Or at least – so says Nintendo of America. When YouTube user ocarinahero10 made a (pretty bad, according to ZU theorists) attempt to find the correct timeline, he got a lot of positive responses and decided to send the theory to Nintendo to see how close he got to the real timeline, but was not happy with the response.

Nintendo of America responded with an auto-response email, saying that “there isn’t a true frame of reference or time line possible for the series”. This means that nobody took the time to read anything ocarinahero10 said, and just had a bot scan his mail words like “timeline” and send a generic response back to him.

While Nintendo of America claims there can’t be a timeline, Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma (the creator of Zelda and the man currently in charge of the series, respectively) say there is. When Twilight Princess was released, Aonuma stated that Twilight Princess goes after Ocarina of Time in the “Child Timeline” while Wind Waker also goes after Ocarina of Time, but in the “Adult Timeline”.

The moral of the story is: don’t trust Nintendo of America, they never know what they’re talking about.

Source: Destructoid

  • ChainofTermina

    This stupid country

  • Edracon

    that's why I call NOA instead of send them e-mails.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Yeah, I bet they get timeline theories all the time, this is just there way of saying 'shut up and leave us alone!' so to speak

  • Shadows of nin

    The guy is wrong because at the end of a link to the past it says the master sword sleeps again forever so wind waker can't come after ALTP

  • Shadows of nin

    The map from twilight princess is also very similar to ALTP in that the master sword is in the woods and the castle is separate from that so ALTP comes after Twilight princes

  • Petman1325

    Oh, come on! This is why I am not a fan of automated messages…or customer support…where they come up with random things that have nothing to do with your initial message.

  • scouserfuller9

    No one ever agrees with each others time lines on this game anyhow! I'd rather just focus and keep what I think it is to myself instead of causing debates with others. Even if ocarinahero10 is right (and that's highly likely) Nintendo wouldn't say so he and anyone else having done this have just been wasting their time in my opinion.

  • Nictel

    You should read that differently, see there really is no timeline. However Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma are smart enough to realise that thousands of fans are spending time trying to figure this 'timeline' out it only creates free advertisement for Zelda and creates more of a strong fanbase. Now apparently at NOA they aren't so smart (SURPRISE!) and just told the truth. OOPS!

  • Christhedude4

    Indeed Nictel Lol I would say you hit the nail right on the head…The reason they arent gonna release An official time line to the series is so people will Keep Commited to Legend of Zelda and not just say "Ok this is how the story goes…" they want people to Think alot about Legend of zelda and not just tell people This is what nintendo said the timeline is like…Now maybe a few years from now if Nintendo ever does Release a timeline…Then I think it will be almost at the end of the Zelda Series when Nintendo has finally given up on it…Now I really hope they don't! but I'm just saying if Nintendo Clearly wanted a timeline…they'd have created one by now.

  • Garlog

    That timeline had way to much speculation.

    The best theory is right here:


    i had read many timelines and theories the last month but none of them make me believe which is the real….
    i am still seeking for the best….if it exist…

  • Garlog

    The link in my last post may be just what you are looking for.

  • Kaepora21

    I thought his timeline was pretty solid, with the exception of the speculation concerning Link, the Stalfos, and Malon with TP. Everything else had solid logic behind it. Nintendo sucks.

    PS I don't really mean that.. please don't stop making Zelda games 🙂

  • Luisa

    I officially hate these auto-response emails. Who doesn't?

  • Samuel / link


  • Samuel / link

    i am a huge zelda fan!i hope they dont release some bad game!

    • the super fan.

      they already have. spirit tracks failed royally

  • Luisa

    Oh yeah, just watched the video and now I can say that was a pretty poor attempt at creating a timeline.

  • Hero_Of_Time

    Why must everyone obsess over the timeline? I admit i take interest, but i wouldn't throw fits and post stuff if i had a theory proven wrong.

    The Makers of LoZ care more about the game than the timeline. Why can't we? The most complex timeline idea that ever goes thru my mind is:

    "Minish Cap comes before 4 Swords Adventures comes before 4 Swords"!

    (I got that idea above from nothing but moss in the 4 sword sanctuary)

  • lol Nintendo of America

  • Although having a set timeline would make the series more coherent, I kind of enjoy being able to interpret the games how I wish. The makers of Zelda left many things open-ended so the player can have a more personal gaming experience. Link never says anything because Nintendo wants us to project our personalities onto him. It is unclear whether Link falls in love because they want us to decide for ourselves. There is no explicit timeline, but that allows the gamer to construct a timeline that is meaningful to them.


    I'll never understand why people are so dedicated to finding the timeline of zelda games. I'd rather just play the games and enjoy them for what they are than look for something that may or may not even be there.

  • Kaylee

    I believe that any timeline anyone, including Nintendo, cooks up, will have to disregard a few "facts" from one or more of the games because they have just been making up the games and individual stories as they go (with the exception of the few they have purposefully linked together). Many fans expect the different installments to make a coherent whole, so Nintendo may or may not be trying to find a way to make them all fit together. I actually hope that they do NOT release an "official" timeline, because if the arguments and debates and flame wars that we have now are bad, I can't imagine what it will be like when people start griping about the official one. >_< I for one would probably hate their timeline. I'm already not a fan of the split timeline.

  • eiyuu_004

    Maybe they are BOTH right, and Nintendo made games such as WW, MM, OoT, TP, and PH go in a certain order, but not ALL of the games do… I mean, its obvious MM comes after OoT, and WW and TP make references to OoT, so they of course come sometime after it, but maybe what Nintendo means by "timeline" is that some of the games, or atleast the ones being worked on now, are following some sort of order (or atleast we know they come sometime after OoT) and thats it. Maybe when Nintendo of America said there was no timeline, they knew what was meant, and said there wasn't a specific order of all of the games ever made in a giant chain of events or anything like that… just a thought…

  • Soeroah

    Ignoring the fact that he was pretty arrogant, is he trying to get a petition to make his timeline official? I mean, I don't mean to come off sounding rude, but if he is so sure of himself, surely he'd know Zelda was made in Japan…I don't really trust much of his timeline, especially after the Hero's Shade being TP Link's father despite being centuries apart.

    A bit off topic; does YouTube have a system where comments are screened before being posted? If so I might have found why the reviews were so positive.

  • Master jedi

    I think ocarinahero10 was wrong on some parts. He said that LA came after PH. At the end of PH link was on the pirate ship with tetra, so I don't think that happen.

  • Squiggy

    So did Nintendo just Gannon Ban themselves?

  • Chesterton

    The moral of the story is: don’t let ZU Zelda theorists post news about timelines, because it will always be biased.

    There is no full timeline. Some games just come after one another.

  • trimph forks

    If he wants to get a real response from Nintendo so badly, he should find a live translator and call NoJ. (Not a computer translator.) Don't ask NoA; they don't know Miyamoto or Aonuma. They don't know whether or not there's a whole timeline. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, but NoA are not to be relied upon if you're going to theorize about LoZ.

  • TheMaverickk

    I will say though that the whole ocarinahero10 timeline was both irratating to watch and to put into rational. Although some things sure made sense, others left bigger questions.

    Not ot mention for the most part Link's Awakening has no connection to Phantom Hourglass at all, so why he put it after PH is beyond me (other then he saw a boat and figured it was a good place to put the game, completely ignoring the fact that Link's Awakening is probably closer related to Oracle of Ages and Seasons and Link to the Past.

    Not to mention the guy claims that the sages of Twilight Princess sealed Ganondorf immediately after Young Link returned to his own time. Despite the fact that in the young Link timeline the sages wouldn't have even been awakened yet (Saria, Durania, Ruto, Impa, ect.)… and from what I can tell the Sages that exist in Twilight Princess are either the spirit or ethereal form that the sages took on after their bodies were gone (since they seem to be empty husks of cloaks and masks which float around) as many years had past since Ocarina of Time.

    There is likely a connectible timeline, but no one person can really be 100% right at this point. That's probably what bothered me most about the ocarinahero10 video, is that he thinks he's right despite even those people who have broken down Zelda to every last detail don't even have a 100% answer.

  • Riku

    I believe that the timeline goes as follows: OOT – MM – ALTTP – TP – LOZ – AOL.

    This theorist believes the same as me: OOT Link and TP Link are related – TP Link is OOT Link's son. Look at the warrior whenever you get a Golden Wolf skill. He has the Gilded Sword from MM and the Mirror Shield.

  • Garlog

    If you actually compare The Hero's Shade's sword to the gilded sword they are clearly not the same.

  • scouserfuller9

    You see you have people debating the storyline now! I'm not gonna waste my time trying to class myself as the I'm the 'know it all' person who found the story of Zelda – what's my reward Nintendo like ocarinahero10 as you're just making a fool of yourself. There's one thing I remember from ALTTP though. Does it say "The Master Sword sleeps AGAIN – FOREVER!" or "The Master Sword sleeps AGAIN – FOREVER?" at the very end? ocarinahero10 needs to work on his grammar!

  • MichaJHeemskerk

    Is there of is not there a timeline??? Pease Respond to me PLEASE