Or at least – so says Nintendo of America. When YouTube user ocarinahero10 made a (pretty bad, according to ZU theorists) attempt to find the correct timeline, he got a lot of positive responses and decided to send the theory to Nintendo to see how close he got to the real timeline, but was not happy with the response.

Nintendo of America responded with an auto-response email, saying that “there isn’t a true frame of reference or time line possible for the series”. This means that nobody took the time to read anything ocarinahero10 said, and just had a bot scan his mail words like “timeline” and send a generic response back to him.

While Nintendo of America claims there can’t be a timeline, Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma (the creator of Zelda and the man currently in charge of the series, respectively) say there is. When Twilight Princess was released, Aonuma stated that Twilight Princess goes after Ocarina of Time in the “Child Timeline” while Wind Waker also goes after Ocarina of Time, but in the “Adult Timeline”.

The moral of the story is: don’t trust Nintendo of America, they never know what they’re talking about.

Source: Destructoid