Hey guys, remember this trailer?

For those that don’t, this is a fan-made movie about a story loosely based of Ocarina of Time. The movie has been completed for over three months and ZU staff has been completely unaware of it. Do we suck, or what?

As you could probably see in the trailer, the movie is having a screening in New York, Spetember 12th and then it’s off to Germany. Why don’t you head over to the official website of the movie where there’s a lot more info, trailers and more!

We’ll make sure to review this movie as soon as we can. Meanwhile, if they’re screening the movie in an area near you, you should definitely check it out.

  • Ananceinthero

    Looks neat.
    when does it come out.
    (I'm Tyler).

  • MetroidMaster

    Nintendo should Screw and SUE IGN for their april fools stunt, this one sounds real though! πŸ˜›
    I'd rather see a TP movie to be honest, the story of the game itself is more cinimatic worthy, pluss it's deeper and has more action/intrigue, like Batman! πŸ˜€

  • shadow colossus

    to be honest even though the IGN one was fake
    i think that one wouldv turned out better than this one

  • sheik001

    yeahhh! una peli de zelda!!

  • Business Shrub

    I'm watching it…
    0:12 I loved the forest I just saw
    0:36 The kokiri kids are supposed to be kids, the bridge looked nice πŸ™‚
    0:42 Adult link?
    0:56 Zelda behind bars, huh OoT?
    1:45 – So far awesome! I hope they release the whole movie on youtube!
    2:49 – End, nah, I don't know, they don't stay true to Zelda!
    They should make an A Link to the Past, except it should be a cartoon, I'd watch it, heck I'd amazon it!

  • MetroidMaster

    Yeah, I actually agree with you on that one shadow collusus, maybe IGN will see the errors of their ways and puke seeing this and say bull *** let's do it xD
    I mean, I'm still pissed kinda, but at least their special effects budget wasn't around nine hundred dolars and a few corny actors. -_-'' This just looks like LOTR with zelda looking people in it πŸ˜› Also does anyone else agree that Twilight princess actually has a solid enough story for a movie? I mean OOT was a great game and all, but it was basically a "let's save the princess" bit. In TP other people were involved, the world, the spirits or whatever, even another realm.

  • w2rockstar

    A Majora's Mask Movie would be the best. It would also be the most epic. This still looks cool and I hope they release it online after screening it in all the places.

    • Wolfllink12

      I entirely agree. Majora's mask had the most character developement and people would love the interesting time travel element

    • metroplais

      why release it online after going to the theateres with they wont get any profit
      what are you stupid

      • They are releasing it online afterwards.

        Are you stupid? If they made a profit off of this, Nintendo would sue their asses

  • Evil King

    I honestly knew it was. I believe on June 6th it premiered in Atlanta.

    • Z-MAN7

      It did, I saw the movie and it was awsome.

      BTW this trailer is a bit old, this one here is a little more polished.

  • Fierce Deity Rikki

    yeah I remember those sharpie triforce

  • aw9000

    I wish Ign had made this. They really should have.

  • ChainofTermina

    what is wrong with all of you!?
    you want a Zelda movie? WELL MAKE IT FUCKING ANIMATED!!! AN-A-MATE-ED!!!
    I just started college as an animation student so now I am going to be pushing this more than ever.
    Zelda is animated, and unless the start using photographs as official art, it will always be animated.

  • natalie

    hey ChainofTermina, how about this.

    What would animating a cartoony-looking game accomplish that another game won't? Why NOT bring something new and different to the table? Frankly I think a Live action film would be much more epic than a stupid 3 frame per second anime animation of Zelda – I mean they already tried that, right? ;D

    besides, consider how things are getting more and more realistic in each zelda. Live action film is a beleivable next step.

    Sincerely, College Senior majoring in Animation.

    • ChainofTermina

      no, they have never tried a Zelda amine. that stupid super Mario show from the 80's was American. It had to be. I don't really know that for sure, but it sure looked American. same for the animated cut scenes from the CD-I games. and who said it had to be a "pokemon-level" of animation. yeah, i want it animated, but not crappy.
      and I'm really just talking about OoT. if any zelda doesn't belong in live action form, it's OoT. I mean, have you seen the official art? that pratically IS anime.

      I'm sorry, but just have issues with live action. I won't go into it, but lets just say that, along with Zelda,I don't belive that vampires belong in live action either. they end up looking like sperm-covered pedophiles.

  • Nagrom

    Yep. I've seen this trailer before. This is actually a real movie that people fan-made; unlike the annoying ign trailer. My friend and I are dying to see it. I'm sure it's great for a fan-film but it's probably pretty bad for an actually cinematic movie; what with budgets and all.

    I plan to major in animation when I move onto college (I'm nearly there). I would love to see an animated zelda. But not 3D. Has to be 2D. Wind waker style. Yes yes, I know a ton of hardcore zelda fans would HATE that but it seems like the best option to me.

    Twilight princess would be FANTASTIC as an anime-style animated film. Imagine wolf-link! That would be great!

  • yugioh

    That annoying IGN trailer is still the same movie.

  • Mattocks

    You guys didn't know?:P I just assumed you did, or I would have said something.

  • keimori

    i musty agree…anyone here own a high buget anime studio with enough clout to gain lisenceing?

  • keimori

    wow..you mean this is acualy serious? it wasn't just an elaborate April fools prank!?

    • You think them updating constantly, then disappearing for four years, then constantly updating again is an April Fools prank?

      It's not like it hasn't been done before. Legend of Link was a completed full length fan movie.

  • Irony

    That is the biggest pile of **** I've ever seen. Link looks gay, Ganondorf looks like a really, really bad Halloween costume, and the whole thing overall is just AWFUL.

    • Z-MAN7

      Have you actually seen the movie itself? If not, I suggest you watch it before you open your mouth. Next time use constructive criticism.

  • LMAO this is the April Fool's gag that frustrated everyone on the net…awesome trailer though.

    • Ack my bad, ignore previous post (lol…I'm such a dork)

      Hmmm…I wish it were an "official" movie -_-'.

    • No it's not. That was the IGN prank. This was done by BMB FInished and is a real fan film.

      • I know I made a mistake, I shouldn't assume sorry.

    • Mattocks

      No, no it is not. IGN put out the April Fool's joke, this is a real fan made film which was recently completed.

  • Justin Basl

    I'm not really impressed with this movie. If anything I know that's "FAN-MADE" it means, underbudget and crappy. I am going to watch it, but to my suprize, I won't hold my breath. Irony is right, the characters don't serve the entire genre and worth of Zelda. LInk looks like he just got out of bed, and Ganandorf looks like he went to a halloween store for his make-up, and I'[m sorry, but Zelda is not hot at all (and you need a really hot Zelda). I'm sory, but if I want to believe that this movie will be worthy, I will expect the budget will be a lot higher to make it in production.

    -Justin Basl

  • GreenPhazon

    Masked Zant > Unmasked

  • Zelda Fanatic

    Hey, what's the big idea?!? This is a CRIME AGAINST ZELDA NATURE! THIS ISN'T OoT! No matter how many times you say it, Link isn't supposed to be in live-action. It's scary! ANIMATED! THAT'S HOW YOU DO ZELDA! ANI-MATE-D! Repeat after me, ZELDA IS ANIMATION BEST! ZELDA IS LIVE-ACTION WORST!! Please, it's painful enough to whatch the preveiws…I can't even FINISH whatching the preveiws…please….

  • I enjoyed Legend of Link, which used no CGI and was more of a comedy (with hilarious jokes), so I have no doubt that this will not let me down.

  • Nick

    i think it stinks, if there is gonna be a zelda movie, then make it 3d anime not this, this is fake..