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Trevor writes:

Hey guys, there’s one question I’ve had for a while. Do you recall how Ocarina of Time split into Twilight Princess and Wind Waker? And do you also recall that the Majora’s Mask took place before Twilight Princess with Link as a child? Well what did adult Link do in the Wind Waker timeline? You see in the intro of WW that he left Hyrule, but for what? Do you think it’s possible that the Zelda Wii game could fill that blank in?

James writes:

I don’t think you’ll see another game involving the Hero of Time, but it is possible.  I want to say that the new Zelda Wii is after Twilight Princess, since Zelda tends to do that.  Follow one game with the same Link after the events of the prior game.

EzloSpirit writes:

I’m not sure if you can explain this to me, but what is with the “child” and “adult” timeline things? In my timeline theory there is one big timeline, plus a small one with the Four Swords and Minish Cap games. I don’t understand what people mean by a child timeline and an adult timeline. Can you explain these?

James writes:

The Child/Adult timeline was confirmed by the developers as true.  The Timeline splits after the events of Ocarina of Time.  The Adult Timeline follows into the Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, where Ganondorf was imprisoned and left powerless by what Zelda and Link did to him.  The Child Timeline leads into Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess where Ganondorf was never locked up, but was locked up by the sages and sent to the Twilight Realm.  The other games fit in there, but I can’t recall where.

But I also believe that OoT, MM, WW, PH, and TP are all in one timeline, the other games in another.  But that’s just me.

Westside writes:

1. When will Spirit Tracks Come Out?

2. Why is Link missing the Master Sword in the New Wii Zelda?

3. Do You Know What The Title of The Wii Zelda will Be?

4. Do You Think The Girl in the Wii Zelda Poster is the Master Sword?

5. Will Link Transform into anything in Spirit Tracks or Wii Zelda?

James writes:

1. It is going to come out in time for the Holiday season this year, so around Thanksgiving.  There is no exact date yet.

2. We are unsure, but the speculation is that the girl you see in that image IS the Master Sword and the game will be based on that.

3. There has been no released title as of yet.  Probably by E3 next year we’ll get a title.

4. I already answered that in a previous answer.

5. Probably not in Spirit Tracks, but you will be able to control a Phantom.  Wii Zelda, the only thing we have is that official artwork.

Tyler writes:

There has been talk that the next Zelda game is going to called valley of the flood. Do you think that will be the next Zelda title or a cover up for another big Zelda project?

James writes:

From what I just read, Valley of the Flood was in the lines of Project Deluge.  They are not real and not endorsed by Nintendo… yet.

Joslyn writes:

This is just one of them questions that rly don’t have a point to it but why do they have a cross bow traing game if like dosent even have one in the game?

James writes:

I really don’t get what you’re trying to ask, but Link does have a crossbow in that game.  The game was basically made to show off the Wii Zapper.

Andy writes:

I’ve been messing about making a few Zelda covers which I have put up onto youtube (see link), i was wondering if you could put one or two of them in your fan music section. If you like them of course

James writes:

I will pass the word onto the people in charge and see what they think.

Hannah writes:

U guys are awesome i love your website. i love Zelda series so much that i have the books candygames and i even draw pictures of them i even look like Zelda from ocarina of time. I mostly go on this website. And u know the phantom hourglass walkthrough helped me beat my phantom hourglass game. Right now on the 2nd file of my game, i’m using it 2 beat my game right now i’m looking 4 the last pure metal.

James writes:

Thank you!  We’re glad to get compliments like this saying that the Walkthroughs we post are helpful.  I hope you’re enjoying the game as much as we did.

Guy writes:

in “the races of Hyrule” you forgot Humans (not Hylyans). humans live in Ordon Village and the TP Kakariko Village. Humans have round ears, as oposed to hylians who have pointy ears.

James writes:

That was an honest mistake on our part and we will fix it ASAP.

Shannon writes:

Can members start a new interactive story?

James writes:

You can by sending a start of a story to Cody.  I don’t know what’s he doing with that section of the site, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  • PokeJosh

    For Joslyn's question, she meant that Link doesn't have a cross bow in Twilight Princess, so why does he have one in Crossbow Training?

    Most likely because…it's called Crossbow Training…

  • James


    Then the true answer is because he found it after his travels in TP… I DON'T KNOW. What PokeJosh said.

  • Waterwraith

    Heh. I think of Crossbow training was considered a real part the the story line, It would mean a quick advancement in technology….

    …. Spirit tracks? Heh…

  • I don't want to step on any toes, but I don't think Trevor's question was answered completely:
    "Well what did adult Link do in the Wind Waker timeline? You see in the intro of WW that he left Hyrule, but for what? Do you think it’s possible that the Zelda Wii game could fill that blank in?"

    Adult Link didn't do anything in the WW timeline after OoT. If you recall, Zelda sends him back to the past when he's child Link. Since there is only one Link, he continues in the child timeline with MM.

    In Wind Waker, the King of Red Lions says this: "Once, long ago, he defeated Ganon and brought peace to the Kingdom of Hyrule… A piece of the Triforce was given to the Hero of Time and he kept it safe, much as Zelda kept hers. That sacred piece is known as the Triforce of Courage. When the Hero of Time was called to embark on another journey and left the land of Hyrule, he was separated from the elements that made him a hero. It is said that at that time, the Triforce of Courage was split into eight shards and hidden throughout the land." At least, that's what NoA put in WW. The Japanese translation says, "Long ago, the Hero of Time defeated Ganon and restored peace to Hyrule. He had a Triforce dwelling in him just like Zelda. It was called the Triforce of Courage. It is said that when the Hero of Time traveled through time and left Hyrule, he was separated from the source of being a hero and the Triforce of Courage turned into 8 fragments and scattered throughout the land."

    This translation is much more clear in stating that it was his travel back to the time when he was a child that separated him from the timeline where he was the Hero of Time. He had to choose between being an adult and a child, that's why he left Hyrule.

    This means that there is not a Link in between OoT and WW in the adult timeline, there's no game. Otherwise they would be directly contradicting WW.

    Also, I just want to clarify something that James said in his response to EzloSpirit: "The Adult Timeline follows into the Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, where Ganondorf was imprisoned and left powerless by what Zelda and Link did to him." He was not actually powerless. If you'll recall, the end of OoT, he says, "When this seal is broken…. That is when I will exterminate your descendants!! As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand…." That means he still has the Triforce of Power, he's not powerless.

  • anonymus

    if you noticed in the backround in the artwork for the zelda wii 2 the wall is broken and blown like a bomb destroyed it and thats commen in zelda but the firey orange behind the wall makes the area seem hellish so since the art is soppost to hint about the game well u get the idea and the title is like metal so the game is about the master sword and mabie hell

    • It is NOT Zelda Wii 2. It's Zelda Wii. TP was a GameCube game that got ported to the Wii with rushed, tacked on controls for the launch of the Wii.

      • GreenPhazon

        That's what I've always said! The GC version is the 'right' version, it's the one where Link's left-handed.

        • *facepalm*

          That doesn't mean that the Wii version is wrong. I have it, does that mean I never really played TP? I just meant it's not a true Wii game.

          • Teengamer

            Why can't we all say the games good, and the Wii and GC versions were almost perfect? I've heard it's a great game, so enough complaints!

    • Teengamer

      True, the buildings COULD be Hyrule's ruins, and all the orange could be an inter-dimensional portal, since it's been said that he goes through different dimensions.

  • Tyler

    I know of the storyline of the next game!
    Koji Kondo told me!

    • Waker of Winds

      nice joke

  • James

    In response to Joslyn's question, they gave Link a Cross Bow because the developers felt that a Bow N' Arrow wouldn't be believable as an automatic weapon.

  • Dylan

    could the developers of zelda create or bring back wind waker and make it for the ds. that would be really cool