It looks like Nintendo underestimated the number of people who would rush to order their Zelda poster series, because a large number of people are currently being told that their purchases are backordered.

Hopefully Nintendo won’t take too long in making enough to go around – after all, it can’t be too hard to simply print out more copies of the posters!

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  • Business Shrub

    People must be shopaholics!
    I would rather want to spend my money at real Zelda games, why is Zelda Wii taking so long? I'm saving up! Anyway, I think it would be more interesting to have a scene in the posters where something is happening. I was watching Columbo yesterday and in one scene Columbo said he wanted someone's head on a picture "blown up", yes Columbo has always been a violent character who wants to blow peoples heads up, but here's what would be my favorite Zelda poster if it got blown up (figuratively speaking;) :
    I liked that place, I hope ALttP gets a 3D remake, just because of Death Mountain, I wonder what it would look like in 3D.

    Bottom line stop making posters and start making games!

    • Actually, the posters are available for coins, which are earned by buying and registering nintendo games. It's great because I get both the games and then the posters are like a bonus. I am upset by the fact that I've been backordered but oh well. Nothing to do but wait.

  • Ahh, my order was also backordered……… Aww, time to wait!

  • Jayeye

    Actually, I think it just says they're backordered because they aren't ready to ship until the end of the month. So don't worry, they should still come on time!

  • Dark WotS

    They didn't underestimate how well it would sell. They just invoked the magic words "limited edition". Then, when everyone was hooked, they start selling en masse. It's probably the most common marketing strategy in the history of ever.