“We’re really big Zelda fans. It’s a masterpiece.” – EA producer Nelson Wong

EA are creating a game for the DS that they say is heavily inspired by Zelda, titled Tsumuji. Like Zelda, Tsumuji is an adventure-puzzle game starring a young boy in a cel-shaded style reminiscent of Phantom Hourglass, who is also controlled via the DS stylus in the same way.

There’s a catch, though – the game also includes stealth elements, because its main character is a ninja.

Kotaku got a copy of the demo, and claimed that “Tsumuji seems to be Naruto meets Zelda meets Metal Gear”. Sounds interesting enough – if the stealth elements can be worked into the game well enough to make it more than just a Zelda clone, it sounds like the kind of game that I would be interested in playing.


Source: Kotaku
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  • It seems like a decent game. I might get it when it comes out.

  • Astarael

    …interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

  • Gwen

    I'm interested and a little worried… I'll probably get it when it comes out.

  • looks awesome. also looks exactly like ph

  • Business Shrub

    I watched it on youtube:

    I wasn't impressed by what I saw, where's the dungeons, where's the enemies? Where's the weapons, did he just throw a rock again? When there is something really mysterious like statues going into a rock you're not supposed to break suspension of disbelief by then showing a simple house, there needs to be something ancient and mysterious on the other side when you do something like reading from the ancient book of mudora for instance. I mean if this house was sealed of from the outside world for ages until someone pushes the statues into their holes, who come there was already people in the house? Making a Zelda game is like making Japanese soup, you have to constantly remove stuff that floats about on the top, these are things that don't fit into the game, or rather that particular part of the game.

  • Off all the games they could have cloned, they had to choose Phantom Hourglass?

    • Navi17

      I kno right that game was a lil too easy

  • Jake

    EA is one of the demons of the gaming industry, this blasphemy of a game should be euthanized. EZ, i think there's a circle in hell for this kind of sin.

  • Elharc

    Here here, Jake.
    Sure, it looks /intriguing/, I'll give it that… but then you realise EA is just trying to cash in on PH's success. That's just so cheap. Way to fail, EA.
    For that reason, I probably won't get it.

  • Jarkes

    If EA is such "big Zelda fans," why are they doing this? You know what this is? This is blatant PLAGIARISM right here. EA should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Navi17


    • Zelda Fanatic

      Uh, YEAH!

  • Jarkes

    Heck, even this site is calling it a "Copycat."

  • Oscar

    A combination of Naruto, Zelda and Metal Gear?! Sounds awesome to me haha!! And the only image above looks pretty cool also.

    I don't mind if EA makes a clone of Zelda; Just hope it's a good game.

    • Navi17

      They shouldnt make a clone zelda game. And that is not a clone! Its doesnt souind or look at all the same!!

  • Navi17

    Um it doesnt sound or look like ZELDA at all. If u didnt say that it was by the people that love ZELDA as much as I do, well, I wouldnt have thought ZELDA at all!

    • Zelda Fanatic


  • Navi17

    Personally compared to zelda its crap, seriously

    • Zelda Fanatic


  • Zelda Fanatic

    ……I think it's the most creepiest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of creepy things.

  • OneFreeKokiri

    Why is it such a problem that EA is using the same control scheme and similiar elements to Zelda games? They said it's a Zelda clone so it's not plagirism. I think it's a little sad that you're all getting so worked up over it. If it's a good game, good for EA. If it's a bad game ohwell it's not Zelda, so Zelda doesn't get a bad wrap. If you're such Zelda fans don't be all pissy that another company is mimicing the formula of your beloved game series, be happy and honour that it's a good enough series to be mimiced. What I'm trying to say is be proud that companies like and respect Zelda enough to take a page out of Nintendo's book and try to make a game that appeals to gamers in the same way Zelda does. So I say good luck to EA and I'll watch this game closely. Hopefully it turns out good so the Zelda franchise can add the influence of another game to their list of accomplishments.

  • Lunk


  • w2rockstar

    Hasn’t somebody already done this, in a much more promising looking game *cough*Beyond Good and Evil*cough*?

  • Guest

    I wouldn't say it's plagirism, or mimicry, it's not cloned but not copied. So… what would we call it then?

    • Guest 2


  • Guest


  • Guest 3

    Umm… it's not stupid, but it's almost a knockoff.

    • zombieeatflesh

      yeah, almost

      • Guest

        almost isn't enough