Remember that ragtime jazz version of Saria’s Song? Well the same guy just recorded a new version of the Song of Storms.

  • Zora-Boy

    Thats sick-nasty!!!!!!!

  • The Silent Orion

    This is epic. It sounds like something out of a movie.

  • Lules

    Wonderful! This makes me want even more to learn how to play the piano.

  • The piano is out of tune. It's making me cringe. And the B-Melody is kinda awful.

    • Belew

      Well, its kinda trademark of ragtime to have piano bit out of tune. Though it's a little too much to my taste.

      • That's not true at all. The pianos were still out of tune, it was just tritones, m2, M7, and various other musical tricks to give the music a dissonance. An out of tune piano is an out of tune piano.

      • Also, this song was not ragtime.

    • Music Elite

      Nice. Someone who isn't afraid to flew their smart muscles.

      Yeah dude, it is a freakin' cover of a Zelda tune. Leave the douche-bag criticisms for Youtube.

      "The piano is making me cringe." Hahahahahaha.

  • zelda freak fan

    I love that song but the begining ( did I spell that right? ) of this guy's ( or girl's I'm not shure ) ( did I spell that right?, shure? ) song dosn't go to the song of storms, dose it?

  • Business Shrub

    I love Koji Kondo – The best composer in the world! When I get into a dungeon music is one of the things that gets me into the mood. The bad thing about the songs that Link plays or the Wind Waker plays is that they are usually quite short. Wouldn't it be fun if the song of storms caused it to rain in Hyrule Field for the rest of the day and the music changed into something reminiscent of the tune Link played to make it rain? This is my favorite fan remix Zelda music, u gota check it out:

  • Ohmygasha!

    I stumbled on this quite soon after reading the Ragtime Saria's Song post. Amazing works. Can't wait to see what else he can cook up.

  • nightshade

    Wow i'm impressed

  • Teengamer

    Quite amazing, being a musician myself I can understand that. 😀

  • Curly Q

    OMG! This guy is so good! I like both of the songs! i recorded the saria's version. He should really keep this up its really great! Zelda is cool!

  • Ethan craigmiles

    As soon as I herd this song the weather forcast called for rain and thunder storms! I was like OMG

  • Ethan craigmiles

    Can I give you a challange? I challange you to play Midna's Lainment next vid Email me if you acept ok?

  • Double A

    Something about this sends a shiver down my spine

  • never herd full virsion sounds cool even thoe the piano needs tunning. be that as it may it gives it a cool sound LoL
    this is coming from an exspert pianist

  • FUCK ALL U SUNS OF BICHIZ SUCK MY BIG BLACK… lollypop its rootbear flavered and i dont like that flaver.