A page for the new Tingle game is now on the Japanese Amazon site, and they have the box art for it. If the silhouettes are to be believed, Tingle may end up meeting with a princess, a bunny girl, a hula dancer and more.

Source: Amazon.co.jp
  • bluefire

    Yes! I'm first to coment and I just wanted to say it very strange but enjoyable in it's own strange way

  • Strange… But its probably going to be a good game like all the other Tingle Games

  • If you saw the last post…with the video………….

    Nintendo of Japan does suckish things too.

  • ……wow……just wow……..

  • PostManWithBunnyHood

    this article is useless

    • Harry

      Just because Americans don't care about the new Tingle games, it doesn't mean we all don't. The series actually has a large fan following in Japan and Europe where the Tingle games have actually been released.

      • Dana

        Hey now, don't hate on Americans, I'm Canadian and I don't care about this at all. Like he said, useless.

        • RocThul

          Incorrect, I exist in both countries at once, and I am looking forward to this game. Useful.

          • PostManWithBunnyHood

            Wow! A pic of the box art its so useful!!!

  • kooloo-limpah!

    omg that is sooo frkin weird but at sam tme awesome… its the weirdest bestest coolest box art ive seen, i hope they release it also in america

  • Whoever says, that those games stink or whatever, probably never played them. The humor of those games is just absolutely awesome and behind the scary packaging you'll find a solid Zelda-like Action Adventure with some great environments and dungeons. Wouldn't wanna miss it on my NDS.

  • none of the info we're getting about this game fits together. the title has nothing to do with the apparent premis of the game and i have no idea what the heck was going on in the video. despite that it looks pretty fun, in a weird kind of way

  • swizzles

    How… fruity-looking.

    "I'm buying it for a friend, really!"

  • Ozzy

    Cool style :D.

  • Ren

    and I say again: lol wut?

  • As I've said before, I live in Shibuya and I have yet to see advertisement for this game. Wtf?

    • oh btw, I promise you Japan sales will be high when it does come out. I know I'll see plenty of business men playing this on the train lol.

  • rageagainst

    this game will be an epic bomb if it comes out in the states. Even little 5 yr olds will look at that and be like "ew that's gay"

  • veeronic

    umm… yeah… I'm going to ignore its existance…

  • Vadden

    That seems quite sexual for a Zelda game, plus Tingle fruity so how could he appreciate that?

  • Yoshiyahu

    Rated M for "Most disturbing game on earth" actually I saw part of the gameplay movie and it didn't look to bad, the graphic style is cool to, it's like a mix of Mario and Zelda, but other than that it didn't look amazing, and I didn't see any fighting, just Tingle getting mauled by some monster.