If there’s one thing the Zelda series isn’t short of, it’s typography and fonts. With that in mind, we’ve gathered up a bunch of fonts related to Zelda and Nintendo and put them up for download. You’re probably familiar with a good deal of these fonts, but we hope we’ve found one or two that will surprise you.

Each font has a complete description and a waterfall-style preview. If you’re not sure how to install fonts, there are simple instructions on the page. We hope you enjoy the fonts collection and, as always, if you think we’re missing anything just let us know! For future reference, the Typography and Fonts page is on the left sidebar under Media.

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  • Cukeman

    I loved them, but what I really want is the Font for the subtitle "Ocarina of Time"

  • ChainofTermina




  • Pure awesome idea.

    Thanks a milion times.

  • Business Shrub

    This is cool man, I love finding inscription various places, well not necessary letters but I remember in Swamp Skulltula House in Majoras Mask where you could find a map on the wall and that map was actually hard to see but once I realized it it was a map of the mini dungeon! Do you see what I'm saying? Text in Zelda games would be a lot more interesting if they were harder and you needed clues, like this guy said that and that's why I need to turn this switch here, but that inscription on the wall says that, so maybe I need to go into the forest and so forth. I remember in AoL when you had to talk to people and understand what they said, I need water, my friend is Bagu, my child was kidnapped and so on, but in the later Zelda games it's so easy that you don't need to talk to anyone, except when the game forces you to, uh, annoying WW cut scenes when I'm just trying to speed through the game! Do you see what I'm saying (I just recently picked up that expression 'cause I've got a friend who says that constantly)? Yeah I think I get him most of the time! The games are already so easy I don't need extra clues, so the fonts are irrelevant. Except when I'm forced to watch a cutscene, but that's just annoying regardless of font. But they are cool fonts, so in order to be able to use these fonts Nintendo should make Zelda Wii really hard, and then put some clues that are hard to interpret in obscure places, like on an ancient wall and the font is hardly legible due to aging of the wall. That would be cool. Do you see what I'm saying?

    That's my five cents (!), phew!

  • maian

    Pretty cool. Upon taking a close look at TP Hylian though, I'm kind of disappointed they made it so similar to Latin characters. I always loved how Nintendo actually went through the effort to make their own language (Well, a new character set anyway) that had its own distinct look. Hylian always seemed unique in that every character was essentially rectangular based, and all had a unifying look while still being different. I like how Nintendo finally made Hylian English based, but I wish they didn't have to be so obvious about it. It kind of lost some of it's character.

    • You do know that the Hylian before TP was based on Japanese instead of English, right? It was never original, except in ALttP when it repeated a few characters over and over.

      • maian

        Yeah, I know that. I know that, by all means, it's not an original language. English or Japanese aside, it's still just a replacement set of characters. But at least it LOOKED like a unique, cultural set of characters before, instead of an extremely stylized Latin alphabet. I just liked how Hylian had a nice, distinct unifying look in all the previous games that kind of disappeared in TP to make it more readable. Now, if the Hylian Japanese alphabet resemble Japanese characters in the same way that the TP characters resemble Latin, then I suppose my argument is irrelevant.

        …In any case, it hardly matters.

        • To Japanese people, it never looked original to TP. It resembled the Japanese language in the same way TP's resembles the Latin alphabet. Japanese people could read it as easily as we can read TP's.

  • Midnasheikah

    The hylian symbols one says it's not a valid font

  • Oscar

    Yeah! Thanks a lot guys! The fonts are so awesome! 😀