts, for the win!

    Halloween in England is boring, unlike in the US. Everyone has to dress up as something scary, no superheroes or anything. Lame.

    Also, I agree that you (Jason) should change the forum rupees to pumpkins.

  • ChainofTermina

    ummm, maybe I didn't make it clear the first time; during this time of the year scary IS cool. again, scary=cool, so Hannah Montana is cannot be described as scary. it can be described as sickening, pathetic, disturbing, a waste of existence, infuriating, insulting, etc., but not scary. scary is cool.


    • Navi17

      I totally agree about hannah montana her music is totally retarded


    everybody vote for link on the greatest game heroes thing on gamespot

  • Meralia

    I love Halloween!! Even though in Finland it's a very minor thing… But it's the best holiday ever, I love the decorations and all the scaryness ^^ There's never too many occasions to dress up weird, watch scary/cool movies and eat cakes (which is what me and my friends always do).

  • Therese

    Awesome. I love how it's subtle. And I love the candycorn on the bottom. 😀

  • Navi17

    O yea theres a with at the top of the screen. Haloween is my favorite holliday I just love it all. My favorite season is fall so, yea.The candy dorn idea would be totaly awsome!