I said I’d be back Wednesday, and I’m here. The winners have been notified of their winning statuses, but I’m sure everyone who entered would like to know who the lucky two victors of this contest are.

Drumroll, please…

Coming in second place is Jessi! Jessi will be claiming the four volumes of Zelda manga. Jessi’s photo was reminiscent of Lon Lon Ranch – most likely because it looks to be a real ranch!

Jessi's Entry

And in first place, the lucky winner of the X-Rocker II chair is… Catch! Catch, you truly are the luckiest of the lucky entrants in this contest. Making up Chase’s entry was a beautiful picture of his own Zelda pendant ocarina.

Catch's Entry

Entry Gallery + Closing Comments

The whole staff got to enjoy some great photos from everyone, but there were a few that just stood out. After sifting through the entries, we’ve selected eight more photos that we feel best represented the mission of the contest – to find something that represents or reminds of Zelda in real life.

Before we get to the gallery, there was one photo that stood out among the rest. Be Brad‘s photo of a certain rock formation struck us as both incredible and slightly creepy. The mountain looks just like Ganondorf’s head! (Wind Waker version, of course.)

Be Brad's Entry

Yeah, he's looking right at you. And he's angry.

The rest of the photos are below in the gallery – you can look at them at your own leisure. We want to thank everyone for entering and making this contest a success. And remember, there can only be more events like this if we can raise enough money to pull it off, so get your butt over to The Bank of Hyrule and put a drop in the bucket so we can hold another contest!

We’ll hold the next contest when The Bank has $250 inside. We’re only at $22 right now, though, so it looks like we’ll need a bit more to hold the next contest!