Good news, everyone! Always wanted to help ZU out in your own, special way, but could never figure out just how to do it? We’re here with the answer. You see, Zelda Universe has been entered in American Express’s Shine A Light contest – a contest that highlights small businesses (like ZU). The prize is a whopping $100,000 in marketing rupees. I mean dollars.

We can all close our eyes and imagine what wonderful things could happen if Zelda Universe had $100,000 to push towards marketing. Women would swoon over us, men would become jealous and enraged, and Nintendo would actually pay attention when we ask for review copies of Phantom Hourglass. The world would become topsy-turvey indeed – so we need everyone who’s anyone in the Zelda Universe community (heck, the Zelda community) to vote for ZU in this contest. ZU needs at least fifty votes to be formally nominated, and one can only assume that the more votes the merrier. With Zelda Universe’s vibrant community, fifty votes should be no problem – so let’s blast by the other entries and bring ZU to the top.

We can do it – with the internet, we cannot fail. By your powers combined, ZU shall have a marketing budget!

View and vote for Zelda Universe >>

(By the way, votes only go up until September 13th, and you must be registered with Shine A Light to vote – don’t worry, it’s free. So please vote by September 13th!)