Zelda Universe recently gained more recognition for it’s wonderful content.  From the wonderful people over at LegendofZelda.com, the Lozzies are their version of Zelda awards given out to the best of the best Zelda sites on the net.

They handed out two today, the first being the Strategy Geek given to the site with the best walkthroughs and strategy guides.  Zelda Dungeon won those honors with their very precise walkthroughs and guides.

Zelda Universe on the other hand won the award entitled The Virtuoso.  It is an award given for the best media content, which Zelda Universe prides itself on.

You can check out everything they had to say about us and Zelda Dungeon at this link. These two awards are just two of six, so check them out tomorrow for more awards.

That’s all I have for now.