The mailbag for July 21, 2009 is contained within:

James: So, um, hello everybody.  You have not seen a mailbag for almost three months.  I could make up an excuse involving my life again and it would be true.  But life decided to have a little fun with my emotions, therefore making the internet a thought in the back of my mind.  My career that I am attempting to break into has always involved Zelda Universe, so I am back.  I will hopefully be back full-time soon, so expect to see my name a little more than usual.  Enough from my noggin, here are your questions and my answers.

Please note, that since I have been gone since April, some of the older questions may have been resolved in that time.  If you sent me a message back then and don’t see it here, that’s why.

Meisi writes:

James, On the bottom of your right hand navbar you have an image of an upside-down triforce with the sheikah eye in the middle, and two lines going through it. This image also appears on WMZR, Zelda elements, Zelda legends, and a similar one is even on Zelda Informer. So my question is what does this mean? a google search found that the image is called swc_logo.png on all the websites, but I can’t find what swc stands for, if anything. Is this a huge conspiracy? 😛

James writes

I don’t have an answer for you.  I don’t know if it was you who posted a thread on the forums in January of this year.  The thread is here if  you want to take a look at what theories were posted there.

Westside writes:

1. Is there any New Zelda game for Wii coming out? 2. Are there any games coming after Spirit Tracks? 3. Are they going to make a Remake of OoT for Wii?

James writes

1. As I am three months late, you probably already know that a game was announced a while back for the Wii, but finally confirmed by Miyamoto at E3 this year.  A picture was shown of Link and a girl who conveniently was wearing clothes that looked like the Master Sword.

2. Game in the timeline or just in general?  Probably both.

3. That is possibly the number one or two desire of fans out there (Final Fantasy VII remade for the PS3/Xbox is probably tied with OoT).  I have not heard any news of either getting remade any time soon.  It has been talked around everytime it is brought up with Nintendo, but never truly denied.

ChainofTermina writes:

Ya know, the recent article about Link’s love life in TP got me thinking about Midna. at first I was grossed out because i thought that that would be almost the same thing as Link being in love with Navi. But then I thought ” well, actually thats not right. Midna isn’t a fairy, she isn’t even really a small imp. she is just as humanoid as link is, just a different color. actually she may even be more humanoid. why? voice acting.
Midna has more voice acting than any zelda charachter has ever had, ever. it isn’t english, and I don’t know for sure if it’s japanese, but I dought it. it isn’t a language we understand, but Midna’s voice continues for the entire time the words are scrolling out, instead of the small grunt other characters do. you thing she my be speaking Hylian? you think the may do this for other characters in the future? even if we can’t understand it, that would be cool if Link did it. we finally hear his real voice besides the screaming. watcha think?

James writes

I am probably in the old school camp that thinks that Link should be seen and not heard.  The whole point of the character is to be a link between the player and the world you are playing in.  You are essentially the hero, so if he talks, you are no longer the hero, just a player playing as the hero.  Adding voices to the other characters would be fine in my book.

And she is speaking Hylian.  The English you see in the game is actually everyone speaking Hylian.  We are just lucky that it is being translated to English (or Japanese if you play the game there).

Lance writes:

While everyone wants a new Zelda game for Wii, I began thinking of something cool. What if Nintendo made a third game in the Ocarina of Time series? I’m not talking about Ura Zelda or Zelda 64, I’m talking about a mind numbing new adventure! An adventure that makes the Water Temple look childish! Thats something to dream for!

James writes

While it would be nice to see the Hero of Time back in action, I believe Nintendo is going to stick to it’s (sometimes) wonderful two titles per Link policy.  It makes the series fresh and story new.

Link2077 writes:

When playing Zelda ocarina of time who do you think was harder fighting, Phantom Ganadorf or real Ganadorf.

James writes

Phantom Ganondorf.  Being in first person mode with the Bow and trying to guess which one is the real one coming out to shoot.  Ganondorf himself is tame compared to that.  Watch, deflect, shoot, SLASH!  It’s the wonderful pig beast you fight after that is the real challenge.


Hi ZU, I was just wondering why at the top of the page you have Super Smash Brothers Brawl listes with all the Zelda games. I know link is in it, but its not a zelda game. And even if you did want tot include it, why isnt the original and melee a part of the list. He was in those games too.

James writes

I can’t tell you the exact reason, but it might just be because it’s the most recent game in the series.  Also, it has a “story” to it that Link is involved in, so it would make sense that the game is included.

Back in the day, we had a section that catered to the games that weren’t canon, but included Link, Zelda, or Ganon/Ganondorf.  I think it’s on the comeback though.

TwilightWolf482 writes:

Just a quick question. Is Volvagia male or female? I restarted OoT and it just popped in my head. The hair and the name both seem so feminine, so I figured it was female. Thoughts? 😀

James writes

A long time ago there was an evil dragon named Volvagia living in this mountain. That dragon was very scary! He ate Gorons! Using a huge hammer, the hero of the Gorons… BOOOM! Destroyed it just like that. This is a myth from long ago, but it’s true! I know, because my dad is a descendant of the hero!” —Link (Goron) (Ocarina of Time)

Took that from the Zelda Wiki.  There is only one instance of it being called a male, so that’s all you have to go by.

Link writes:

1) Is the Fado in TP the same one in WW? 2) Does TP take place in adult Oot Links time?

James writes

1. No, I don’t believe so.  It doesn’t seem that Fado in TP is a Kokiri, which the WW version is.

2. No, it takes place in the Child Timeline, which is according to the creators of the game.

HylianShadow writes:

How come Zelda Universe doesn’t have any information for the CD-i games Link, The Faces of Evil, Zelda The Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda’s Adventure? I mean, I know a lot of people say the games completely sucked and I’ve personally never played them, but shouldn’t there be at least a little info on them?

James writes


…OK I lied.  I believe a while back, TSA took a look at the games for either us or in general.  I believe we had them way back in the other games section, but that got lost over the years.  It is really painful to think about them when they aren’t really officially licensed.

Gerudude writes:

Hi I’ve been wandering on this wonderful site for some time now, but still have some questions. 1. I have made a profile + avatar here, can other members see it? Can I see other peoples profiles? If so how? Since it cannot be done straight from the main menu. 2. How does one become a member of a certain group ( like gerudo thieves for example)? I suppose new members keep coming every day, might I suggest a more advanced explanation of membership possibilities?

James writes

1. If you have uploaded them probably and you can see them on your profile, then they can see it.  You can see other people’s profiles by clicking there names in the threads, at the bottom of the screen (when they are online), or by searching them with the “Members List” option at the top of the forums.

2. If you are talking the group memberships, you can do that right from your profile.  You can search all the different groups we have.  You just have be accepted, I believed.

ChainofTermina writes:

I was playinG Majora’s Mask today when it hit me; why is everyone getting so worked about a steam train, when MM, a game thats been out for 9 years, has a giant Robotic Bull? Hello? It’s a GIANT ROBOT! thats kind of a bigger deal than a train.

James writes

They aren’t upset about the train, they are just upset that the horse is growing more and more obsolete.  (I’m kidding).

I don’t think it’s the fact that the train is a mechanical upgrade, it’s the train itself.  Look in MM more, and you see a giant operation clock, that is in the same boat as a steam train.

Go figure that the steam boat didn’t get much heat.

Ashley writes:

A lot of people ask why the name is called LEGEND OF ZELDA if zelda is barely even in it!! WHAT IS YOUR OPINION about this dilemma?

James writes

I have always explained it this way: It is called the Legend of Zelda because it must mean that Zelda is telling the story of the adventures that Link goes through.  You also have to remember that even if Zelda is not shown a lot in the game, her piece of the Triforce is very crucial to the storyline and games themselves.

micHaeL2anthony writes:

Notice the logo in the Zelda Wii artwork and how it is silver? Well, I did a little research and found that the very first game in the Legend of Zelda franchise debuted on the Famicom Disk System in 1986. That was 23 years ago… Well, Zelda will turn 25 in two years. Could the silver logo be an indication of Zelda’s 25th (silver) anniversary? If we do wind up with this game next fall, why would Nintendo release its biggest Zelda title to date a year before its 25th anniversary? I rather not have to wait, but a delay may come to pass, just like in years past. It was said recently that the game may not be finished by next year. Miyamoto said it is “quite far into development” and could release next year. “We hope to bring it to you next year. It may take a little longer.” 2011?

James writes

I don’t think you’ll have to wait until 2011.  Nintendo has stated over and over that the DS and Wii Zelda games started development a little before, if not, right after Twilight Princess was released.  So if not this year, then next year you’ll see it.

You might have a riot on your hands if Nintendo waits until 2011 to release a new console game.  That, and the next Nintendo system will probably be out then, and I don’t want to go through another Twilight Princess was made for the Gamecube and ported to Wii debates again, do you?

Anabell Wilson writes:

I’ve been hearing rumors about a zelda movie for a while now. Has ZU heard anything to confirm that?

James writes

Nothing to confirm nor deny.  If there is a movie in the works, it’s a complete secret to everyone.

JJ writes:

What do you think the next zelda game for wii will be like?!?!?…

James writes

Probably similar to Twilight Princess in gameplay and maybe in story.  The artwork is very intriguing because of the girl that has the same symbols as the Master Sword.  If we are getting a game that transforms the Master Sword, that will be very interesting.

Lance writes:

I have some suggestions on future prizes. Zelda apparel, collectibles, and other nice stuff. Of course, you can’t expect people to donate money if they have the chance to win one “Grand Prize”, ever heard of 1st and 2nd prize. The more chances a person has to win, the likelier a person will participate. These prizes could consist of “cheap” or “easy to get” things such as, like I mentioned, toys or action figures, LoZ related, hopefully, or signed photos from the ZU staff. Make sure to read every comment from post related to contest to get ideas and hear what they want. Remember, try to make every one happy.

James writes

I think the Bank of Hyrule idea that Jason has is a really great idea and incorporates your logic in it.  In order for us to give you some really good prizes, we need the funds to do so.  Therefore, if you donate a little, you may get a lot back.

ChainofTermina writes:

Whenever the Angry Video Game Nerd does something Zelda related, you guys inform us here. but a while back, his rival, the Nostalgia Critic, did a reveiw of the super Mario bros super show, and about half of this review talks about that GOD awful zelda cartoon. its pretty funny and any zelda fan would enjoy it. you should put up a post or something.

James writes

I post when the AVGN posts something Zelda because I watch the AVGN every time he posts.  However, I have never heard of the Nostalgia Critic, which is why I never posted it.  I will take a quick look when I get the chance and hopefully post them soon.

kenjiro van malder writes:

soo, i just wanted to ask, what zelda games are there + is there a certain ‘order’ to play them to understand the storry better?

James writes

There are a lot of Zelda games, and all the major ones are posted at the top of our site or any Zelda site on the web.  There is no real order you have to play them in, because they all have a different story.  However, if you play a game like Majora’s Mask after Ocarina of Time, some of the subtle references in the game you won’t get.

If a game is a “sequel” to another (like Phantom Hourglass is a sequel to Wind Waker; Majora’s Mask to Ocarina of Time), play the first one first and you should be fine.

ChainofTermina writes:

I’m not sure if you would know this, but I’v never played the oracle games and I kinda want to now the Mangas are out, nut I don’t have a Gameboy Color (I think thats what they’re for) do you know if Gameboy color cartridges work in DS lites?

James writes

Game Boy Color cartridges do not, unfortunately, fit in the DS, DS Lite, or DSi.  Only Game Boy Advance game fit in the DS and DS Lite (not the DSi because it doesn’t have the slot).

GBC games do fit in the GBA though, so if you have one lying around, play that.

You are either going to have to go to a local video game exchange and pick up a GBC or GBA (if you don’t have one).

Somebody writes:

I was replaying Twilight Princess a few days ago. After I beat the Forest Temple mini boss the boomerang began talking to me. It would have been normal enough, but the boomerang said something that I felt was worth mentioning: “I am the Fairy of Winds who resides in this boomerang.” It changed my theory about whom the girl in the Zelda Wii poster is. I never really believed in the whole “she’s a fairy” deal until now. I now believe that it is very likely that she is a fairy whom resides in the Master Sword, since Nintendo has obviously already thought of the idea. Who do you believe the girl is?

James writes

I am going with the theory that’s out there.  That the girl is a spirit of some sorts that either is the Master Sword, or resides inside.  It is just too coincidental that the girl has the same symbols as the Master Sword.

Zelda101 writes:

I herd from a friend, that ther is a new zelda game currently called TLoZ Wii, is that true and if it is when is it coming out????

James writes

There is a Wii game in the works, which was confirmed by Nintendo at E3 this year.  That is all we know.  The only picture we’ve seen is the picture that has been mentioned numerous times in this mailbag of Link and a girl who looks like the Master Sword.