After what feels like eons in development, the first version of a news “ticker” is now up and running on the ZU forums (so forum goers, click and read more!). That means even if you’re a ZUer who spends all his/her time on the forums, you can get your Zelda news without even having to visit the main site! Whether you’re reading this from the forums or from ZU’s front page, read on for a little more information.

First of all, a big thanks to forum-goer and coding wiz Vero for developing this in full – his hard work has paid off, and we’ll continue working on it together to improve it based on your suggestions and comments.

This ticker is for the Temple skin only, so if you’re on the forums and you’re not yet using the Temple skin, but you’d like to have this feature, you’re going to have to switch. The ticker was not designed for other skins on ZU, and it won’t be ported to old skins. To those of you that might fear we’re trying to invade your forum life everywhere, don’t worry – the ticker only shows up on the front page of the forums, or the forum index.

Aside from using it to send Gaming and Zelda news to the forums, we’ll also be using it to make site-wide announcements instead of using the forum notices system from now on. That way, we can make announcements to the entire site much faster if we ever need to, especially in situations like the one that arose a few days ago.

Hopefully this will make more people from the boards come and have a look at ZU’s Zelda news and articles! So, if you’d like to help improve this part of the forums, leave some feedback for us here in the comments and we’ll get right to work – and hopefully a bunch of you commenting on this post will have come from the forums!

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