This month some newly published webcomics about Zelda have been brought to our attention. We haven’t covered this particular branch of the Zelda fan community before, so we will see how well-received this post is before we decide whether to continue showcasing Zelda webcomics.

Brawl in the Family released a comic this month about some unfortunate side-effects of using the boomerang to fight Bubbles, while Awkward Zombie pointed out a flaw in the TP game mechanic of switching mounts mid-battle.

If you see any more Zelda comics that you consider entertaining, send us a link and then hopefully we will have a lot more to show you next month.

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  • What is that "Bubbles" tag doing there.

  • Cody

    Jason installed an auto-tagger that uses words from the post <_<

  • Lules

    The awkwardzombie link doean't work…

  • Awesome comics as always from the series.

  • Scott from VGCats updated who-knows-when with a Zelda comic.

  • guest had a Wind Waker reference last week.

  • ChainofTermina

    that's funny.
    "Only you can prevent Kokiri Forest fires"

  • Cereal

    I always love Awkward Zombie.

  • Business Shrub

    A link to the Past comic, gotta check that out! I want bigger comics with some story in them, hard to find though, this was the only thing I found:

  • zelda freak fan

    omg awkward zombie is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny I love the one when Roy gets the rubices cube.