James here, and no, I have not been ignoring your emails in the mailbag.  I actually have been reading them since they have been rolling in since April.  But, a few hiccups in my life prevented me from posting anything.  The biggest hiccup I detail inside.

School ended for me in May, work dominated the rest of May, and then I found out that I was and then was not going to become a father in the matter of a week.  I have been dealing with my fiance all of June, trying to get help her as much as I can deal with that small hiccup in life.

I am also dealing with not having a computer of my own.  As I type this, I am posting it on my fiance’s computer.  I told the staff that I am getting my own tower soon and that I will return when it comes in.  This is the small step to my return.

But you don’t want to hear me talk.  You want answers (as best as I can give).  Here is the newest mailbag in all it’s glory.

I still want your emails to pour in as they have been.  Hopefully, it won’t be three months before I answer them.  You can send me your emails by clicking this wonderful link.  I will answer anything Zelda or Nintendo.

That’s all I have for now.

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