It’s here, everyone – to celebrate the launch of The Bank of Hyrule, and to prove we’re serious about running contests, what better to hold than a kickoff contest? The gracious folks from Mounts and More and Viz Media have offered to sponsor our first contest. It’s open to everyone, everywhere (yes, everywhere), and we’re going to start it after the holiday weekend – this Monday.

So, what kind of Zelda gear could you win? Hit the jump to find out.

Contest Rules

Before I get into the prizes, I should first lay out how the contest is going to work – and how you can enter. After much discussion, the ZU staff has settled on the following rules to enter:

  1. Take a photo of something in real life you feel represents or reminds you of Zelda. It could be anything – we’re not being strict here – but don’t push it too much.
  2. Upload that photo somewhere – to Flickr, ImageShack, we don’t care where.
  3. Post a link to the photo in the comments of the contest post (THAT’S NOT THIS POST!), and we’ll tally ’em up for a raffle.

To clarify, here are some further points about entering the upcoming contest:

  • If you enter twice (and yes, we can tell), you’ll be disqualified.
  • If we find out you submitted a photo you didn’t take yourself – aka plagiarized your entry – you’ll be disqualified.
  • Please don’t email us entries. We’re not counting email submissions. Post a link to the photo in the comments.
  • Although we’re not going to judge what reminds you of Zelda and disqualify you if you enter with a “bogus” photo, we will be showing off the best photos entered on the site. So this is also a chance to show off your artistic talent!

The contest will begin at midnight (12:00am) on Monday, July 6th, Eastern Standard Time, and will end in precisely a week. So, your entry must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, July 12th.

Second Place Prize

There are two prizes in this contest – first and second place, naturally. So, if you happen to win second place in our raffle, you’ll be receiving an awesome package of Zelda manga. Originally we were only going to give away the Ocarina of Time volumes, but Viz surprised us and sent over more than we’d hoped for – so second place will be winning FOUR volumes of Zelda manga! Ocarina of Time Parts 1 & 2, as well as the Majora’s Mask and Oracle of Seasons manga!

Aren't they beautiful? Well, they're sure glossy.

Aren't they beautiful? Well, they're sure glossy.

First Place Prize

If you happen to win first place, however, you’ll be receiving something a little nicer than manga. Although it’s not directly Zelda-related, we think it could improve your Zelda gaming experience quite a bit. We swear we’ve always wanted one of these ourselves – but unfortunately for us, one of you has to get it.

Yep, we’re giving away an X-Rocker II Video Game Chair – a chair created specifically for gamers (yes, the ones with the speakers built right in).

There's even a subwoofer in the back - so on top of pummelling Ganondorf to shreds, you'll get a nice massage from sheer action of the sound effects.

There's even a subwoofer in the back - so on top of pummeling Ganondorf to shreds, you'll get a nice massage from sheer action of the sound effects.

Once again, the contest will begin this coming Monday – plenty of time for you to plan an entry, and even more time for you to upload it and submit it. As soon as Monday rolls around, the actual contest post will be up with a rehash of the rules and the prizes. So get ready – and good luck everyone!

And remember, if you want us to do more of these types of things in the future, make a deposit into The Bank of Hyrule so that we can save up and hold another contest soon!

  • Heh, I don't like sitting that low to the ground, I think I'd rather win the books if it were me.

    • Stevie

      I have the chsir, its rly no that bad

  • Christian Fowler… this reminds me of a pic taken if u were under Link on a hill in the Fields of Hyrule

    • Navi17

      Ur link didnt work but i really wanna see ur pic!

    • Navi17

      it sounds beautiful

  • Navi17

    THAT GAMING CHAIR ROX But id really like the books wat would i take a pic of? O I KNO EXACTLY WAT! These horses in a feild i bet i could find one that looks like epona at that ranch. theres one close to her at least. But there in a wide open field thats perfect

  • Navi17

    O or i could say clear lake is lake Hylia…… No lake hylia is to small for it to be clear lake. At least its to small in ocarina of time……

  • Eximius

    Can we edit the pictures to give the Zelda feeling we want?

    • I suppose you could, but don't go turning it into some abstract concept – it's still gotta look like a photo. I'd say color correction is as far as I'd go.

  • snapdragon

    how does this work in regards to shipping? If I win, will the prize be sent to me without me paying anything, regardless of where I live?

  • I have to say this. Ok I don't, but I'm a ****, so I must. Why would the walmart special gamer chair be first place over manga that can be argued at face value is worth more? Not only that, the manga is Zelda related and being given away at a Zelda site.

    As for more on the chair: I realize it's by a fancy company: But they have pretty much the exact same chair, speakers and all, at walmart for 30$. It's a neat give away, but I doubt anyone values the chair over the manga. Of course it's free, so who are we to complain? As staff, I suppose I'll let the fans win this one. Good luck folks.

    HINT HINT:… <— perfect example. Haha

  • Cody

    Nathan it’s a raffle so it makes no difference whatsoever which one is labeled as first and which one as second. 😛

  • ChainofTermina

    It's probably because most Hardcore Zelda fans already have all those Manga, but I've nerver evenn heard of a Videegame-aiding Massage Chair. It wouldn't be a very good prize if you already had it.

  • ChainofTermina

    Jason, is it possoble for us to un-post a comment? Im so sick of posting and then seeing all these idiodic spelling errors that I could've easily fixed had I been patient enough to proof read.

  • LInk861

    ChainofTermina it's called Firefox 🙂 Does the proof reading for you.

  • Christian Fowler… ok cuz the fb one didnt work. its same pic on photobucket

  • James25

    Where do we post our entries?