“We’re really big Zelda fans. It’s a masterpiece.” – EA producer Nelson Wong

EA are creating a game for the DS that they say is heavily inspired by Zelda, titled Tsumuji. Like Zelda, Tsumuji is an adventure-puzzle game starring a young boy in a cel-shaded style reminiscent of Phantom Hourglass, who is also controlled via the DS stylus in the same way.

There’s a catch, though – the game also includes stealth elements, because its main character is a ninja.

Kotaku got a copy of the demo, and claimed that “Tsumuji seems to be Naruto meets Zelda meets Metal Gear”. Sounds interesting enough – if the stealth elements can be worked into the game well enough to make it more than just a Zelda clone, it sounds like the kind of game that I would be interested in playing.


Source: Kotaku
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